Strikemark Digital Camera Picatinny Rail Mount

A photographer friend of mine brought Strikemark’s range of digtial camera mounts to my attention. They have mounts for standard digital cameras (via. the universal tripod mounting system build into most cameras), GoPro cameras and Contour digital video cameras.

Digital Camera Picatinny Rail Mount

Mounting one forward and one backwards would add some balance to the rifle as well as capturing more of the action.

What the company should make is a stereoscopic mount. 3D range videos would be nifty.

GoPro Pistol Mount
Contour Picatinny Rail Mount
Digital Camera Picatinny Rail Mount
Contour Picatinny Rail Mount

The standard camera mount is $35. The other mounts range in price from $30 to $50. They ship worldwide.

[ Many thanks to Bryan Jones for the tip. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Lance

    While fun for making utube vids on the range this is a bit bulky for anything practical.

    • fw226

      Maybe training videos? Or for research, i suppose – a rear facing camera could track facial movements? I’m not sure.

      With a smaller camera, you could have something practical. Even something the size of an AXON Flex wouldn’t be too bad.

    • David/Sharpie

      I agree for training, SF/CT use cameras to record what they do it training to get their techniques down perfect, I don’t see why these can’t be used.

      It’s a pretty cool idea I think

  • Netforce

    Okay I think this is getting a bit too much. The idea is good, I admit. But it might make the pistol/rifle heavier than it already is.

  • thatoneguy

    regular digicam could never survive recoil.

  • That Contour Picatinny Rail Mount is sweet. I’ll have to pick one up before this 4th of July to record all of the red-neck pyrotechnics.

  • Mike

    I suppose a GoPro would be OK with the recoil, but what about the built-in microphone? I’d be surprised if the sound of repeated gunfire didn’t damage it.

    Does anyone here know, one way or the other?

    • Never had any issues – see examples at which include belt fed MG.

      • noob

        Do you think that the gun mounted camera set up could suppliment the body-worn cameras that are being used by several law enforcement agencies around the world?

        Would the full HD resolution of a go-pro perhaps catch some detail at rifle engagement ranges that the crappy vga head cameras that are currently being used to collect evidence of lethal encounters as they happen would miss?

    • Lord Cthulhu

      I think that as long as a watertight case is used with the GoPro, not the one with holes in the back, the mic should be well protected against the blast….

  • gir6543

    I think helmet cams (goPro) are less cumbersome and give a wider field of view. but hey, Whatever floats your boat i guess

  • Chase

    I’d be worried that the optics of my digital point-and-shoot camera might not stand up to the recoil of a rifle. 🙁

  • Erik

    I should add that Strikemark customer service is fantastic. I purchased the Contour mount and it wouldn’t fit the rails on my weirdo off brand handguard. 30 minutes after sending an email I had a response that they’d make me a slightly bigger one and they shipped it before I even had a chance to return the first one.

  • Cymond

    Sees like a cheap way to get some fun range videos. I might buy one of these and throw an old camera on top. We have a few old point-n-shoot cameras with broken screens. They still work fine, and I can still check their settings with an av-out cable.

  • Tigger100

    Anyone know what hand guard is on the AR?

  • Icchan

    Might be interesting for filmmaking, in the same way how Mad Max really pushed mounting cameras directly to cars. Not really sure how it’ll handle any serious filming, because even the little digital rigs are bulky, but could make some neat footage.

    The other question is, when is this going to be offered with a bright neon green camera so you can shoot pictures of all the zombies you kill *barf*

  • Stupid Face

    Gopro actually makes a 3D Camera harness (it’s basically two of them attached to each other) that uses the same mounting bracket as a solo gopro, so assuming weight wasn’t an issue for the pistol/rifle mount 3D should be possible. They’d also be pretty nifty for shooting as they can go down to 120FPS at WVGA, 60FPS at 720P and 48FPS at 960P, which could make for some pretty nifty slomo shots, especially if you used twixter too.

  • Anonymous

    That first picture tells me all I need to know about the purpose of this device. Pictures straight from the range to failbook (no doubt with duckfaces aplenty).