.50 BMG Proof iPhone Case?

A Japanese company claims one of their iPhone cases, which is made from steel, can withstand a .50 BMG bullet.

I would love to see a video of a .50 BMG round being fired into it. I would be surprised if the iPhone survived the shock of the impact.

[Hat Tip: TechCrunch ]

[ Many thanks to Joseph for emailing us the link. ]

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  • John Doe

    Let’s test if the screen side is .50 BMG proof, shall we?

  • Netforce

    That’s gonna be one bulky cellphone once put inside the trouser.

    • Volk CNC

      I guess the Japanese have more room in their trousers, perhaps?

    • Mat

      Is that a .50BMG resistant phone in your pocket or are you just happy…

      • Netforce

        Hahaha, good one!

  • Joseph

    Magpul has their work cut out for them… not. hahaha

  • Dave D

    That this is HUGE! Is is a solid steel brick attached to the phone? Just doesn’t make sense.

  • Bagworm1

    Cargo pants……………..

  • Lance

    That case would weigh over 50IBs! I doubt they have armor plates off a P-47D fighter to make a case like this so I think might be just a gag.

  • Logan

    I like the holes for the power button that you can push because the case is too thick.

    • Logan

      CANT* oops

  • Chase

    I’d accuse the Japanese of jumping the shark again, if we hadn’t already seen USAians (like me) building revolvers chambered for .50 BMG. In fact, the Japanese company probably built this to defend against just such American craziness.

  • WhatsHisFace

    Because when my phone is hit with a .50 bullet while I am holding it, my first thought will be “I hope my phone is OK”.

  • Jim

    Still screwed if you drop it in the toilet. Might break the toilet bowl as well.

  • Josh

    On the bright side, with that much metal, the reception has to be amazing!!

  • Josh B

    Can you hear me now?……Good!

  • Okay, your phonr is saved. What about the person wearing the phone on their belt? The impact of a 50 cal BMG would probably kill you. I’d say 95% of people hit with a 50cal BMG die anyway.

  • Avery

    Well, the case is almost 40mm of likely face-hardened steel. .50 BMG will fail to penetrate an 1″ to 1″1/4 at 100 yards, so theoretically they’re right.

  • Ironwulf

    HA! the only way that would retard a .50 is if it were ball and not AP, and if the phone was not up against anything and could be blown clear. But tape it to a telephone pole and put one on it. VOILA! Badass phone cage bites the dust ! EVERY TIME!

  • David/Sharpie

    Video or it never happened

  • Lorenzo

    Make a Godzilla claim and you’ll sell everything.

  • PLUS

    On the company’s website,
    The notes that below the advertisement says:
    That is “Doesn’t ensure the iphone’s usabllity after being shot.” in Japanese.

    Those damn liers……..

    PS:I’m not a Japanese, I’m a student of Japanese language faculty from Taiwan.