MK-46 Machine Gun Suppressor Baffle Strike

Last weekend the 1st Annual Silencer Are Legal Shoot has held in Dallas, Texas. By all accounts it was a lot of fun. One interesting video from the shoot is of a MK-46 5.56mm machine gun with an AAC 249-SD suppressor. The suppressor somehow came loose, wobbled and a 5.56mm round (or rounds) hit one of its baffles, blowing it off the gun. Makes for a fun video 🙂

I was kindly invited to the shoot by Silencerco but was unable to attend. I hope to attend next year.

[ Many thanks to Brad for the video link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • I had my speakers turned up and I’m pretty sure I’m deaf now 😛

  • KC

    it looks like this is a different angle:

    notice how about halfway through the belt he had issues with failure to fire/feed

  • Alan

    This could be disastrous if it occurred in battle. Given that 249-SD buyers are almost all militaries, I have to wonder if this video may affect some procurement decisions.

    • ZF

      Every gun has failures. No one seems to be slowing down buying m4’s, yet you can pull up failure videos all day long.

  • Mike

    This is the exact reason why I don’t like the idea that by using suppressors, you can go without hearing protection. If the device comes loose, or gets cross threaded, or has some other failure, you need something to fall back on. It’s the same reason you wear eye protection not for the thousand rounds that fire/eject flawlessly, but for the one that doesn’t

    • John Doe

      Also, I still wear ear protection because suppressors don’t make everything whisper silent either. Suppressed shots are still well over 100dB.

    • Boris Grishenko

      I kind of disagree, if you have an effective suppressor. For the 99% of us who don’t own fully automatic weapons, you’re only going to fire one shot before you think “Holy crap! That wasn’t supposed to happen!” and stop shooting.

      The one round you do fire is unlikely to deafen you, though from what I’ve heard (and I’ve never used a suppressor!) they are generally still quite loud with intermediate/full power cartridges so hearing protection is still a good idea.

      If you had a baffle strike I’d think it’s more important to be wearing eye protection in case a fragment of it comes back at you.

  • Lance

    That’ll make you pee your pants lucky he wasn’t hurt. Ive heard of similar problems when a suppressor is not properly put on your weapon and makes you want to take time before you put one on!

  • PT

    The silencer looks like it wobbles a little during all that full auto.

    This is why 3 lug mounts are used. Threaded ends come loose during f/a

    • Matt G.

      That wasn’t a threaded mount. You can clearly see an AAC blackout muzzle device on the rifle. My guess is that someone didn’t tighten it down enough.


    That AAC can uses the QD mount, definitely not a screw-on. Not the first QD can of theirs I’ve seen come loose, probably won’t be the last. Haven’t seen one go downrange like that before though. That won’t buff out…

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