FG-42 Tactical !!!!!!!! Take a deep breath …

I can barely contain my excitement! A german firm called Tactics Group will be producing a “tacti-cool” version of the German WWII Fallschirmjägergewehr 42 (Paratrooper Rifle 42) aka. FG-42. It will feature all the accessories found on modern rifles.

The new FG-42 will feature polymer furniture, a spring-powered recoil reducing buttstock, AR-15-compatible pistol grip, picatinny rails a fancy muzzle brake. It will be chambered in 7.92x57mm Mauser, the same cartridge as the FG-42. The felt recoil is said to be reduced to about the same as a .223 Remington. The company is working on constructing a magazine with a higher capacity than the standard 20-round FG-42 magazine.

There will be two variants, a carbine model (pictured above) and a rifle length model.

This is the gun I deep down always wanted, I just did not realize it until now 🙂

[ Many thanks to TroubleShooterBerlin for emailing us the photos. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • WoodenPlank

    Wake me up when they make a period-accurate version, even if it’s converted to a modern caliber. I’m more interested in the MP5 (I assume clone) below it in the photos…

    • pmarc

      Hey, that is actually a nice idea,

      make a replica FG-42 in a modern caliber!

      • Dukeleto

        Why not both? It’d be a worthwhile weapon in 7.92 Kaiser OR 7.62 NATO. Doubly so if it were interchangeable.

      • Eric S

        American made FG42 MkII in .308, consider yourself woken.


    • Marc

      Wake up, it’s made by Sport-Systeme Dittrich and sold by HZA Kulmbach. The tacticooled version is based on these reproductions.

  • Ben

    Any luck we might actually see it imported? lots of evil features on there. Stupid (unconstitutional) import restrictions.

    Hopefully they offer (or someone offers) wood furnature and it won’t be priced like all the other WWII semi replica’s we have been seeing (4,000$ BAR’s, etc).

    I finally gave up hope of buying a true original open-bolt FA thompson after the average price climbed up past 20 grand and just bought a airsoft AEG version. Fun and only 150$. Plus I can shoot it in the backyard. Maybe one day the 86 restrictions will be struck down and us normal people can own a MG. Until then its AKs/AR15s and airsofts for the oddball stuff (like the thompson or the cool little HK MP7). And trips to knob creek for some a couple expensive magazines worth of fun.

  • slim934


  • Reverend Clint

    have the old one in 308 or even 30-06 would be a big seller

  • Very cool. I hope these become available for sale in the US.

  • Anonymous synonomous

    If it’s a German firm, I’m almost positive no one will see it stateside. I would love an FG42 reproduction to be available over here, but all we have are a couple shaky machinist groups making very limited runs, and I’m sure these would have over the moon prices

  • Komrad

    After recovering from a minor heart attack (I thought these were converted originals), I can see that these are pretty cool. Still, a period accurate version would be much cooler.

  • Nathaniel

    I know far too much about the FG42 to really be excited about these.

    • Chuck

      Do you? Because what I know about the FG-42 suggests that a modern build will do wonders for it.

      • Nathaniel

        Yeah, I do, actually. I know that they were fragile, and were lifed not beyond quadruple digits in round count. They were not particularly accurate, extremely complicated, and difficult to keep clean.

        They’re based on the operating system of a first generation light machine gun, used parts that differed from batch to batch, and their open bolt/closed bolt operation was really just relabeled open bolt only.

        The concept itself seems valid, but no, I don’t think the design can be redeemed to any degree with whatever a “modern build” is.

  • charles222

    Groovy. Always been immensely curious about the FG-42; I just can’t bring myself to believe that it’s as uncontrollable in full-auto as books say it is, especially from prone with a bipod. Granted, can’t exactly test things out with this model, but it’s still awesome to see this coming out. Maybe we’ll get an StG-44 next.

    • Komrad


      A German company makes StG44s and FG42s, but I don’t think they import.

      • Trev

        Well it was a “lightweight” 8mm machine gun. Not much weight up front. It’s gonna jump on a bi-pod like crazy.

      • charles222

        Komrad-They probably aren’t allowed to do so; that law that escapes me about importing foreign weapons here?

        Trev-sure, on cyclic; I’ve seen a few video clips of FG-42s doing 3 to 4 round bursts and it doesn’t seem terribly bad. Plus of course if the end-user is probably using the bipod by pushing his body weight into the gun to plant the bipod properly that should mitigate at least some recoil.

    • Marc

      Here’s a video of the repro in full auto:

  • gaosmer

    very little chance I will ever see one at local shop out here in 30-30 country

  • What the I don’t even.

  • W

    holy shit…just lemme breathe for a second. ok…


  • Matthew

    Big, stupid, and useless. I f’n want one!! It’s ill.

  • Michael Pham

    If you’re going to bastardize it by making it tacticool (though nothing wrong with that if you’re into that sort of thing), why not chamber it in a caliber people actually use?

    If they cop up to it and just admit that’s beyond their capabilities I fully understand.

  • Mouse

    This product has all of my want. Prvi Partizan still makes 7.92 Kurz too. Hmm… It looks like I’m going to need a bigger gun safe…

  • Chamber that in 308 or 30-06….and I think they’re on the right track.

  • cc19

    The FG42 was already futuristic looking in its day and I’d actually say it made the modern transition pretty well because of it. I’d still want it in the original form though, but that’s the collector in me talking.

  • Andrew

    A .308 or 30-06 variant would be great given the large ammo selections to choose from and 30-06. The .308 just seems better suited to “tacti-cool” than 8mm. But an original model in 8mm would be great. At any rate i really hope this is able to get imported

    • Aurelien

      On the other hand, the 8mm Mauser is easy enought to get in Europe, and is still manufactured as a military round by Serbia and a few other countries (Zastava still sells a Dragunov-style rifle in 8mm, the Zastava M76).

      The issue with changing the caliber on a rifle of this kind is getting it to work properly. Especially with the very special side-loading hi-rate of fire mechanics of the FG-42.

    • John Doe

      It can’t be truly tacticool without a treaded barrel to accept suppressors and other knick knacks.

  • Brian in CA

    Modern caliber? Where do you all think the 3006 and 308 Win/762 NATO came from? 8mm Mauser is 792×57, and is everything a 3006 is, with similar superiority over 308 Win in a hunting round. What’s the ordeal with an FG42 in the proper caliber?


    Brian in CA

    • Dukeleto

      Just ease of availability, I guess? Ideally et’d make it interchangeable.

      • Aurelien

        The civilian version of the 7.92x57mm, the 8x57mm IS, is a hunting cartridge in most of Europe and is easy and cheap to get in pretty much the whole continent.
        If you don’t already get the SSD old school version in the US, there is little chance you’ll get that one as well.

  • Milo

    Rifle length=Want!

  • Nice.
    1) More guns to choose from is always a good thing.
    2) It’s not really my thing, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to shoot one. I jet don’t want to pay to own one.
    3) Side-feed mags are just cool.
    4) Shove it, ATF.

    • noob

      speaking of side feed, is it possible to make a side feed .308 upper for the AR-15? or would the recoil bend the reciever extension?

      • SKSlover

        if they have a .50bmg ar upper, why not .308? i think itd be easier to modify an ar10 as opposed to an ar15 though..

  • Lance

    Looks too tacti modern for WW2 buffs. lose the picitenny rails and add more wood. Over this is awesome and is not hard for cash on the ammo front like a Strumgewher STG-44 and its hard to find 7.92×33 would be. W/O the full auto option this weapon was and is fine the only complaint the Wehrmacht had was like the US M-14 and British experiments with the FAL found full auto too uncontrollable, m in semi-auto only be just fine.

  • Henry C.

    This is amazing! I feel like they should make them with the wooden furniture as well as the plastic. Also it would be nice to see it made in .308, .223, or even 5.45×39. And compatible with stanag, ak, and FAL or g3 magazines.

  • schizuki

    Too tacticool for the history buffs, too obsolete for the mall ninjas.

    But “The Man in the High Castle” re-enactors will be all over it.

    • Nater

      People “reenact” The Man in the High Castle?

      • schizuki

        I’m joshin’.

  • Billy Bones

    I say, upscale it to .338 Lapua.

  • lolinski

    I agree with what others said about making it in other cartridges I would personnaly want one in 6.5x55mm since its a very popular cartridge here.

    • 276pedersen

      Great cartridge.

  • armed_partisan


  • armed_partisan

    OMG! The same company is also gonna start new production of the Steyr GB! Finally I can get magazines!!!

    • El Duderino

      Ha ha I’ve wanted a GB-80 for a long time, the best steel framed “wondernine” ever IMO. But yeah, $100+ for a magazine is a turn off for sure. Let’s hope they don’t screw it up and make it polymer framed!

  • Jon

    Thats one sweet ass gun.

  • Kellhound

    Well, the reproduction (by HZA Kulmbach) of the original is being sold in Europe for a couple years.
    But since here it costs up to more than 6000 euros, I doubt this tacticool version is going to sell much.

  • damien
  • Mike

    Wow, that’s got to be one of the most anti-lefty weapons, almost as bad as the L85.

    • Aurelien

      Well, the über mensch are right-handed.

  • Bob

    Would rather have a version that replicates the original look and features. Tacti-Cool is OK, but please, stick to the modern, post 45 stuff.

  • I thought there was a consensus among the firearms cognoscenti that the FG-42 was cool but impractical?

    • SCW

      Isn’t that exactly why people like it? I would like to own one if I can afford it.

  • Mike Knox

    What happens when German gunnies get bored? Something like this..

  • Aurelien


    “Old school” base to the tactical model. Runs on 2, 10 ou 20 rounders, seems to have quite the kick.

    He obviously runs it on brand new modern 8x57mm IS ammo.
    As you can see it is not a cheap copy of the original, it has the closed bolt on semi / open bolt on auto function like the original.
    They had been talking about the FG42 for about 2 years but it seems the first functionnal model was produced in march ’11.

    In any case, it goes for €7500, plus €250 each 20-rds mags. That’s quite steep, but the gun is quite cool.

    • Nanban Jim

      He is having fun! Good, measured, German fun!

  • John Doe

    That’s easily one of the best tacticool conversions I’ve ever seen. A .308 version that takes FAL/G3 mags would be great, but 7.92 is a fantastic caliber as well.

  • animalmenace

    Bad. Ass.

  • Tyson Chandler

    This rocks..I agree that it would be nice to see a period correct version with wood furniture also. I also agree (unfortunately) that we probably won’t see it here in the U.S.

  • Eric S

    If someone could build one of those things for $1k the world would flock to their door. Apparently there is someone building the MKIIs stateside, and does one in .308. I wish it were the MkI, but beggars can’t be choosers and it beats the $10k price tag the last maker had.


  • A.g.

    GSG stg 44, FG 42…
    Next time MP-38 with tactical rail ?
    No more funds for R&D or lazy industrials who draw on free domain ?

  • Gentlemen, I’d comment on the uncontrollability of the FG 42.
    It’s loud and the brake is “flashy!!! However, I’ve shot both
    models and they are easy to shoot on full auto. Fired them with
    GOOD ammo (Portuguese) MUCH easier than the M14 or FAL
    (Shot a lot of them in 32 years in the Army Ordnance) My
    thoughts are, some authors are passing along “tales” and don’t
    have much trigger time. Wish the rifle was available in WWII
    configuration !!!! Best to all Ole Miller

    • Brad

      Thanx for the real world info.

      I watched a video clip of the weapon fired semi and full-auto, standing position and from bipod-support and it looks like a handful fired full-auto.

      Eyeballing the imagery of the muzzle-brake leaves me confused. The gas-venting geometry of the brake appears as if it would increase recoil instead of reducing it!

      • Brad, To fire the FG42, an aggressive stance is of course necessary. The size of the rifle and the straight line of recoil seems to negate the effects to a
        great degree. I could feel the gas wash from the muzzle brake, but was not bad ( the SIONICS suppressor with the gas bleed offs was lots worse on the
        M14 can) I would hope you get a chance to fire one and share your thoughts. The German designers really had their poop in order on this design
        ( I like the chamber design to blow the rear 2/3d of the case into straight
        cylinder to prevent gas blow by, as the action opened. The recovered cases
        are quite distinctive) One of our shooting friends has 7 of them and shoots
        them on occasion (hence my experience) A person of little full auto experience might find the ’42 a bit much, but it is a pussycat for what it is !!
        Especially compared to the M14, I test fired 4000 of them in Viet Nam 5 rounds semi 15 rounds full to insure they were OK got pretty good at the rifle
        after that !!!!! (but still a BEAR to handle on full)
        Thanks for your well thought out comments. Ole Miller

        • 1911a145acp


          Thank you for your service and sacrifice. If you ever find yourself in South Ga. – give me a call and I will buy you a beer!

          Personal Regards,

          Steven B. Drew
          SBD Enterprises LLC

          Georgia Loan & Gun
          Class III dealer
          NRA Lifetime ( Endowment ) Member
          Certified NRA Instructor
          Member, GCO-Georgia Carry.Org
          Board of Directors, South Georgia Shooters Assc.(follow us SWGASA facebook)
          Life Member ( Ambassador ) Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

  • charles222

    Off-topic, but that railed MP5 is delicious also. I don’t suppose anyone can convert an MP5/10 to the .224 Boz round? That’d be a pretty BA PDW/borderline SBR..

    • 1911a145acp

      Along the same lines- I have envisioned a Carbon fiber AR variant, railed, 9mm blowback system, side folding collapsible stock, ultra light carbine with switchable uppers between 9x19mm and 22 TCM. Armscor 22 TCM fires a 40 grn JHP at 2050 fps from a 5 inch Gov’t model barrel PISTOL. 7.7 inch or 9 inch carbine would give 223. SBR performance w/ much less blast and flash, very little recoil, easily switch calibers for training or ammo availability. Same mags, same bolts, same springs. Easily doable with existing technology.

  • Malc

    6.5 Creedmoor would be very interesting

  • Dan Hermann

    They are making WWII exact copies right now. 5 guys in my reenacting group have them. They are only semi auto but shoot very well. There are also not cheap. about $5,000 each. I posted a video on youtube.

  • Take my money please. These rifles are a collector’s dream.

  • namefag

    Why? I mean what’s the point of it?
    If you want a tacticool gun, with low recoil, rails, etc. you get an AR or any other modern design. If you want an old design like the FG-42 , it’s because you don’t care about it being outdated, you want it because it’s historical/ you find the design interesting / etc.
    I mean what’s the point of it, making all the trouble for shooting 7.92×57 if they promise you the felt recoil of a .233?

    recoil is said to be reduced to about the same as a .223 – See more

    • dan

      What’s the point you ask? You answered it when you said you “find the design interesting” The point is there doesn’t need to be a point/reason to own anything other than just because.

  • 1911a145acp

    America, will at long last, actually be invaded by Germans wielding FG-42s! That’s just cool as HELL!