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  • Cameron

    I’d be more interested in a longer, more in-depth news show (even just 5-10 minutes compared to 1-2).

    That said, the Glock bit was genuinely funny.

  • SAMMY!

    Great summary with great humor! Thank you!

  • Alexander_Degtyarev

    >up to no good
    So they’re racist against shotguns now too?

    • Alexander, he is insulting NBC not being racist. NBC recently manipulated a news story by “creatively” editing a 911 (emergency) call recording by making the caller sound racist. NBC later apologized.

  • Arch

    The humor was definitely enjoyable. I loved the little bit after the end: “Also, I’m not wearing pants.”

  • Theodoric

    Good move of him to embrace his (admitted) monotony, this is great.

  • Lance

    Poor cops in Hartford CT have to clean all the suicides up from the Colt factory. LOL!!!!!

  • Craig Sander

    This is pretty funny. Just wanted to say that I love the new Ruger 10/22 Takedown and found this awesome video of it being shot and exploding bottles I can’t wait to get one and do the same.

  • Bagworm1

    I watched it on YouTube so while I was there I also watched his message to gunstore employees. Very good, with the same touch of humor.