Econo-Can: A $55 Suppressor

American Specialty Ammo is selling a registered NFA suppressor for $55 (+ $200 tax stamp) that is nothing more than an adapter to attach a car oil filter to a 1/2-28 threaded barrel. The first bullet punches a hole in the end of the oil filter.

The price is now $55, not $75 as stated in the video.

You can buy “spin-on” oil filters for $10 – $20. A used oil filter (soaked with old oil) will only improve its efficiency. Internally oil filters contain fibrous material designed to filter out contaminates from the oil. I think they would eventually wear/burn out when used with firearms.

An oil filter cartridge

This is a very clever concept. It makes me wonder why someone doesn’t make a universal suppressor adapter and a range of tubes for various calibers.

Personally, I would rather buy a well-made suppressor rather than risking a oil filter exploding in my face.

[ Many thanks to jdun1911 for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Tom

    The inexpensive oil filters do a better job at silencing than the high dollar suppressiors on the 22 RF.. I would like to see this demo with a bolt action rifle so we wouldn’t hear the action noise.

    • Steve

      That, and it would be nice to footage that proves they are using similar ammo. A subsonic to supersonic round comparison would make big difference.

      I like the idea, but aiming around that can would be ridiculous.

      • Woodroez

        It sounded to me like some of those shots with the 10/22 went supersonic.

  • Dave H

    Something about “oil-soaked fibrous material” and “muzzle flash” just don’t sound like they should go together.

  • Ben H

    Now how long until the ATF hits everyone who has a few oil filters in their garage with some B.S. “intent” charges?

  • “Personally, I would rather buy a well-made suppressor rather than risking a oil filter exploding in my face.” – I would love the ~$800 that a purpose built suppressor costs. Something like this, which is cheap, works well, and can be replaced for $5 instead of repacked oil mailed in for cleaning like some .22 filters. With this I can have similar performance, easier maintenance, and an additional $740 in my pocket.

    I cannot image the scenario that would lead to this exploding, but I wouldn’t run it with a used filter.

  • Woodroez

    This had popped up on my YouTube account’s recommended vids list a few days ago. Super neat concept.

    My initial reaction was that, nowadays, you can get quality cans for .22lr at sub-300 dollar levels and have something that probably functions as well with a much more manageable size, and that, frankly, looks better.

    Seeing that fellow run it on that custom AK-74 really makes that light bulb in your head go off, though. The value proposition is way, way higher if you have multiple weapons of various calibers you can use it with.

    You’re probably right, Steve, about a used filter being a bit more effective. I would also try it with a new filter and water or a new filter with water and some coagulating substance, like corn starch or flour.

  • David/Sharpie

    Hmm…..I’ve actually been thinking of filter suppressors for a few days, perfect timing.

    I bet you could just have an adapter made or you could make it yourself if you had the skill.

    Too bad I couldn’t get that in Canada, but I do know some machinists….=)

    • Steve

      You can get solvent traps shipped to Canada.

      • David/Sharpie

        Thank you for this information, I do have a couple filters lying around and I do need to change my oil soon…..but really officer, I will “only” use it as a solvent trap.

  • Ben

    This is a political statement as much as anything honestly. The reason you don’t see a “universal silencer” and then extra thread on attachments is the ATF quickly slaps the manufacturer upside the head if they try. Heck they label silencer parts as “a silencer” so if your can uses 4 baffles and you have 5, and the extra one is laying around then you have an unregistered silencer even though that single baffle is totally useless as a silencer by itself.

    This setup on the other hand is pretty difficult for them to do much about (unless they go after the guys making the adapter, and they might). This design proves how stupid most of these regulations are and hopefully get some attention on the idea of removing suppressors from the NFA permanently.

    You know its a problem when paintball makers / players worry about making a silencer for their paintball marker because the ATF has posted warnings that a paintball silencer “might” get them stuffed in federal prison.

    When did it no longer become important that laws made any sense? We really need more Jury nullification. More people need to know that the law isn’t binding to the jury and if the people believe its foolish and wrong then we can simply say “no” and remove it through jury nullification.

    Please people. Read and understand the idea behind jury nullification and dont tell them you know anything about it if your selected as a juror.,2933,163877,00.html

    • Mike

      I was heavy into paintball when BATFE came down hard on the silencers built for paintball guns about 15 years ago. Ridiculous, since we were making them out of plastic and foam…

    • jdun1911

      There are muzzle attachment that acts like the first baffle and these attachment are not label by the ATF as suppressor. For example: KAC Triple tap.

      I agree that they need to at the very least remove suppressor form the NFA.

  • Bryan S.

    Correction.. no matter what, much like the price of gas, the tax is part of the price. This is a $255+ suppressor.

    Until we can get the government out of our hearing protection, it will be out of the price range of those of us who do not have the extra money to go ask “mother may I”.

  • Bryan S.

    Also… does anyone make an offset oil filter?

  • Wow very useful for that bird who keeps waking me up at 4:30am

    • Other Steve

      And how would you aim to hit it?

      This is redneck engineering at best.

      • David/Sharpie

        Snap shooting? Or use a high-mounted sight?

      • Komrad

        High mounted optics. A little 1.5x or 2x scope mounted nice and high would be very useful both for rifles and pistols. Either that, or a red dot.

  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    If the oil filter manufactuers make any radical design changes (wall thickness, etc,etc.) in their filters someone is gonna be in for a nasty shock.

    • Mike

      Just don’t use an off-brand (or even some major brand – Fram, I’m looking at your low-quality ass) filter and you’ll be fine.

      Saying this as a master auto tech…

      • jdun1911

        I got to ask, are there any oil filter that shape like a suppressor that use standard oil filter threads?

  • Pop N Fresh

    the mystic suppressor,, says it’s rated for full auto 9mm but good for 556/22lr/300blk. interesting…….

  • Hryan

    Interesting concept, but essentially destroys any chance of using the sights.

    • dragon5126

      not necessarily,,,

  • Griff

    ASA is close to me in ohio I haven’t checked out their shop, maybe i should now.

    • SPC Fish

      i have seen and talked to chris many times at gun shows and bought a few things off of him. but i havent been to his shop yet. he started out just selling at shows. he has a lot of cool stuff that annoys the neighbors

  • Anon

    Err, how the hell did Tech Branch approve this?

    For years now ATF has consistently ruled that any portion of a suppressor = a suppressor. Selling a tube? It’s a suppressor. Selling an endcap? It’s a suppressor. Selling baffles? It’s a suppressor.

    So how do they get around the obvious legal necessity of adding another part onto the adapter which clearly functions as baffle, muzzle cap, and tube? From a legal perspective you’ve just suddenly converted your oil filter into an unregistered NFA item by screwing it on or off. Hell, you could be charged with constructive possession of unregistered suppressor components just by having it in the same household as your car, if it came right down to it.

    Either someone in Tech Branch was asleep when they signed off on that, or they never received an approval letter, or ATF has just simply elected to stop enforcing certain provisions of the NFA now…

    • Burst

      Without knowing for certain, I’d guess someone had a brainwave and looked at the sales figures for oil filters.

      That’d be a whole lot of investigation, most of which would be completely without merit. It’s apparently not a gun part until it can be attached to one.

      Oil filter alone ≠ suppressor. Oil filter + Adapter= suppressor.

    • kirk

      An AR-15 receiver is a “firearm”. You can buy any other part without issue, you only need a background check for the receiver. You can buy as many uppers, stocks, and triggers as you want, even if you don’t own a receiver. This seems about the same to me…. An oil filer on its own inst a suppressor, just like an AR-15 upper on its own isn’t a firearm. Neither can do a thing untill you attach it to the registered part….

      • dragon5126

        no only the LOWER receiver is a firearm. BUT that’s not right either because the BATFE said that an Auto sear that fits an AR-15 is also a firearm, a class III firearm to be precise and possession of an auto sear IS possession of a class III firearm even without any other parts or firearm so your assumption is not correct. If you own the adaptor, then EVERY oil filter you possess is also a suppressor as they are then suppressor parts and per batfe rulings every single part constitutes a separate suppressor

    • Liz S


      You mentioned “…charged with constructive possession of unregistered suppressor components just by having it in the same household as your car…” Well, like I mentioned to Dragon, they can also say your car’s muffler is an unregistered suppressor, and it probably works better than this “strange looking thing”.

      • dragon5126

        you obviously have never dealt with the BATFE and are quite clueless, the parts have to be associated to a firearm. the thread used to attach the device to the barrel is an industry standard for .223/5.56mm firearms… it is also registered by the manufacturer, and as such it makes anything that can connect to it suspect if it is in possession at the same time. how are you going to thread a car muffler on to your gun barrel? car mufflers are not threaded… Go bake a pie, Cartman’s hungry…

    • dragon5126

      Actually, they let it go because it isn’t all that quiet… this IS prime for helping protect hearing since it reduces the shock wave more than the subsequent soundwaves.

  • Giolli Joker

    It seems the original idea was pretty different, then they tried shooting thru the oil filter:
    I wonder if you can still buy the device as a “solvent trap”…

    • David/Sharpie

      I doubt it……

      I think they’d notice that everyone was buying the solvent trap and not the adapter.

      I wonder if the people who bought the “solvent trap” will now have to register it as a suppressor?

    • Cymond

      I think they do …

      I mean, it seems unlikely that they’d leave a discontinued product on the front page of their webstore.

      • David/Sharpie

        True, although maybe they just haven’t gotten around to updating it yet.

        But I bet its that they can still sell the solvent trap, but if caught using it as a suppressor…

        “You wanna be the mommy or the daddy”
        “Okay, come over here and s**k mommys d**k”

        So don’t do it..

    • beans

      They do sell them as solvent traps… I just saw them at the gun show in Pittsburgh today for 30 bux…

  • Greg

    This isn’t necessarily a new concept – People have told success stories on SilencerTalk and Arfcom of registering adapters like these that allow for attachment of oil cans or even plastic soda bottles to be used as suppressors.

    To address what previous posts have questioned, the main reason ATF is okay with these is that they view the oil cans/soda bottles as suppressor wipes as opposed to suppressor parts. Lots of older suppressors (and some new ones, Thompson Machine to name one brand) use[d] wipes to help suppress the sound beyond the baffle chambers. Wipes are not currently seen as a suppressor part by the ATF, and you can replace them when they’re shot out.

    • jdun1911

      So if I change my oil filter thread to 1/2 x 28 I do not need to NFA my it?

      • David/Sharpie

        They couldn’t stop you from doing it but if they caught you using your firearm or in your home with it mounted you’d probably go to jail for having an unregistered suppressor

        • dragon5126

          it doesn’t have to be mounted it only has to be in your possession even if you don’t have any firearms

    • dragon5126

      Like hell wipes aren’t considered suppressor parts, you need to tell the BATFE that, they have since at least 1990 if not before

  • Rusty Ray

    Wasn’t this seen in ‘No Country For Old Men’, but on a shotgun?? Cheers.

  • West

    If you have a large diameter can that blocks the metal sights it might help to draw a straight white line down the top of the can as a crude sight system.
    Better than nothing.

    • David/Sharpie

      I don’t think that would work, for side-side adjustments maybe but what about up-down aiming? Also I don’t think the can would thread on exactly the same everytime

      • West

        Well, I figured you would probably use one filter per shooting session so you wouldnt need to worry about taking it on and off. How many shots is one filter good for?
        And does the tax stamp cover the adapter so you can go through as many filters as you want or does it cover the adapter/filter combo??

        Youre right, its only going to help uou line up laterally but that might be worth it to take a minute and draw a line down the top of it.

      • David/Sharpie

        I’m sure more than a usual range session. From what I can tell the tax stamp covers the adapter, I’m not 100% sure on the laws but I believe the filter is considered a “suppressor part” and isn’t subject to a tax stamp, while the adapter is considered the suppressor.

        Eh, I still think either higher sights/optic would be easier and better than drawing a line, most new guns either come with or can be fitted with higher sights/rails for a raised optic

      • West

        Personally, im surprised the gub’mint allows this at all.

      • Cymond

        “but I believe the filter is considered a “suppressor part” and isn’t subject to a tax stamp, while the adapter is considered the suppressor.”

        The ATF considers suppressor parts to BE suppressors. Supposedly people started selling unassembled suppressor ‘repair kits’ and now the ATF considers a single piece to be an unregistered suppressor.

        Heck, you can’t even replace the gas absorbing padding in an older style registered suppressor. – and if steel wool can be considered spare unregistered suppressor parts, then ditto on spare oil filters.

        • dragon5126

          no supposed about it,,, you could buy baffle kits in many magazines from soldier of fortune to shotgun news

      • David/Sharpie

        Ahh, but what if you needed replacement wipes for one? Would you just have to throw it out and buy a new one or is there a section in the laws that you can “unregister” the old parts?

      • Cymond

        Apparently wipes are the only replaceable part. Not tubes, end caps, baffles, or packing material. I wouldn’t quite call an entire oil canister a ‘wipe’, it’s closer to a baffle stack IMHO.

        Technically, a person can legally replace the packing but it requires a Form 1 and $200 tax. However, a manufacturer/SOT can replace the internals of a suppressor without jumping through those hoops.

        • dragon5126

          finally! Someone else who knows what they are talking about… and it took this long to put up with the bubbas and idiots to wade this far into the sewerage

    • jdun1911

      There are different size oil filters. There might be some that won’t block the sight.

      • West

        Yeah, I wonder how well a smaller motorcycle filter would work on a handgun..? You would need a smaller adapter.

  • HK93

    Does this come with the shoe lace machine gun converter ?

  • El Duderino

    I wonder what’s next from Bubba, Inc.

  • jdun1911

    I’ll be honest I do not see why this item is NFA. All it is is a thread adaptor. If you want to just thread your barrel to accept oil filter threads. Will that make my barrel NFA just by changing the threads?

    Why aren’t other suppressor adaptor not label NFA like KAC triple tap, YHM, and, AAC muzzle devices.

    • David/Sharpie

      The ones you listed are muzzle devices, you still need a registered suppressor using those, they can’t really register oil filters can they..

      • David/Sharpie

        I’m sure the ATF would feel left out if they couldn’t register SOMETHING

      • jdun1911

        And the this is not? Some of those “muzzle devices” are design to be the first baffle in a suppressor. All the Econo-Can is a thread adapter.

        Again if I threaded my barrel to accept oil filter would that make my barrel NFA?

      • David/Sharpie

        No, what would it do on a muzzle without the can?

        Probably not, but if you were caught using a filter on you’d go to jail for having an NFA item that wasn’t registered

      • jdun1911

        Apparently this is a done deal by the ATF and if stand it will open a large can of worms. Good and bad.

        The inventor can take it to the next level by selling the NFA adapter at cost or below. Than make his own “oil filter” can that doesn’t need NFA approval. Sell the improve “oil filter” can for $150 each with free shipping to your home. Personally if I were him I’ll do it. Use the razor blade businesses model that have proven to make a lot of money.

        The bad news is potentially every muzzle devices can be classified as NFA.

        I’m actually thinking about using the razor blade businesses model on suppressors.

    • Cymond

      The Cadiz Gun Works (maker of the Econo-Can) also sells an identical product on the front page of their website as “Solvent Trap for the AR 15 / M-16”. No price is listed. The similarity has already been discussed over at Carolina Shooters. Possession and cleaning-use would be legal but using is as a suppressor would be illegal. Seems strange? Well it’s perfectly legal to drink soda and shoot rifles, but it’s a felony the instant someone slips the bottle over the barrel.

      • David/Sharpie

        I said this a guy below.

        “I think they’d notice that everyone was buying the solvent trap and not the adapter.

        I wonder if the people who bought the “solvent trap” will now have to register it as a suppressor?”

        What are the chances of them finding you using it? But you still shouldn’t break the law.

        There’s a “solvent trap” here in Canada that clamps a water bottle over your gun…..hmm, I wonder….

        • dragon5126

          there is a difference between this adaptor and the solvent trap this thing has a flange to block hot gasses from blowing back out of the filters holes at the shooter, almost as if the solvent trap had a big washer on it…

      • Cymond

        Well, it appears that they’re still selling the solvent trapper. I imagine there’s no need to register the solvent traps unless the owners intend to use them as suppressors. I’ve seen a water-bottle holder for a similar purpose, yet the ATF has long held that it’s a crime to attempt to make a suppressor out of a water bottle. Shoe strings and steel wool are legal until applied in a restricted manner. I suppose the same applies to the solvent trap. These items are gray-area until a use/intent is applied.

      • David/Sharpie

        Gray areas and loopholes suck…

        Except when it means I can use a 10 rnd mag in an AR-15 (I’m Canadian, the 10 rnd mags are “pistol” mags, so they don’t have to only hold 5)

        Or belt fed, that’s a loophole too

      • dragon5126

        There is a substantial difference. The Econo-can id flanged blocking the hot gas from blowing back into the shooters face, the Solvent trap is not, what the hell who needs eyes?

    • Matt G.

      No. Changing the thread on your barrel will not make it NFA unless it becomes shortened to less than 16″ in the process.

      The suppressor is the restricted item, not the barrel. The reason that things like the “triple tap” and other supressor attachment devices are not restricted is because they have other uses besides suppression and because they can’t suppress without a registered supressor.

      I would never buy one of these. Not only is an oil filter heavy and ungainly, but all it takes is one stupid, ATF, peice of shit, asshole to decide he doesn’t like it, and it’s all of a sudden it’s illegal.

      • Charles P

        as long as you buy it while its legal theres nothing they can do.

        • dragon5126

          wanna bet? tell that to those who owned Street Sweepers, registered as first SBS, then AOW, and finally banned as Destructive Devices, they had to pay taxes twice, and then pay a transfer tax to sell them to a dealer who could sell them to a PD or surrender them for no recompense to the BATFE

    • dragon5126

      it depends on if the jack booted thug you are dealing with got any the night before

    • dragon5126

      are you going to also add a big ol’ flange to seal off the back of the filter to keep the hot gasses from blowing back in your face too?

  • David/Sharpie

    Does anyone know the thread on most oil filters

    • jdun1911

      13/16″-16 common oil filter threads

      1½”-16 not so common oil filter threads

      1/2×28 AR15 threads

      • David / Sharpie

        Sweet, thanks man.

        I only ask because after the zombie apocalypse (…………………….) I may try and make one….you know….for the stealth kills…

      • jdun1911

        Just make sure you hide your dog/pets.

        I think there is a market for cop proof body armor for pets.

        • dragon5126

          yes there IS a market for K9 body armor law enforcement and military us it

      • David/Sharpie

        Come again?

      • ThomasD

        Because having the appropriate die cutters is not (yet) a crime.

      • David / Sharpie

        Was that supposed to answer the pet comment?

  • wry762

    So no one here has ever tried point shooting? Or ever practiced the Speed Rock draw until you could consistently hit a paper plate at, oh, say… 10′?

    There are vids on YouTube of people consistently hitting steel gongs with handguns at 50+ yards. Decent handgun + quality ammo or reloads + (practice X 10) = impressive performance. If someone can score hits at 50 yards using the sights, is it unreasonable to believe that someone can score hits at a small fraction of that range without using the sights?

    Not all firearms/accessories are designed for Camp Perry – I see this as more across-the-room, or maybe across-the-street. And as some have pointed out, it might be fun!

  • John Doe

    The ATF just isn’t complete unless they f*** with any new firearms-related product.

    • David / Sharpie

      Reminds me of the RCMP

  • tincan

    Somewhere out there, a smart auto parts company is going to make oil filters with an integrated picatinny rail…

    • dragon5126

      I’d just prefer long narrow closed end filters. there are cleaning trap adaptors for gas pump filters (as in gas station variety) but the opening on the exit end is quite large and passes a substantial sound wave…

  • this is no revelation or big news. this has been known about by myself and others for well over 20 years. i think the first time i saw it was in a little known publication called S.O.F. it works in a pinch, well at that too.

  • no big news, known about for many years. works well but for a pinch only. a 20 oz plastic soda bottle works well also.

  • Steve

    Nothing new, Cadiz Gun works has been making these for quite some time.

  • G3Ken

    OK, I will admit there are a billion comments here. so I have not read them all. Here’s where the tax collectors, uh, BATF, will get their panties in a twist.

    There’s a legal term called “constructive possession”. I don’t like it, but it dfoes exist. IF you possess an AR-15 and you also have an M-16 parts kitr, with a cut up receiver, you can still be charged with “possession of a machine gun” and do a long stretch in “Club Fed”. Reason being, according to their perverted logic, is that you can use those parts to readily convert them to a machine gun.

    By the same logic, if you had this thread adapetr and had a couple spare oil filters in your garage for your next oil change, you could be charged with “constructive possession” of an unregistered supressor.

    My advice. Don’t do it.

    • ThomasD

      The narrator of the video clearly states that the adapter is a registered device. So the ATF has already declared it a suppressor all by itself. At that point you don’t even need to have a suitable oil filter in your possession – the adapter alone will get you in hot water if you don’t have the tax stamp.

      • David / Sharpie

        I think that’s the grey area, I guess you guys will just have to wait until someone gets charged with constructive possession, until then (If you have this device) keep spare filters at a friends house….

        • dragon5126

          people have been charged with constructive possession for decades, this is just another opportunity for BATFE MALFEASE

      • G3Ken

        I understand what the narrator stated. I was simply responding to the fact that lots of folks will think it is wrong to “register” a thread adapter. Personally, a thread adapter should NOT be a registered supressor. Only the turds at the BATF would even think to make it so. I was merely saying that if someone got the bright idea of creating on of these themselves, which would be quite easy, you could end up in hot water, even if it was never put on a gun. The phrase “constructive possession” is a DANGEROUS, slippery slope and has been used before. I understood what the original commentary on the video was.

      • David/Sharpie

        “If someone got the bright idea of creating on of these themselves, which would be quite easy, you could end up in hot water, even if it was never put on a gun”

        No shit, same with any suppressor, well, creating one wouldn’t be illegal, not getting a tax stamp would be.

    • Bosefus

      Its a shame you are so damn stupid. There is NO possibility of a constructive possession charge with this device, because the manufacture WILL NOT SELL IT TO YOU WITHOUT A TAX STAMP ie form 4 transfer.

      This is NOT a “thread adapter” this is an END CAP for a SUPPRESSOR. Got that?

      This “adapter” IS a REGISTERED firearms suppressor. The oil filter is just a “wipe” Since you cant seem to get this through your thick fucking head why dont you just call the ATF and get a letter of clarification. {they have already ruled on and approved this device}

      Once again this is COMPLETELY legal to own. You just have to get a tax stamp to own it. And no, they wont sell it to you without you first getting the stamp.

      Why dont you go buy a silencerco osprey and tell me where the serial number is? ON THE END CAP! not on the monolithic core, not on the outer body {like a ti-rant}


      • David/Sharpie

        Calm your hormones, no need for the swearing and name calling.

        There have been many comments saying it may not be legal, or there could be some legal trouble with having oil filters in the garage and owning this adapter.

      • Derp

        Hate to tell you, but ATF says NOPE on these

        This is a screen cap of the letter.

      • David/Sharpie

        Derp: What year was that letter from? Last I checked, the ATF now allows the end user to replace the baffles on their legal suppressors.

      • Per that letter, if you register a device with an oil filter already assembled, the oil filter is part of the assembly. And you may not either re-gut the filter, or replace it.

        Since this device is a registered suppressor by itself, and the can is considered a replaceable wipe, that problem doesn’t exist.

        It’s a legal quibble, but it makes one legal and the other not.

        It’s very important to read EXACTLY what a legal decision says, not accidentally read into it.

        • dragon5126

          the batfe claims the oil filter in possession WITH the adapter is another suppressor unless assembled, spare filters are additional supressors

      • dragon5126

        JACKASS, first off clean up your language, secondly, try purchasing any internal or other parts from any manufacturer and see what happens. Yes the “adaptor” is the registered suppressor, but that is only good as long as the man in charge doesn’t change his mind as has happened so many times, which has resulted in innocent citizens ending up felons, just from the stroke of a pen. So you see, it is YOU with your LACK of EXPERIENCE with the BATE that is spreading disinformation. I’ve been dealing with them since Nov of 1977, and can guarantee, they are NOT to be trusted further than you can throw the White House.

        • Scott Esse

          look at that Just as you stated they would, the BATF changed the rules, and now the mfg has to supply a serialized filter to prevent the feds from entrapping automobile owners who do their own oil changes.

      • dragon5126

        shut your trap and read the whole thread including the posts about building your own to get around the tax, stupid hick

      • dragon5126

        keep on tokin just like your name sake

      • patrickw

        The filter is part of the suppressor and not a wipe, look at the MFG website, which states it must be sent in to MFG to have the can replaced or repacked. If replaced THEY REAPPLY THE SERIAL NUMBER TO THE CAN, this avoids any chance to charge an individual with constructive possession….

        Also those solvent traps do not cover the holes on the rear, like the econo-can does, thus it wouldn’t work very well with having gas and debris being blown back straight at you….

    • edgreywolf

      Please look up your facts…..

      the BATF Has sent out a letter that will correct your statement….
      it would not be considered a machinegun…..

      i will have to see if i can find a copy of the letter


      • dragon5126

        you go look for that letter while I inform you that the only part that is classified a “machine gun” is the “autosear” You don’t even need to own or possess an ar, and you will still be guilty of possession of a class 3 fire arm. There is a man from Burlington Wisconsin who loaned his AR to his buddy to go target shooting at the range, the sear physically broke and the ar tripled. The owner is currently serving time for unlawfully transferring a class 3 firearm, BECAUSE THE SEAR’S DISCONNECTOR SURFACE BROKE WHILE IN USE! so you argue your case with the BATFE…

        • patrickw

          The ATF is like a alzheimers patient…. new shit everyday, forget yesterday…

    • george

      This is simplicity at it’s finest. Everyone should own a solvent trap or make one until their are 100,000 out there. Kinda of hard to enforce this one in the backwoods and at Auto Zone, Let’s propose a $100 cleaning rod tax and number them to the rifle/pistol as well. I am sure everyone is for a bigger and bigger ATF that we all can be proud of.

      • dragon5126

        Excuse me but where have you been hiding? its the same thing with Marijuana… “everyone does it so they cant enforce it” but they still do.

        • barba rossa

          not in my state anymore,Colorado .it is as easy as voting on a referendum,kick the law to the curb,along with the lib’s.if not stop your bitching.

    • dragon5126

      SPOT ON.

    • dragon5126

      under the BATFE’s rulings YOU DO NOT need to own the associated parts to assemble the entire device if the listed part is in your possession. this is where you have made your mistake. Constructive possession would qualify IF you owned a legal AR-15 and an additional 8 inch upper with out SBR papers or a pistol lower attached to the 8 inch lower. that is what you have termed “Constructive Possession”. Now on to the rest of your post, possession of an auto sear, or a select fire, fire control group, with OR without (doesn’t matter) the rest of the firearm is under the BATFE’s regs. possession of a Class III automatic weapon. as it is the part not the weapon that qualifies it as class III.

    • patrickw

      people have been charged for the whole constructive possession for simply receiving an AK parts kit that had the full auto trigger components, because they did what technically the ATF tells people to do in such cases, and contacted the ATF to arrange for proper disposal of those parts. I guess proper disposal means having the ATF and FBI bust down your door, shoot your dog, hold your family at gun point, tear your home up, and charge you and seize property, only to later agree to drop charges if you agree to give up your property. They probably send your firearms to mexico after that….

  • eng30312

    I just figured it out! The oil filter is considered a wipe (and therefore, not subject to regulation) because the bullet punches through it. If you had a oil filter with a pre-punched hole, then it would be a suppressor part.

  • Ty

    Why not try soaking a new oil filter in mineral oil or a similar clean substance… either way it sounds like a inexpensive good time!

  • Jack

    I really don’t understand what all the comments are about. Someone has invented a device that will allow even the most frugal or the least able to afford it, an opportunity to utilize a suppressor. I don’t understand why everyone has to criticize or accuse as being conspiratorial or whatever crap they are accuse him of. The inventor is simply exercising his right to act as a capitalist. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it but don’t give him a bunch of crap for doing what he has the basic right to do.
    It seems that once again, those that can do, and those that can’t, criticize, complain and accuse.
    What the hell has happened to this county, especially to gun owners?
    Just a bunch of BS if you ask me.

    • dragon5126

      What YOU are missing is the fact that the BATFE is the party screwing everyone over. it has nothing to do with what the “inventor” has come up with. Its about a federal agency stepping on everyones toes because they are excessively power hungry.

      • paulrodg

        Then stop voting Democrat!!

        • dragon5126

          Stop being a horses ass… do you see anyone here stating they vote democrat? The Batfe is triparisan, they try to screw every party you jackass

        • Scott Esse

          what a moron! I suspect it is YOU that keeps filling in the wrong blank

  • toby

    i made my own adaptor in my machine shop in no time . being an x – felon i have now a supreesor for my full – auto guns that works pretty well. so #*%* the ATF.

    • LP

      but… they made a law that makes that illegal!!!

    • Jim

      Can you post instructions on how to make it.

      • dragon5126

        If you toads need instructions on how to make one of these, you do not possess the machinist skills required to do it. It is that simple.

    • Frank Granada

      please send me a video on how to make one

      • dragon5126

        IF you need a video on how to make one of these, you do not possess the machinist skills required to do it. It is that simple.

    • Joseph Kool

      It’s dickheads like you who fuck it up for everybody

      • dragon5126

        Toby is a poser troll please don’t feed the trolls it causes them to defecate all over the thread and idiots to believe them

  • LoggerLee

    Use a red dot/holosight and keep both eyes open, will work just fine.
    Buy a 13/16″x16 short threaded bolt and chuck it in the lathe and drill and tap it for 1/2″x28 threads inside and you’ve got the same thing for about $3.00

    But it ain’t worth the BATF trouble to use it as a silencer IMO.

    • LoggerLee

      Actually I guess ya don’t just buy a 13/16″x 16 bolt…lol oh well buy the die I guess.

  • Wow $200 tax stamp for a $55 silencer? I guess they have a tax for almost everything.

    • dragon5126

      the tax stamp idea was their way around the second amendment but a suppressor isn’t an actual “arm” but when the regulations were written, the seated president had a suppressed hunting rifle…

  • Rick_in_VA

    What about the air rifles which have built-in sound suppression? Or have these idiots not caught on yet. Some air rifles are as loud as a .22.

    It all goes back to the same thing. What do they not understand about “shall not be infringed” ?

    • Ken

      An rifle is not classified as a firearm. So if you want a quiet firearm buy a high powered air rifles. There are some made that have as much power as a 30-30.

      • ken is a re re

        as a 30-30? u must be high

        • dragon5126

          No he isn’t high. they are expensive but there are extremely high powered air rifles. Even going back in history, the Lewis and Clark Expedtion even carried them. The just are not all that convenient as they need special pumps to charge them.

          • Joel Blayney

            Ive seen a few 3800$ air rifles that looked like something out of a movie that shot 50 caliber pellets at 1700 fps and wondered why in the F I dont own one yet.

        • Robert Yager

          Not at all, the Wolverine is .308

    • dragon5126

      these muffled (I use this term so as not to confuse the arm chair experts) air guns ARE regulated in some states an localities that believe they have the power of God.

      • fishermanjoe

        YOU ARE RIGHT. I live in the Peoples republic of Illinois and had to have my Ruger 22 AIR RIFLE shipped to Missouri so I could get it!!

  • ant mich

    Is it illegal to have tapped adapters in these measurements without a tax stamp? Why would it be when it is such common measurements. I’m sure that these measurements r paired for many reasons. how could it be illegal unless you first used it as a suppressor. This is something i would never be interested in using , making or owning ,but I’m sure that owning a piece of steel milled to universal measurements could not be illegal with out being attached to a firearm. for example if you could use such a devise for a propane fish cooker ,could it be considered a suppressor while cooking fish because it has the same common thread sizes. There are millions of uses for threaded adapters. Look how many options are available that all ready fit those measurements. Does it mean anything that is tapped and could possibly fit the threaded barrel of any gun made is required to have a tax stamp. This is not meant to offend, I’m just wondering if owning any adapter with measurements commonly used for barrel threads and oil filters, for any purpose, can be mistaken for or classified as a suppressor. Remember without the filter or another part this adapter can not suppress sound. My opinion is that only the suppressing parts should require a tax stamp. There are just to many options on adapters and they can easily be mistaken for suppressor fittings. It would seem there are to many options out there. And with youtube stoking peoples minds, you will surely see more. Support the NRA and GOD BLESS America. She needs all the blessings she can get at the moment.

    • dragon5126

      they would argue intent which is all they need

  • ant mich,

    What you fail to understand is that the adapter is a registered silencer with the BATF. I own a sparrow 22 silencer and the registered silencer part is the tube, the baffles and end caps are not serialized and are not the silencer part. that is how Silencerco can honer their guarantee to replace the baffles and you do not need a new tax stamp.

    If you make you own adapter it is not illegal until you attach it to a filter and then attach that to a weapon. Now you have broken the law.

    If the adapter is registered with the BATF than it does not matter what it is attached to, you are covered and are not breaking the law. The adapter is a registered silencer regardless of whether it is attached to a filter or not.

    The adapter will not suppress sound but it is registered as a silencer. I think this is an awesome product and is high on my gotta have list.

    The big blue filter looks like it can take take high pressure. Consider this; I could put this can on a Mosin Nagant and shoot corrosive surplus ammo. Would you do do that with a $800.00 can + $200.00 tax stamp.

    • dragon5126

      Incorrect John. As the MANUFACTURER they are ALLOWED to service the suppressor and replace any INTERNAL parts as needed to keep it functional. And that took a lot of fighting to get it legal. At one point in time it was ONLY legal to CLEAN a can but not do any parts replacement, leaving them woth a limited lifespan…

      • Joel Blayney

        Dragon, thats what he just said. That because just the tube is registered they are aloud to replace internal parts as they are not serialized or registered.

        • dragon5126

          No John the tube is NOT the only part that is registered, possession of the internal parts requires the tax stamp, the tube if capable of being attached to a firearm requires a stamp and any fittings that are part of the suppressor itself require a stamp, If assembled, only one stamp is needed, the second you take it apart a stamp was required for every individual part UNLESS you were the manufacturer and held a valid manufacturers license. This is a been there done that as I used to build them commercially. As I stated, this took a lot of fighting with the BATFE to get it through to this point, and NO that s NOT what he said, go back and reread the entire statement, complete with punctuation.

          • patrickw

            A single baffle is considered a suppressor….

            The serialized tube is considered THE suppressor, all other parts are replaceable without a new form 4 EXCEPT the tube. They used to be able to just remake a tube and apply the same serial #, not anymore.

            Thus if you have a baffle break into pieces, you better get the entire suppressor, and as many of the pieces possible to the MFG in order to replace the one bad baffle. A serialized tube without baffles is still considered a suppressor…. a single baffle and no tube is just as well considered a suppressor. Steel tubing, and a single, unfinished baffle (from what I have heard, think 80% receiver but with a baffle) is considered constructive intent to create a suppressor. Hence why when you do a form 1 build, get the stamp before shopping for parts/stock….. you never know how the ATF will feel the next day about things…

          • dragon5126

            ONLY the manufacturer can replace the internal parts the tube is serialized, but that covers the mated parts as well. At one time, NO repairs were allowed, in the technical sense, A manufacturer could “issue credit” for your old parts for “destruction”, restamp the body and put fresh internal parts in it. Before that the tubes had to be fixed and nonservicable in any way. And before that there was no regulation. Today the Manufacturer is allowed to service the product they sell, but ONLY the manufacturer. Possession of replacement parts constitutes possession of another suppressor. even damaged replaced parts constitute another one. they have been extremely liberal with the use of the term “intent”. So much so that the device under question in this thread, can constitute the possession of replacement oil filters for your car as spare parts for a suppressor. This is why congress needs to pull enforcement power from all tax agencies and re centralize it, where it belongs, with the FBI. In addition to removing the Malfease that results by making arbitrary rules which is unconstitutional, it would cut billions out of our federal budget due to removal of redundant responsibilities and venues

          • dragon5126

            first you can NOT get the stamp without the dealers name and info as well as the suppressor information, the two go hand in hand which is how the Mfg of this oil filter adaptor kows you have a stamp allowing transfer… been there done that, I used to be a class III dealer before it became too much of a PITA. Next all it takes for intent is a baffle “consistent”, or a tube “consistent” for the tube, it can be some means of attachment, just threaded in a manner that has been used to fit known end caps and so forth. In short, the BATFE gets away with suspicion as proof. They are the only enforcement agency that is capable of doing do

          • patrickw

            for a form 4 yes…. for a form 1 no as the individual/entity submitting the form 1 is the maker.

            HOWEVER you cannot service/replace your own form 1 suppressor, as under NFA you do not hold the appropriate SOT to do maintenance on a suppressor…

          • Scott Esse

            Patrick you contradicted yourself…

          • Scott Esse

            Incorrect. To Date, any single part of a suppressor requires a tax stamp there is no single PART that consists of THE suppressor. it is unlawful for the End User to disassemble a suppressor unless they are the manufacturer and HOLD the appropriate FFL (as opposed to “tax stamp”). As Dragon Stated the change in the BATF ruling that allowed the manufacturer to repair a suppressor without additional tax stamps was a major win for those of us who owned and used them. More than once I had to pay additional taxes to replace baffles, this is no longer the case.

  • max

    The tax stamp is all bs. these people who created this seeked out to get the adapter registered so they can have a monopoly on this idea and sell it vs people making their own from bolts at a hardware store. BATF will take anybody’s money for anything they want to register or find an excuse for. This means BATF did not actively seek this nor do they really care. The cool part about all of this is the parts alone are not illegal to have. assemble it on a gun and its a grey area. It may very well be that ordinary parts which have other uses assembled in this fashion are not taxable, but im sure BATF will look for any excuse to get more money out of us.

    • dragon5126

      WRONG you need to read the code… it is loaded with words like INTENT, POSSESS, PARTS, and so forth. They could nail you for having car parts that are legitimate but could be assembled into a complete suppressor and you wouldn’t have a snowballs chance in hell to fight back. And before you scream second amendment they could charge right back “it technically” isn’t a weapon on its own…

      • Liz S

        By your interpretation, which could very well be BATF’s, any one owns a firearm and a car or a motorcycle with a muffler are automatically felons.

        As most of the automobiles have mufflers, and mufflers are by definition, sound reducers.

        So look, Dragon, if they want to get you, they can get you 10,000 different ways. for possession of chimney, possession of bottles, possession of oil drums, possession of, possession of, ….

        So then the only way to be “almost” free from ATF is to stop being a firearm owner if you are so worried about intent.

        • dragon5126

          it doesn’t matter if you own a firearm or not owning this ADAPTOR means you own a suppressor, THEN owning oil filters means you also own REPLACEMENT PARTS for your suppressor. As I said you need to read their rulings. You are NOT free of their influence as long as Congress allows them to continue their Malfease

  • Big Rich

    So for those of you that are wondering how they can sell the “oil trap” without the stamp, and you can use it as such, bolted to the rifle, without breaking the law, that’s because the gun should be disassembled by then, so the lower receiver of the gun is not attached, and as we all know, the lower reciever is the “firearm” and the rest is just parts, so having it attached to your upper reciever is of no censequence. But anybody with half a mind should have understood that. The “registered” silencer end cap, is the same device, only registered to be on the gun while in use. So basically, one could (theoretically) use the oil trap as a suppressor, but they would do that full well knowing they are breaking the law, and asking for “club fed” as the other poster put it. If you really just wanted this as a “worst of times” deal, you could very well just buy the oil trap, use it just as an oil trap, and when shit hits the fan, you can use it as a silencer end cap. Now I am not, for even a single inkling of a second, suggesting you do this, as it is highly illegal, but in a disaster situation, I doubt you would care if the BATF is okay with you using it that way when it is at the cost of life and limb.

    And just a thought, can’t you guys just use the a-1 style upper reciever handle with the picatinny adapter to get yoir optics above the silly blue oil filter on your AR-15s? And the PS-90 tri-rail would be perfectly fine with the normal iron sights (or any normal optic) because of their raised nature, making this adapter ideal for that gun. Too bad 5.7×28 ammo is so pricey!

    • Big Rich

      I realize I probably wasn’t going to make much sense with that description of the a-1 picatinny rail, so I thought I would share this image to explain it a little better:×0.jpg

      Using this to mount your optics to would negate the problem of the oil filter. And you don’t have to have one of those flimsy looking raised optics rails. Also, the iron sights should even be out of the way enough for most smaller cans. And instead of using oil to help the suppressor/filter, just use clear water based hand soap. It’s a viscous non-flammable liquid, so it foots the bill perfectly, and might even make your day at the range smell fresh!

      • dragon5126

        The raised optics rail is much more sturdy than the carry handle mounted rail and considerably more solid than the handle itself which is why the handle has gone by the roadside on military fire arms

    • David/Sharpie

      I don’t think it would be illegal to mount it on an assembled firearm, I usually keep mine fully assembled when cleaning, I think the point is to not use it as a silencer, I think if the police caught you with one on a loaded gun you would go to jail, I think if it was unloaded, it would slide.

      • dragon5126

        POSSESSING it without a tax stamp is the felony even without owning or possessing a firearm,,,

    • dragon5126

      Again incorrect assumption. since the suppressor is an AOW, it does not matter if it is attached to firearm or not. It of itself is classified a weapon even though it can do nothing if not attached to another firearm. Further your supposition about lower receivers is blatantly false since very few firearms have upper and lower receivers. most only have a single receiver such as the typical bolt action rifle. or standard semiautomatic pistol with a standard slide.

  • Big Rich

    Yeah that sounds about right, but I wouldn’t want to be caught red handed with it on a fully assembled rifle just for safety so I don’t get boned by some mean ol ATF tyrant that decided he didn’t like me for whatever reason. I would want them to have as little “legal” ammunition against me as possible if I got in trouble. I could be arrested for anything, and having “an assembled un-registered silencing device” on an “assault rifle”(my primary hunting rifle), would complicate that tenfold for me. It’s just not worth the trouble for a worry wart like me.

    • David/Sharpie

      Yeah I know, especially with public opinions on “assault weapons” you wouldn’t wanna do anything to screw yourself over with the ATF.

  • spydie

    I think all you guys missed the point. If you are going to use a supressor, something has to be registered as such. In this case it’s the mount. The actual suppressor, because it’s an oil filter, can’t be registered. The mount is NOT illegal to own nor put on your gun without the NFA stamp (I’m talking about a homebuilt one, not the registered one this guys sells). YOu can make adapters all day long and put them on the end of your gun. You can also put empty cans on the end of your gun. It only becomes a suppressor if it reduces the noise level of the firearm. That means AT ALL. EVEN A TINY BIT. If what you put on the end of your gun does NOT reduce the noise level, then it is not a suppressor and it is legal. So making your own adapter and screwing it on is not illegal. But, when you screw on the oil filter, it then becomes illegal without the NFA stamp. Now, then, this manufacturer helps you out by having a registered piece, you pay the tax and when you get the adapter, you have the makings of a legal suppressor that you can go out and play with as soon as you get it (6-7 month wait for the Feds to process your tax paperwork). The other way you can do it is to make your own adapter, then you have to download and fill out the paperwork and send in the $200 for a manufactured suppressor, and you HAVE to stamp the threaded non-throw-away piece with a serial number of your choosing. You can’t use it with a filter (you CAN screw it on your gun and use it immediately, but not with a filter) until you get the OK from the Feds (6-7 months.) You can visit the ATF.GOV website and read the law yourself. But I just condensed it for you. Nothing is a suppressor if it doesn’t lower the noise of the gun when fired.

    • dragon5126

      the whacked BATFE claims that even owning spare filters without a tax stamp for each one is a felony… if you own the adaptor… even if you do not own a gun…

    • Frank Granada

      can you please show me how to make my own mount

    • Joel Blayney

      Actually its only legally a supressor if its reduction in volume exceeds a certain Db level.

      • patrickw

        known as 1dB…. hence why the old Colt XM177 moderators which only lowered the SPL by 1-2 dB is considered a suppressor….

      • dragon5126

        Wrong, ANY measureable reduction in sound level qualifies, GSG had to recall barrel sleeves from one particular model of the GSG5 .22 rifle because they could be used so muffle the sound of a .22, even though a cb cap would be quieter

    • patrickw

      From what I have heard/seen, the oil filter they actually send you is serialized, and considered the suppressor…. since the can acts as a baffle/integral suppressor component, it thus becomes the suppressor… the barrel adapting piece, is no different than a flash hider mount/etc.

      • dragon5126

        They do NOT send any filters and yes the adaptor IS different from a flash suppressor, substantially so

        • patrickw

          They are required to register a filter as it is legally part of the suppressor… thus it would be categorized as a suppressor component. This avoids mere possession of oil filters as suppressor parts, thus avoiding you time in the boom boom room for illicit possession of suppressors.

          • patrickw

            from the MFG website….

            If or when you need to change the filter out, the ATF/NFA rules says it needs to come back to the original manufacture, which Cadiz Gun Works is. The cost is $25.00. The complete Econo-Can
            Suppressor can be shipped directly to us, for gunsmithing, which would
            be replacement/rehab/repair of the oil filter, with the serial #
            remarked, and documented as being replaced/rehabbed/repaired. The
            completed Econo Can Suppressor can be sent back to you at your address on your NFA
            Tax Stamp Form. You do not need to go though a dealer for gunsmithing
            services. The life of the oil filter varies depending on caliber used
            and bullet type. (ex. AR15=300-500 rds)

            Thus changing the filter yourself=10 years in federal prison for illegal construction of a suppressor… and the FILTER HAS A SERIAL NUMBER….

          • Scott Esse

            Patrick your statement is correct and is the result of the BATFE being caught on their rules making any oil filter an owner of an econo-can silencer parts, requiring tax stamps for each one. The change came about approx. one month before you posted/one month after I had last posted… If you go back through the whole thread you will find multiple comments on this situation. I had purchased one of the “adapters” early on and it did not come with a filter. Later on I received notification from CGW of the need to send them the adaptor for installation of a “special filter” which is nothing more than a s/n stamped filter. Personally it wasn’t worth all the hullabaloo as the longer filter I was using was much more efficient.

    • dragon5126

      the actual suppressor is THE MOUNT not the filter, PER the BATFE why cant people on here READ, since this is EXACTLY what the BATFE has ruled, AND the possession of the mount is possession of a suppressor mounted on a firearm or not. YOU obviously do not know as much as you think since this is exactly what the BATFE has ruled

  • Aranoce

    OK from what i understand the adapter is the registered part of the suppressor with the econo-can you still have to jump threw the hoops with the atf on it. the filter can be changed its not considered a integral part of it. As far as the solvent trap goes its the same thing but its not registered so you can have it on your gun with a oil filter on it but as soon as you got a hole in the oil filter the feds are going to screw you because its not licensed. if you got the solvent trap and want to get it licensed then you need to form one the trap so you don’t pay the piper on it after you put a unique serial applying to you on it.

    • dragon5126

      no, with a solvent trap the filter vents hot gasses BACK at the shooter, the econo can covers the holes out of the filter, make your own conclusions how to deal with this, but as is, it isn’t “safe” to use as a suppressor, (metal working skills and tax stamp required)

  • dadcats

    why not make your adaptor then make a muzzle brake to screw on to that, could you leave it on your rifle?

    • dragon5126

      those are already made

  • dragon5126

    Ignorance abounds… the pressure of the hot oil while operating on your car or truck engine is more likely to burst the filter than that of the hot gasses from a fired round since fluids can not be compressed but gasses can. Simple high school physics…

  • Daniel

    If you don’t care about federal BS laws, you can pay $12 for a “solvent trap” on Amazon (no questions asked) and it works just as well as this expensive registered one in the video. I know many people who squirrel/rabbit hunt using them and no one has ever had a safety issue. I have a threaded barrel adapter on my .22 that I normally keep a flash suppressor on just for looks. When I get to the field, it only takes a few seconds to switch it out to the oil can. When I’m done hunting the oil can goes into the trash.

    • dragon5126

      the solvent trap would allow hot gasses to blow back directly in the shooters face. LOOK at this adaptor and then at a solvent trap and notice the difference. not that it would be difficult to alter but that then becomes an Act of intent

      • wysoft

        Not going to happen if the oil filter has an anti-drainback diaphragm. That is what prevents hot gases (or, uh, oil) from escaping through the ports around the center orifice, as the diaphragm serves as a check valve to only allow inlet through those ports. Some cheap oil filters still don’t have an anti-drainback diaphragm here.

  • Bud

    Why can’t you just cut the grooves into a spare barrel and screw the oil filter directly onto the gun?

  • nate

    Question: when replacing the can, do they drill a hole in the end or do you have to shoot the first shot to blow a hole?

  • joey

    will this oil filter deal suppress a high powered rifle , such as a 243 win

  • kelly

    the video which you have captured is nice. thanks for sharing such an useful post. but do visit this website. it will be useful for all.

  • Jay Michaels

    reading this crap gave me a huge headache.

  • fishermanjoe

    Supposedly, when somebody has done time they’ve paid for their crime. So why can’t they own firearms–unless they’ve committed murder they should be allowed to. Hey, Obama is going to give excons the vote anyway.