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  • SpudGun

    ‘We will produce these carbines with the same diligence, attention to detail, and quality that snipers and shooters worldwide expect from Remington.’

    Hopefully they’re referring to 700s and 870s and not ACRs and R1s.

    • 18D

      Why would they be talking about ACR’s and R1’s?

      • SpudGun

        Because just like the ACR and the R1, the M4 will be a new production model for Remington. Both of these highly heralded products where lavishly hyped with the same assurances of quality control as their older, more proven models, such as the 870 and the 700. Unfortunately, the QC failed to live up to the promises espoused by Remington in their previous press releases.

        Not something to boast about if you are going into full scale production with the end units being supplied to soldiers in harm’s way.

      • SpudGun

        Sorry for not catching the sarcasm 18D. May I suggest you use a smiley or a wink in future as I get easily confoosed. 😉

    • christian

      You do realize it was Bushmaster that screwed up the ACR not Remington, right? Remington is working on the ACR for military and LEO and Bushmaster for civilians.

      • SpudGun

        You do realize that Remington and Bushmaster belong to the same company and share the same management?

        And that Remington shut the Bushmaster factory and all Bushmaster rifles are made by Remington in their factory in New York?

        So either Remington are deliberately selling ‘sub-standard’ rifles to the civilian market – but working real hard on the military and LEO versions but still not getting them right.

        Or as exemplified by the R1, there is a general lack of decent QC across the range. Either way, it doesn’t bode well for our troops.

      • 18D

        I gotcha Spudgun, I was actually being sarcastic, but a very accurate explanation on your part. Nicely said! I guess my sarcasm didn’t come off.

        @Christian- It was and is Remington that continues to screw up the ACR. I T&E’d a lot of Remington ACR’s and the majority had issues. Not all of them, but at least 8 out of 10 and we could figure out ways to cause problems in 100% of them. Others that have ran the ACR FOR REAL have attested to the same. I don’t know about the Bushmaster variants, I’ve never shot one. I hear they are better, but then again that’s probably because the owners want to justify their purchase. I could be wrong.

        I love the ACR. I love the concept. I just hate that it hasn’t been executed well. The ergonomics are great and the modularity is like no other, but the gun is poorly QC’d and not spec’d to the original Magpul design. Remington continues to ignore those that have bad things to say and i fear that we may never see a really good ACR. I don’t know about you, but i don’t want a gun that will perform sometimes. I want a gun that performs everytime!

  • Lance

    Im sure the M-4A1s they make will be top quality. the first batch will be made from 2013-14. After that a larger 100,000 carbines will be made in 2015. Who know its war between Colt and Remington for those.

  • Great, more shitty rifles built by the lowest bidder. It’s 2012 and we’re taking a weapon to war designed 50 years ago by a guy wouldn’t be comfortable with his own child using it in war…

    • samiam

      They are an excellent rifle. The rifle is nothing like its predecessor. Just for my information what weapon would you prefer?

      • The M-4/M-16 platform is a miserable failure, a monument to the failed procurement practices of the Dept. of Defense, and a testament to the inability of said organizations’ ability to adapt to changing times/technology/environments. The weapons system is frail, lacking durability, reliability, and fraught with a litany of failure modes that do not exist in modern and contemporary designs. It also utilized a lightweight gas system which contributes to it’s overall failings. At this moment, there are plenty of better designs available: the H&K G36, the FNH SCAR, the Remington ACR, etc. Heck, even an internally developed design can be considered utilizing the lessons learned from the failures of the M-4/M-16 platform. It’s pathetic that the DoD can’t scrounge up the cash to equip our soldiers and marines with contemporary rifle systems of proven reliability and durability. Heck, even Eugene Stoner himself realized the deficiencies in his own creation and moved past the DIsaster that is the M-16. It’s 2012, there is no reason we can’t build a rifle with the durability/reliability of an AKM and the ergonomics/accuracy of an M-16.

    • jdun1911

      You have no understanding of the mechanical design of these so called “modern firearms”. Here is a hint, these so called “modern firearms” copy/modified the same mechanical that was design 40 years or older.

      • No hints needed. One can easily see that contemporary rifle systems utilizing other gas system designs (not DI), magazine designs, and materials tend to be more durable/reliable than the existing M-16 platform while retaining similar accuracy. It’s a piece of garbage, but we’re so beholden to Colt (who in the past has proven to be a mediocre contractor in providing said weapon system) to procure these rifles. The US needs to develop a homegrown design or purchase an existing TDP for itself and modify it to suit it’s need. We need to ditch the shitty STANAG mags which have the durability of beer cans, we need to ditch an operating system which shits where it eats, and we need to embrace new advances in materials technology and ballistics design. Better yet, let’s ditch the piece of crap 5.56 round and built an intermediate cartridge from the .308.

      • Lance

        Not really the G-36 and SCAR in there ICC forms dont offer any new or significantly better performance than the M-4. Fact is M-4 is reliable and has awesome ergonomics. The weapon is vastly superior to the AKM. In accuracy and ergonomics and modurablity. A AK can soot bu idiots like the Taliban who never clean it, but most of our solders no better so that makes the M-4 reliable. Over other things like tanks ships and fighters need upgraded small arms are fine right now.

    • Lemming

      Lance, the M4 is not “vastly superior” to the AKM. The AK can hit a man sized target at any realistic range with ease, so accuracy’s not an issue. Hate to sound like every other AK lover out there but the AK is also a lot more reliable. Sure the M4 is reliable if you maintain it every day, but in the field you can’t always do that.

      Imagine this. You and your squad are on patrol. It had stormed all of last night. Suddenly you come under fire from a position 80 meters to your front. You throw yourself to the ground, and both you and your rifle are drenched in mud. Which rifle would you rather have on you at that point?

      Of course that doesn’t mean the M4 is a bad rifle at all. I think that both the M4 and the AKM are fine for their job. Calling one better than the other is like calling a fork a better eating utensil than a spoon.

      I will admit that the ergonomics and modularity on an M4 are better. However, in terms of modularity, not every troop needs an Eotech on their rifle, so I don’t really see that as an issue either.

      The only reason the AKM has the bad reputation that it has, is because of the insurgents who use it that have no idea how to shoot that doesn’t involve just aiming in the general direction of the target and pulling the trigger.

  • Al T.

    “same diligence, attention to detail, and quality that snipers and shooters worldwide expect from Remington”

    Agree that Big Green’s recent slump in QC does not lead me to have confidence in their ability to actually, ya know, make high quality products. Even the old standby’s like 700s and 870s are not what they used to be. And the Marlins are just horrible.

    Hopefully the DoD inspectors have their pencils sharpened and their measuring devices calibrated. If Remington has the same issues with the TDP that FN had, this is not going to be a lucrative contract.

  • John Doe

    What’s NBC’s say on it?