First live fire test of Axel’s AUG upgrade stock

We have been following German TFB reader TroubleshooterBerlin quest to build a drop-in ambidextrous stock upgrade for the Steyr AUG. He finally managed to obtain a real working AUG to test his design. Unfortunately the AUG was quite faulty but TroubleshooterBerlin managed to prove that his design does work. The first two minutes of the video below shows the AUG with its factory stock.

Congratulations TroubleshooterBerlin!

Steve Johnson

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  • Lance

    Looked like either bad mags or needs more lube. Nice looking gun though.

  • Pedro

    I would be embarrassed to put a video like that online or out in the public arena.

    Amateurish presentations lead to perceptions of amateurish design and/or manufacture.

    How hard would it have been to find a working Steyr AUG?

    • Nadnerbus

      It’s a sneak peek at a proof of concept, not a marketing infomercial. I actually like seeing something honest like this, warts and all. The real world doesn’t always look like something from the boys on Madison Avenue.

      Am I weird to think a drop in stock for an AUG action that makes it into a standard configuration would be cool? Everyone always makes bullpup stocks for standard actions, never the other way around.

    • Erik

      That is in Germany. It is very difficult to acquire rifles like this for testing if you are not already an established manufacturer. Kudos to this gentleman and it looks like his stock will work well once they can get a rifle without a bum extractor.

      • Erik

        Or perhaps it was the magazines, it is difficult to tell from the video, but either way. Once they acquire a working rifle (or fix that one), I’m sure the stock will work fine.

    • TroubleShooter is incredibly skilled. He lives in a country where getting access to military firearms (that gun is a full auto military model) is very hard. Unfortunately the gun he got access to was faulty, but he proved his design functions.

      I think it is amazing he can design gun upgrades without access to the gun itself! He is an amazing guy and a personal friend of mine.

  • John Doe

    As a left-handed (actually ambidextrous now) shooter that is pretty much forced to fire right-handed guns, I’d love a production version of this ambi stock. Good work!

  • Mike Knox

    As far as I know, the Steyr AUG is already ambidextrous to begin with. If you want to switch ejection ports, it just needs a quick take down, bolt reset and reassembly. If you wouldn’t want to bother with that, you’d just put your cheek weld at the stock heel and rest your shoulder on the toe when shooting from the opposite side..

    • Laingatang

      The left handed and right handed bolts need to be changed out completely in order to change the side spent brass ejects on.

      • Mike Knox

        That’s what I said..

  • Tinkerer

    I like where this is going. However, I believe he has trouble ejecting the empty brass. Especifically, seems like his firearm has very weak ejection, which leads to jams due to double feeds and/or stovepipes.