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  • Tony

    Zaku’s rifle from Gundam

  • Joe

    Yeah, It’s the ZMP-50D 120mm Machine Gun from Mobile Suit Gundam. MS-06 Zakus use them.

    • Other Steve

      Cough cough cough…. Nerds… Cough cough cough 🙂

      • DW

        why the hostility? at least it’s better than the zombie craze; there are some brainwork put into this.

      • Tinkerer

        Admit it, Other Steve: here, we all are gun nerds.

      • Chucky

        If you regularly read through comments here you’d know that Other Steve is a troll.

      • Komrad

        Nerds develop the vaccines and medicines used to save lives, bio-engineer corn and rice that feeds the masses, design the chips that run the CNC mills, write the firmware for MRI machines, design the software that controls the power grid, create the simulations for protein folding, and write the OS and programs that allow you to view this web-page.

        Be nice to us nerds, we run everything. We’re allowed to have a few weird hobbies.

  • Graham 1

    🙁 beaten to the Zaku comment…

  • Chase

    Anime or not, it looks like it’d be a handy little carbine if you put a folding stock on it.

  • Avery

    Ah, damnit, I think you broke their website.

    I’m not sure about converting them over. I think most of them are made from tin, so using full-power cartridges would like blow them up. OTOH, someone should get them a work visa and they can make real guns.

  • I hope someone would make a MMP-80 90mm machine gun (which is closer to the MP 40) or a MMP-78 120mm machine gun (which has some M4 rifle features)

    Still, this Zaku machine gun is sure looks great. I hope it can fire rounds!

  • Theodoric

    I don’t know anything about Gundam, but it does look a bit like the WW2-era Vickers GO. Could be a coincidence, though.

  • delarrn

    The final shot looks like its CGI not a real image.

    • Mike Knox

      Looks like it..

    • Chucky

      Just click the link. It’s real.

  • Sian

    Cool a ZMP-50 120mm Zaku machinegun. XD

  • Mike Knox

    Silly humans and their funny weapons..

  • Higgs

    needs video….

  • Bobby

    Anyone else, after looking at all those CAD shots, see the last pic and think to themselves “Yep, Thats Japanese alright…”

  • If you want a Gundam Beam Rifle or Mami’s musket from Madoka Magica? Then here are the links.

    Beam Rifle:

    Mami’s musket: