Bank of America does not want to do business with gun manufacturers

I am posting this because Bank of America is so big and there are likely to be many readers of TFB whose gun-related businesses’ bank with BoA. Kelly D McMillan, Director of Operations, McMillan Group International wrote on their Facebook page

At this point I interrupted him and asked “Can I possible save you some time so that you don’t waste your breath? What you are going to tell me is that because we are in the firearms manufacturing business you no longer what my business.”

“That is correct” he says.

McMillan went on to post this ironic photo on the McMillan Group facebook page …

[ Many thanks to Bryan & jdun1911 for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Netforce

    Wow. That is going to hurt BoA big.

    • Lex

      I really doubt that. Guns aren’t that big a part of their business.

      • Jpow

        They are a BIG part of my business. BoA funds these people through my cash that I store there. If they don’t want to fund the gun industry I won’t fund them.

  • Alex Pawelczyk

    I WAS thinking of switching over to them. Thanks for posting this. They won’t be seeing my business.

    • Joshua

      Like the world needs another reason not to bank with BoA.

  • Reverend Clint

    BofA is a terrible evil company, along with most banks. This is just another reason to not do business with them… you know besides ripping people off, illegal foreclosures, buying politicians and basically ruining America.

  • Lex

    I love that McMillan is now trying to frame this as a “Second Amendment” issue. They sure know how to manipulate their customers. Never mind that the 2nd Amendment doesn’t apply here in any way.

  • Brandon

    BofA. Evil bank, or the evilest bank?

  • Martin

    I left Bofa for Ally a long while ago. Don’t use hard cash anymore, and I can always use an ally to back me up, and not rip me off like other crappy banks. XXXX of America my arse. Liars and thieves is more like it.

  • Fred

    That’s funny, because here in Portland, or. BoA has armed security guards patrolling there banks during opening hours.

  • Joe Doe

    B 0f A is not alone…as an FFL holder and importer/exporter of small arms we were denied when we went to Citibank to open an account. The branch manager even lobbied for us to his superiors as he really wanted our business, but in the end we received a big fat F off from Citibank.

    F B of A and F Citibank!

    I will happily take my money elsewhere.

  • Will

    Bank of America is really ironic. They are more than willing to open an account for you if you are of “questionable immigration status”. Their argument is that they are not in the business of enforcing laws. In fact they outright cater to people who do not have any United States Identification. Furthermore they are more than willing to help you wire your hard earned wages out of the Country. I wonder why they are unwilling to work with someone who is abiding by the law? I think BofA has done more to undermine the United States, and it’s economy, than any other company I can think of. Although Citibank is real close.

    Sadly, the gun manufactures don’t lobby them like some of the other political organizations out there.

  • Mr. Fahrenheit

    “Bank of America does not want to do business with gun manufacturers”…well..that’s misleading.

    From what I read on McMillan’s Facebook page BofA doesn’t want to do business with McMillan. I’m no fan of BofA, but I believe in the freedom to contract, or not contract, with whomever you want. I can’t glean enough from the Facebook postings to make an informed opinion as to what happened.

    However, I do know that this isn’t a 2nd Amendment issue. BofA can’t impede my constitutional rights any more than Coca Cola can stop me from chasing married women and college cheerleaders.

    I cheered when PayPal, Visa, and others stopped taking transactions on behalf of those jack asses over at Wikileaks. Nobody is stopping anybody from dropping off cash to that dick Assange, just as nobody is stopping anyone from using another form of payment for any McMillan products.

    Wait a minute… I just realized that McMillan beef with BofA is over lines of credit. McMillan is the party that won’t take BofA cards anymore…whatever.

    • W

      “I cheered when PayPal, Visa, and others stopped taking transactions on behalf of those jack asses over at Wikileaks. Nobody is stopping anybody from dropping off cash to that dick Assange, just as nobody is stopping anyone from using another form of payment for any McMillan products. ”

      yeah because god forbid you actually blow the whistle on a sneaky, malevolent, disguisting empire whose people scream at the heavens, believing they are the salt of the earth, bewildered that they will be the first ones damned to hell.

      Just try doing business and maintaining a website without internet transactions…see how far you can go. ill give you a hint: not very.

      I was’t surprised tht paypal and visa did this. They are cutting money off to a critic of their corporate gods.

  • Lance

    Figures that a San Francisco based bank would do this I never done business there now I never will.

    • Nater

      BoA is based in North Carolina, they’re the quintessential “southern bank”.

  • JM

    Bank of America was already a piss-poor company to do business with. I’m more irritated with McMillan for having credit lines with the bank that was at the forefront of the TARP bailout than I am with the bank itself. It’s hypocritical to feign surprise at a political break-off when – politically – McMillan should have made the first move years ago.

  • Robin

    B of A is NOT based in San Francisco (Lance). It is based in Charlotte, NC. Wells Fargo is based in SF, but apparently has nothing to do with this event.

  • W

    hmmm, and any bank is good???

    LOL youll get more money in return panning for gold. Regardless of what people think, banks are there to make money. thats it. not hold your money, not help you, not help your business, and certainly not give you advise.

    • Stella

      This is why credit unions exist. Oh no, I said “union!”

      • W

        you did say union! BAD! 😉

  • JM

    Does this news post mean that TFB is going to get away from the “Guns Not Politics” tagline?

  • murph

    Don’t care about BoA, but can’t tell from the photo – what’s that security guard packing?

  • MarkM

    As the related pic clearly shows, BoA’s policy is hypocritical. If they don’t want anything to do with firearms, then cancel all the contracts and employment of armed security guards.

    This will boil down to the halls of Justice, and someone else will make a similar decision that imperils the civil rights of a disenfranchised minority on exactly the same grounds. Then, BoA will be apprised their position is financially untenable because of legal ramifications, lost business, etc.

    Somebody likely didn’t clear this with upper tier Corporate, if so, that decision maker is already designated the lead scapegoat for eventual retirement. BoA stock isn’t trading up on the market as this news spreads, and even the short term affect of mutually assured non acceptance of funds will leave them with the impact, not society. They make money handling money, less money transacted = less profit.

    I suspect the next newsflash to be a reminder of the monies BoA took as a backstop for acquiring Merrill Lynch – over $95 BILLION. I see this issue potentially becoming a campaign trail talking point useful to paint the administration as arrogant and taxpayer hostile. At the very least a savvy politician can drag them into Congress and rehash it all over again, just in time for people to remember when voting.

  • HK93

    This action contradicts what BoA said 2 years ago:

    Bank Of America Clarifies Position

    Friday, May 28, 2010

    Over the past few months, NRA-ILA received information from a few members detailing some problems that firearm-related businesses were having with Bank of America (BoA).

    It appeared that BoA had adopted a policy of denying banking services to businesses associated with firearms. ILA staff contacted BoA corporate leadership and asked them to provide specific information regarding their policies.

    In a conversation with Douglas K. Bland, a BoA Senior Vice President, NRA-ILA was assured that there was no such anti-gun policy.

    Mr. Bland provided NRA-ILA with a written statement of their policy, which states “Bank of America does not have a corporate-wide policy to deny banking services solely on the applicant’s involvement in the firearms industry.”

    NRA-ILA is pleased with this statement, but will continue to monitor business activities to ensure that gun owners and gun related business receive fair treatment. If you have had issues with Bank of America, please contact NRA-ILA so additional follow-up can be done. If needed, Mr. Bland has indicated his desire to assist with claims of unfair denial of services for firearms related reasons.

    • JM

      Looks like the NRA didn’t quite come through on that follow-up promise.

      • Matthew Carberry


        “If you have had issues with Bank of America, please contact NRA-ILA so additional follow-up can be done.”

        Now McMillan claims they have “had issues”, so now they can contact NRA, and now NRA can “follow-up.”

        What do you think “following-up” means? Breaking into their computers to monitor every transaction?

  • I am a real estate broker. I deal with banks nearly every day. Bank of America is just about the worst run outfit in the market place. I do a weekly online show at blogtalkradio where I, among other things, chronicle all the really stupid crap BofA does.

    This is just one more nail in their coffin. I will be making sure that when my clients want a suggestion on who to go to for their banking needs, I not only omit BofA, but strongly suggest that BofA be avoided.

  • BLG

    I dumped BoA years ago. So happy with USAA!

  • HK93

    BoA just posted this on their Facebook page:

    We want to let you know that we hear your comments and questions regarding one of our customers. While we cannot discuss the details of any individual client we work with, we can assure you the allegations being made here are completely false. Bank of America does not have a policy that prohibits us from banking clients in this industry. In fact, we have numerous, longstanding customers in the industry.

    We are also extremely proud of our support of the US military and reject any assertion to the contrary. We count as clients many companies that provide for our nation’s defense. We employ thousands of veterans, Guardsmen, and Reservists, and plan to increase our hiring this year.

    • Komrad

      BoA thinks this is about veterans? Idiots.

  • Lex

    They’re a multinational corporation not a bank specifically for firearms manufacturers. The fallout for BoA will be pretty minor.

    • Nicks87

      If BofA is so powerful why do you have to defend them? You must be worried if you have to speak out so strongly in their defense.

      • Seamus

        haha nick you’re an unstable guy

  • Jacob

    BofA is a business. They’re in it to make money. If McMillan was going to make them money they would take their business.

    Read the actual article. Their CREDIT was getting canceled because they had expanded into gun manufacturing. Not quite the same thing as asking them not to bank with them.

    I probably wouldn’t want to try and fund McMillan breaking into gun manufacturing against entrenched big players in a bad economy either. Talk about bad/late timing.


    • JM

      The “actual article” implies and speculates on details that are not confirmed.

    • Nicks87

      This has nothing to do with making money. Its has everything to do with left-wing politics.

      The govt bails out the banks and the banks enforce big govt’s agenda.

      The bottom line is: you should’nt be worried about people like Trayvon Martin or George Zimmerman you should worry about the criminals that work for Bank of America.

      The big banks fund big govt and big govt wants Americans DISARMED!

      • exactly and I think that the lefties are scared of this mindset where we put our money in PROGUN business’s.

        8 negatives…my my my, they ARE concerned

  • Fred

    BoA won’t be getting any of my business with their current stance on guns, among other things.

  • bret

    BoA has the Fed/Burnake and Treasury/Geithner to insure their profitability they don’t need gun business or gun owners.

  • johnson

    This really gets me angry. I am glad i closed my BoA account a long time ago. I heard that McMillan will post the name of their new bank. I will definitely open an account with that bank.

    I also just placed an order with McMillan!

  • Ron


  • kent

    I wrote a B Of A personal check to a buddy of mine that had done some contract work for me. The check was for $400. He went to my B of A branch to cash it. He just went through a divorce and doesn’t have a bank acct or any credit cards. The teller requested 2 picture IDs. He gave her his TX DL and his CHL with picture ID. The teller turned down his CHL as a valid ID even though the CHL required an FBI background check before being issued. I’m not a big money person but I’m moving 20K to another bank ASAP.