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  • That Cracker

    Oh snap! is he ok?

    • anthony

      judging by the cry of shelby oh no just before the video cuts out he got pretty bad hurt.

  • Reverend Clint


  • I wonder if he didn’t have the bullet pushed all the way down on the powder? I got lucky once where the bullet had just enough oomph to get to the end of the barrel, but only about two inches more before it dropped. Taught me to give a good push every time.

    • bigwhiteyeti

      As someone who doesn’t know the intricacies of black powder weapons or reloading, could you explain to me why it’s important to have the bullet seated properly?

      I would have thought that if you have sufficient powder behind it, the bullet would come out as normal. Obviously that’s not true.

      • The air space between the powder column and the bullet results in a detonation of the black powder that expands quickly, but comes to a halt when it reaches the bullet. That acts like an obstruction in the bore and will damage the barrel at a minimum.

        I’m not sure if that’s the cause of the above, without looking at the remainin pieces of barrel.

  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    Well, those things are essentially pipe-bombs-on-a-stick to begin with. Hope the guy is okay.

    • David / Sharpie

      What’s a regular gun then?

      • W

        i am shocked. you mean to tell me the metal all around contains a explosion? what am i doing with these things then!?!?

      • David/Sharpie


        If you don’t see that the “Bazinga” is implied, Bazinga

      • W

        i was being facetious 😀

      • David/Sharpie

        I thought the Bazinga was implied!?!

        As was I, W, as was I.

    • Komrad

      It’s not a Glock, so it isn’t really going to just explode for no reason. /sarcastic Glock hate (I am aware the problem only affects some Glock in a very specific set of circumstances)

      Seriously though, every gun is just controlled rapid expansion of gas, muzzleloader or not.

      • David / Sharpie

        Hey!! Quit hating on Glocks!!

        I think .40 cal Glocks have the biggest KB problems.

        But yes, guns, when shot, have a tiny explosion inside, so muzzleloaders are no different in theory from cartridge firearms

  • schizuki

    Modern muzzleloaders are marketed to the “I’ll get an extra deer” crowd, who have little of the basic knowledge of the breed that a true antique arms aficionado has. That’s one of the reasons I loathe the things.

    • W

      To expand on what you’re saying, i think they apply their same level of familiarity with cartridged rifles to their muzzleloader, which is a serious mistake. Muzzle loading is a fine art, one that has its own set of rules and precautions to follow.

      Muzzleloaders are insanely fun, even more fun to hunt with than cartridged weapons in my opinion. though you have to pay attention…

  • hojo

    freakin’ scary.

  • Duray

    Anybody recognize the canister of powder sitting on the table? I’d love to know what it is.

  • KBCraig

    From an old episode of “Huntin’ with T.K. and Mike” (my paraphrase):

    “We’re gonna be huntin’ with this here muzzle loader today, and it’s important to always observe the safety precautions. The label says, ‘Warning: do not use for reloading’. That’s okay, we’re only gonna load it once!”

    He proceeds to pour a barrel full of BP, with the expected comedic kaboom. 😉

  • KBCraig

    LOL, should have done the video search before I posted. I got the gist of it right, but here’s the original:

  • Fritz

    Funny, I saw this on the 4chan weapons board last night. Something tells me I’m not the only /k/ommando that frequents this blog.