New Colt LE6920MP-R

The new Colt LE6920MP-R combines Magpul furniture with a Troy rail system. From the press release ..

Like its predecessor, this rifle comes standard equipped with many of Magpul’s most popular firearm accessories. The added benefit of the LE6920MP-R is the addition of a Troy Industries rail system. Available this month, the Colt LE6920MP-R with Troy Industries rail system and Magpul accessories gives the operator one of the most versatile and mission-configurable rifle systems available.

The 6920MP-R is based on Colt’s popular 6920 Law Enforcement Carbine, proven to be effectively mobile during tactical deployment and traditional patrol. This versatile M4 carbine features a 16.1” 1-7” twist chrome-lined barrel and is chambered for 5.56×45 NATO (.223 Remington). With the all-black MOE buttstock fully retracted, it measures 32.25 inches and weighs a mere 6.8 pounds. Standard Magpul accessories include the Generation 2 Rear Back-Up Sight (MBUS), MOE Vertical Grip (MVG), two 30-round Magpul Polymer Magazines (PMAGS), MOE Hand Guard, MOE-K Hand Grip, MOE Trigger Guard and MOE Carbine Stock. Also standard are an RVG fore end grip and Colt Flash Suppressor. These rifles are available with a bullet button for California compliance.

Steve Johnson

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  • Bill

    Oh Boy. Another Colt 6920. Just like the magpul one, the original one, and the asinine “M4”. How about making more Colt 6940s, somthing that is actually different from the 10,000 other milspec M4gerys on the market. Or how about a midlength carbine? Or maybe a commerorative retro AR-15? Just don’t keep making the same damn rifle!!!

    • greasyjohn

      There is a staggering M16A1 knockoff deficit. I think I remember finding one company that made one, and even that had polymer mags. Creedence just doesn’t go as well with A2’s and onward.

      • Bill

        I would love a M16A1 knockoff that I wouldn’t have to build myself. While I wouldn’t necessarily buy one, a genuine Colt M-16A1 would definitely find some buyers.

      • W

        I know I frequently see a lot of uppers and parts kits, though original “sporting” ones or civilian legal are a lot harder to find.

        for a old school “M16”, you want to look up Colt SP1. It is based off the original M16; i.e. triangular foregrip, three prong flash hider, and no forward assist. If you look for different rifles from Colt’s “sporter” line i think youll be able to find one.

  • charles222

    Oooh, now this I like. Alot more than that silly “M4A1” that…has a 16.5 inch barrel and a semiautomatic trigger group but yet is somehow still an M4.

    Wish they’d have an ST-R or CT-R instead of that gimped MOE stock, though. Friction lock wins.

  • Reverend Clint

    its like the guys at colt just reach into a barrel and pick random parts for their “new” rifles… or is it more like wheel of fortune?

    • justin

      yeah especially when they include a railed forearm with quick detach points but add the MOE stock instead of the CTR stock that has a quick detach point. Talking $30 retail difference.

    • michael

      it is still better than when they released a no thrills ar but charged 1,500 dollars for it because the lower receiver said m4 on it

    • jay1975

      Colt’s is becoming the Harley Davidson of firearms manufactures. Stick with one basic design and throw new parts on it to make a “new” model, then jack up the price.

    • Bill

      I’m waiting for the Colt 6920 with a Noveske barrel and rail. MSRP $2500.

  • Jason

    Seems like they’re just kind of throwing random shit out there at this point.
    How’s this for random: 14.5″ with pinned flash hider. Call it the M14.5A1.

  • Chase

    Colt had better hurry up and find out about midlength gas systems. Government contracts have made them fat and lazy.

    • W

      you missed something: quad rail systems. It will change the market!

  • Nathaniel

    It is nice to know their decision to discontinue civilian sales of the LE series haven’t gone through.

  • W

    I would be more interested in Colt selling the advanced piston carbine, advanced monolithic carbine, and a midlength system. It just baffles me that colt is that complacent from military contracts.

  • Lance

    The main fact is I can buy a Bushmaster, DPMS or Olympic Arms and buy the same Magpul accessories and still get the same weapon for a fraction of the price. Simply because the AR doesn’t have Colt on the side.

    • Reverend Clint

      thats probably $700-800 worth of parts.

      • Lance

        Yet Remington can make them for $700.

    • Charles222

      Remington’s making them for 700 bucks because they have a contract for eleventy billion M4s from the government. You wouldn’t never see a quality AR that low civilian side. And no, DPMS, Olympic Arms, and Bushmaster do not count as “quality”. Colt, Larue, DD, Noveske, and LMT all charge upwards of a grand because their rifles are way better.

      • Charles222

        Oh, and to whatever pansyass gave me a dislike without saying anything: IN SILENCE IS DEFEAT.

      • Woodroez

        Yep. You want a Colt or a similar rifle built to the exacting specs and quality control of a Colt at low-tier manufacturer prices? Buy 20k+ of them.

        Anyway, fact of the matter is that this is a high-demand market. Their selling at the prices they are set at; be glad that the prices haven’t skyrocketed. I suspect they may at the dealer’s end as we near November.

      • Lou

        You do know that Remington purchased Bushmaster and DPMS and that the majority of the receivers and parts in the AR-15 market are made by a few key industry companies correct? The majority of “Higher End” companies actually farm out their production for parts and slap their names on it. DPMS started out by making parts and that Ruger’s Pinetree Casting plant has been making parts for the 1911 and AR-15 for years.

        While there is a difference in general quality from a -$650 Rifle to a +$1,500 Rifle. The general $800-$1000 rifle is about the same in quality except for the name.

        As for what all these companies produce….. I don’t care because I’d rather get the parts that I want and build my rifle exactly as I want it.

        But hey… be a fanboy and follow the ARFCOM/Gun Forum Popularity bandwagon mindset.

      • W

        “Colt, Larue, DD, Noveske, and LMT all charge upwards of a grand because their rifles are way better.”

        haha, no try, the ball park of 1300-2200.

        And thats not necessarily a bad thing. Lou, yes there are a few companies that build key specific parts for AR15s/M16s/M4s, however, just by saying some companies buy parts and slab their name on the side is a bit unfair. There is no reason for them to produce key components like lowers if it is more expensive in the long run. Its about economics, even with quality rifles.

        Those rifles mentioned by charles are miles better than DPMS, Olympic Arms, Bushmaster, S&W, and any other AR15 that uses more mild steels for the production of key components. Not that those rifles are terrible either; if you a casual shooter or just getting into AR15s, they are excellent.

        “As for what all these companies produce….. I don’t care because I’d rather get the parts that I want and build my rifle exactly as I want it.”

        Exactly lou. I know many, many people that do this. Companies have a nasty habit of charging premium rates for what seems to be the name. If I want a premium gun, assembling parts is noticably cheaper. the reason why i do it is because I get bored in retirement and prefer to know my gun inside and out.

        “But hey… be a fanboy and follow the ARFCOM/Gun Forum Popularity bandwagon mindset.”

        Yup 🙂 its like a disease. I have a particular brother that spends 1-3 hours a day on ARFCOM. and we do argue alot.

  • Esh325

    Colt is such a lackluster company now. They fail to innovate, or come up with interesting products anymore. They need new management.

    • jay1975

      They pride themselves on being at the cutting edge of building 100 year old semi-auto’s, 140 year old revolvers and 60 year old rifles. How much more innovation do you need? (Sarcasm font)

  • bob

    There are a lot of valid criticisms about Colt not keeping up with its civilian customer base but one thing that is on their side is massive demand due to the upcoming election. Colt AR’s across almost all models are sold out with most online dealers and for the last four months all my local gun stores have been selling out of “black rifles” the minute they get them. Try ordering a 6920, if your lucky you’ll get yours in 6 months with colt dealers, that’s how backed up demand is now.

  • John Doe

    Just another boring old Colt…

    The AR-15 has so much to room to innovate. Instead of sitting on the couch with your gov’t contract money, use it for R&D!

  • “32.25 inches and weighs a mere 6.8 pounds”

    Anyone else notice how heavy this thing is?

    Not great for their pushing of being
    effectively *mobile* during tactical deployment and traditional patrol

  • counsel dew

    I recall piston v “di” conversations where many said a piston is a solution looking for a problem that doesn’t exist… kiss. If it ain’t broken, don’t try to fix it…

    nothing wrong with the mil-spec parts on a rifle. Feel free to not like it, but which company is “innovatong? HK with the new Marine rifle-the one that doesn’t run well with pmags? Pros and cons…