At The Range with Red Storm

Russ Pitts attended a range day with the developers of Red Storm’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier.

It’s no easy thing to reproduce the effect of a noise that moves your insides. To accurately re-create the sound of a gun without the concussive wave of excited gasses, the sound of the detonation and the force of the bullet exploding from the barrel of the gun is almost impossible. To accurately re-create the sound of 52 distinct weapons so well that visiting servicemen can identify them by sound alone is something like magic.

Red Storm has issued me many invitations to visit their studio in NC. I plan on visiting as soon as I am in the area.

Steve Johnson

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  • Lance

    If only they se real weapon in there Recon games more PKM and AKMs less plastic guns whe ch never where invented yet.

    GO PKM!!!

    • JMD

      Find a new website to troll.

      • Gabe

        Just because his spelling is bad doesn’t mean he’s a troll. I’ve been reading the comments on here for quite a while, and despite many of his earlier comments being troll-ey, they seem to have been toned down as of late. Unless he is purposefully using bad grammar/spelling to piss people off, his comments aren’t as bad as some of the BS trolling you’ll see on forums such as Canadian Gun Nutz.

    • David/Sharpie

      I’ve gotta agree with Lance, they should use weapons that HAVEN’T been scraped. Although this is a Future Soldier game, so I guess they’ll have guns that are just prototypes and plans right now, not “obsolete” weapons that exist now

    • W

      eh, its military science fiction. theyll use whatever is “futuristic”.

  • Lance

    Oh your saying find a new website to your self JMD ohh I dont have one for you bozo.

    • umberto robina

      hey are you lance vance (dance ?) from grand theft auto : vice city ? i thought that you are dead in 1986 ?!…

  • Brian P.

    I thought Ghost Recon: Future Soldier was cancelled. Are they still making the game?

  • kzrkp

    too bad GRFS looks like a ripe turd of a game. why even make a range trip? it’s a lame unrealistic action thirdperson shooter, not a realistic thinking man’s shooter like the Ghost Recons of old.

    • JM

      It uses the engine from Splinter Cell: Conviction, which was really fun. Four-play cooperative missions and the gun builder app for smartphones make this one to look forward to.

      If you’re a purist just download ArmA II. I’d rather have fun.

      • kzrkp

        arma2 is a fantastic game. if fun and realistic were opposing forces I suppose it’d be impossible to have fun in real life heheh.
        here’s some fun in arma2

  • Fred

    Probably going to be publish by ubisoft, so goodbye PC game sales. I bet it just going to be another console POS game.

  • Esh325

    Even if they try record real gun sounds and get weapon experts, I can tell you for a fact that the final product of Future Soldier will be nothing authentic or remotely realistic at all. All the new GR and R6 games put today by UBI and RedStorm completely ignore realism. That doesn’t mean they are bad games though.

    • JM

      “Realistic” in video game terms means, “what you’d expect it to be”, and is based on the Hollywood versions of how firefights would actually happen.

      A truly realistic experience would not be fun. At all. There is no way to make real danger appealing.

      But just as we can appreciate the proper use, safety, and handling of weapons by movie characters…we can also appreciate authentic sound effects and visual cues when our beloved firearms are replicated in games.

      It’s all part of my rock ‘n’ roll fantasy.

      • Reverend Clint

        a real war game would be boring for 99% of the time, same with a real police game. Sit in your car for hours, take a shit, drink coffee, bust a hobo.

      • Esh325

        My perspective is from that of an older R6 and GR fan who played the older games in the series which were much more realistic. Future Soldier compared to the older series, is much less realistic that’s what I meant. I should clarified. Of course a 100% realistic video is impossible to make and would be boring as hell anyways.

      • JM

        Honestly, I disagree that the older games were more realistic. More methodical, yes, but in terms of realism the games were far less dynamic than they can make them today.

        Did the older games have tireless men with cloaking shields and sixteen magazines sprinting around and blind-firing from cover? No, but they also didn’t have weather effects. They also had dirt-stupid AI. Every mission was played the same way, to the point that going back to the game was just to try speed runs.

        Future Soldier may get fantastical when it comes to gameplay mechanics, but games like that are never boring and give you reason to play with your friends several times over – just to catch those “holy cow” moments.

        I played this game at E3 a year ago – while it was still in alpha stage – and it was a lot of fun even then. With a year of polish, it’s going to be top-notch for gamers who want something more tactical than Call of Duty but less hectic.

  • John Doe

    “I shoot guns for a living so video games sound more realistic” would be the best job description ever.

  • W

    Im curious to see the methodology behind this. Does each weapon have a different sound effect to simulate different distances, indoors, outdoors, rain, underwater, etc, etc???

  • charles222

    To JM: Groovy. Trying to get rid of my xbox right now.

    • JM

      Do some Google searches – not sure if it will have Ubi’s horrible DRM or not.

      • charles222

        I’ll probably download it on Steam; me no like discs :p

  • Esh325

    They are old, but I still considered them more realistic. In the health regen Ubi titles, all you have to do is sit in the corner and suck your thumb and your health was back. In the old R6, 1 or 2 shots to the chest was enough to kill. You weren’t a bullet magnet. While I’m dissapointed with the how the GR and R6 series turned, I did find Vegas to be a very fun game to play. If you guys haven’t heard of it yet, one of the old R6 devs is coming up with a true tactical shooter called “Ground Branch.” should be pretty awesome.

  • Lance

    Overall Red Storm’s game once where awesome from the first 3-4 Rainbow 6 games and the first GR series but lost Out to the Operation Flashpoint Series and the Call of Duty series today.

  • mosinman

    so what are the chances that they put a rifle in the game that never left the prototype stage? and yeah id agree a realistic militarygame would be boring…. patrol… eat… build fortifications…. take a dump…. sleep…..go and do croud control ect….. and then a a 20+ minute firefight where if you get hit your either dead or incapaticated… glad im not a soilder now taht i think about it lol