American Tactical Imports / Head Down HD-F AR stock

American Tactical Imports are distributing the new Head Down HD-F AR stock. I like the design of the curvy cheek rest combined with an angular lower. The stock is clearly inspired by other popular AR-15 stock but lack features such as storage compartments, no doubt to avoid patent issues. It will be available in black or flat dark earth with an MSRP of $109.

UPDATE: There may be battery compartments inside the stock. The press release did not mention them.

Steve Johnson

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  • Rob
  • This is what “innovation” has comes to in this industry. Carefully designed (as to not get sued) copy cats of existing products.

    The industry is good for guys who make accessories – look at the zombie crazy, but its bad for innovation and honest to goodness new stuff.

    “We have invested this ultra light weight game changing industry setting standard free float tube. Its just like our first model, but this time you get SQUARE cut outs for your rails instead of OVALS. Oh yea, are you as excited as us?! See you at SHOT SHOW 2013!”

    Did you guys see the other article recently about the A2 butt stock with a built in mono-pod for $889?

    • Rob

      If the other companies didn’t have their patents drafted well enough so that their claims encompassed what might seemingly be minor alterations to their patented design, then a new producer (like Heads Down Products) stepping in and taking advantage of that unaccounted for novelty is not illegal. Patent rights can only protect what an inventor has claimed.

      Additionally, you don’t know what agreements are be in play behind the scenes. Heads Down Products could very well have licensed a dozen patents from other companies in order to have this product designed & manufactured legally.

      I’m not trying to defend Heads Down Products… just saying we should not jump to baseless conclusions.

      • I am not saying they did anything illegal.

        I am saying they are re-inventing the wheel. I mean if you are going to invent the wheel then make the SUPER WHEEL VERSION 10 WITH SPINNING CARBIDE TIP BLADES instead of taking the regular wheel and putting a hubcap on it.

      • Rob

        I see.
        I agree… nothing innovative here. However, I’m all for new competition in the market though. Eventually (hopefully), prices will be driven down.

  • Lance

    Looks like a remade SOPMOD M-4 stock Steve. Looks nice jut wish be cheaper being a foreign made design.

    • Kevin

      Actually Lance… the Head Down Products line is an AMERICAN made company. Including this stock…

  • Michael Zupcak

    They sure did a nice job making that skull logo look a lot like the logo of a certain popular manufacturer I can think of 😉

  • Nadnerbus

    perhaps I am missing the point, but I just don’t understand spending over a hundred dollars for mostly injection molded plastic to replace an existing stock that cost a few tens of dollars, that doesn’t do things drastically better. I’m sure it is nicer, better cheek weld and all that. But damn. And that goes for a lot of the after market stocks. Not including the buffer tube or castle nut, they are 60 bucks for the “cheap” ones and up.

    I guess volume is relatively low and molds are expensive to produce, but man. That rapid prototyping technology can’t mature fast enough.

  • Steve

    Looks like a knock-off of the TI-7 buttstock. Wonder if they rebranded or if this is just a ripoff.

  • Zach

    Looks like this is a TI-7 buttstock. I’ve been using one for over a year, and it’s a very good stock. Better than various Magpul designs and the SOPMOD in some respects, but suffers from a bit of tilt on the buffer tube (the only real flaw). Very well made. They sell for about $89 via, in four colors, so I can’t fathom why you would pay $109 for the same thing.