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  • make it stop…

  • Brian P.

    Copying the Ka-bar one, are they?

    • brian in Seattle

      Actually made by KA-Bar.

      • Komrad

        “made by Ka-Bar”
        I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

  • That mount doesn’t look very sturdy. Also, I’m ok with borderline-ridicules gun accessories, but why fluorescent green? It makes the gun look like a nerf toy.

  • KLP

    Can we please have fewer zombie posts? I’ve been avoiding them, and avoiding commenting on them, but it’s gotten pretty bad. The frequency of zombie related stuff has detracted the appeal of this site to me.

    • JM

      Someone build a bridge on the River Cry over here.

  • Beefalo

    Thats SO LAME! I….hey, 20 bucks?

    • MrMaigo

      Exactly this. Good thing I don’t buy gimmick knives anymore

  • C3P0

    Why don’t they make holsters for guns with these? Wait a sec. . . it’s a product for people with more money than sense . . . yeah, I call it, I’ll make the holsters. . . however I refuse to buy the product.

    If anyone wants to let me borrow their -I can’t believe I’m saying it- pistol bayonet, I’ll send you a free sample of the -needs catchy name- “pistol with pistol bayonet holster/sheath”. All leather and, you know, roughly leather colored. The inner child would really like to make defective IWB models to clean up the gene pool, but currently only available in OWB styles.

    • Foetus

      Holster ? Maybe people with enough sense to buy this will try and carry it in their waistband πŸ˜€

    • El Duderino

      Hey pistol bayonets were all the rage back when you had 1 shot and a 45 second reload time.

      With 15-18 on board and a 3 second reload time, well, it just seems silly right?

      Now if the knife shot out at killing velocity, silently, that would rock. And probably be illegal at the same time.

      • Simon_the_Brit

        “”Now if the knife shot out at killing velocity, silently, that would rock. “”

        er………………………….you mean a Spear ? πŸ˜‰

      • David/Sharpie

        Spears don’t “shoot out” you either stab or throw them.

        Ballistic kinfe would be a better one to say to that

  • Reverend Clint

    seems like it would be awkward to stab or slice someone with that and the green makes it look like nerf.

  • Mikee

    Total rubbish !

  • Flounder

    Completely ridiculus! But I think that is why it is posted here. Just so we can all have a laugh at this. Steve probably fell over laughing, okay maybe crying, when he saw this.

  • singleactionguy

    Agreed on the desire for fewer (perhaps no) more zombie posts. I love zombie movies and all the silly SHTF speculation that comes with them, but these gun industry marketers who are super-late to this party are really ruining my zombie fun with their silly ideas aimed at silly customers.

  • PanFriedPipeBomb

    Right about now, if there’s ever a zombie invasion, I’m hoping I get infected just so I can consume the little brains of the people who buy this crap. I can understand “fun-gun” products but now companies are just beating an undead horse.

  • James

    This….What….I…..There are no words to describe the idiocy of this.

    • JM

      Funny…you said that last time. You keep coming up with words!

  • NickB

    This will look great on my brothers Sig p226, oh wait I was thinking of something usefull like a flashlight. I might just buy this for him just for the “What the hell is this and where did you find it???” reaction

  • Higgs

    Gayer than a pile of naked men.

    • Komrad

      But not as gay as recycling. /South Park reference

      • Komrad

        Oh, come on. Has nobody else seen that episode?

    • David/Sharpie

      Are you in that pile?

    • El Duderino

      …than a Freddy Mercury impersonator convention.

  • Komrad

    OK, this is silly from a practical standpoint. Pistol bayonets don’t really have much use. This is stupid because it’s trying to cash in on the zombie craze by coloring something green. Finally, this is stupid because it would be useless in a real zombie attack. Bright colors = more visible, plus pistol bayonets are dumb.
    It isn’t even a nice looking green. This looks like a toy.
    I like BSing about zombie attacks as much as anyone else and there are occasionally zombie products that interest me, but I’m tired of companies just putting a bio-hazard label on or coloring their product green and marketing it as some sort of specialized zombie killing machine.

    • JM

      It’s a $20 Ka-Bar. Who cares what color it is or if it’s sold as a gimmick?

  • David/Sharpie

    I’ve said this many times on this site, I like zombies, I think about them a lot and I think about zombie survival (DAMN ZOMBIELAND!!!!) but there IS a point that the “Zombie products” become ridiculous, the Taurus zombie judge, I kinda liked it. But this? I would never mount it on a gun on Z-Day (The day zombies rise….like I said, I like zombies)

    Although I must say the rest of Ka-Bars “zombie” knives are pretty cool, but they’d actually be useful, like out camping or hiking.

    The only time I think this would be useful is when (Wait, have you guys heard of that guy who bolted on a whole bunch of crap (Including the regular pistol bayonet) to a Mossy 500 and called it “The Ultimate Survival Shotgun”? Part 1 > it’s mounted to that and if you needed but dropped it, you could see it’s fluorescent green handle, it’d contrast with the ground.

    As a “Zombie Killer” This thing it totally useless

    • JM

      To be fair, the Gadsen flag craze was a bit overbearing. Of course, no one cried about that…

  • West

    Ive got the perfect solution to this whole zombie problem: A girlfriend.

    • David/Sharpie

      I like zombies, AND I’ve been dating my GF for over 3 years.

      I’M OFFENDED!!! Kidding, but seriously the people who like zombies aren’t ONLY the guys living in their parents basements and don’t have a girlfriend. Some of us DO have lives outside of zombie survival

      • West

        I know, im just busllshitting. Kind of.
        I just think that all of these useless accessories defeat the purpose. Sure, it may look cool in the fantasy world of zombie slaying but you may have a hard time getting it up out of your nightstand and on target when a real life burglar busts in. And when you do its probably going to have a pair of socks and boxers hanging off of the jagged blade.

        Then again your skidded marked draws might be enough of a deterrent.

      • David/Sharpie

        NO ONE in their right mind would keep this on their HD/SD gun, it’s an accessory that you show your buddies for the “Aww cool!!” reaction.

      • West

        Thats cool, to each his own.

  • JM

    No more ridiculous than having a bayonet on a semi-automatic rifle.

    • David/Sharpie

      Tell that to the Brits in Afghanistan and their L85s, but those are full auto.


      But I get your point

      • JM

        Those are an exception πŸ™‚

        My SIG 556 has a bayonet lug. As cool as it is for conversation’s sake, for the life of me I can’t figure out why it’s there. Just another novelty.

      • David/Sharpie

        Put it to use, throw a bayonet on it

      • JM

        I won’t lie – I’ve thought about it. But I’d have to remove it for transporting…in Texas it’s illegal to have in the cab of your vehicle while affixed to the rifle. Plus, a 556 is front-heavy enough without it πŸ˜›

      • David/Sharpie

        Hahaha that’d be pretty funny to see

  • JM

    Keep it up, Steve! You’re bringing out the brain-dead haters!

    I can see a throng of gnashing 1911 purists on the horizon – they’re moaning, “liberal media not happpppy… sssorrrrry, masssttterrrrr… grrrggg…” They follow the scent of red blood and the sounds of free speech, and devour it.

    As long as the ‘zombie killer’ merchandise fad continues to breed fun-loving, liberated gun owners…there is hope. Hope that the “Pander To Anti-Gun Fear” infection can one day be squashed and that articles like this will be free from the zombies that do the liberal media’s bidding.

  • Vrt

    One more zombie crap post and i will never go to this website again… WTF?! What happen it was decent blog about weapon news half year ago.

    • David/Sharpie


      I think it’d better to have some fun stuff rather than all serious weapons news, what’s life without entertainment?

      • David/Sharpie

        Fucker, that should be “it’s”

      • David/Sharpie

        Really people? Thumbing down a correction?

        Go back under the bridge guys…

      • Komrad

        Probably the strong language.

      • David / Sharpie

        Ahh, oops, sorry guys.

        But in my defense, I’m half Irish, I swear when I make a mistake or hurt myself.

        I’ll try to cut down

    • JM

      There’s always…wait, there aren’t any blogs out there near as active. Oh, well, guess you’ll have to take the good with the bad. Imagine that.

  • Sid

    I ordered 5 of the discontinued OD green models. $2.50 a bayonet.

    I submit that it is impossible to put a bayonet on your pistol and not smile. Yes, it is impractical. But that does not make it less enjoyable.

    And if you want to be serious, imagine the pant-pissing reaction of the burglar/home invader to the angry homeowner who bursts down the hallway with a damn bayonet on his pistol. Not only is he going to shoot you, but he may damn well gut you. You can watch the blood pool around you on the kitchen floor while the homeowner calmly dials 911 to report a guy staining his floors.

    But still, it is impossible to mount a bayonet on your pistol without smiling.

    • David/Sharpie

      Hell, it’s impossible to pick a pistol bayonet up without smiling, I was at my local gun show last weekend and a vendor had a few there, I couldn’t help but smile.

    • wry762

      Sid, do you have a link to where you ordered from? LaserLyte shows them as sold out, and their dealer link takes me to a page that beings up local retail dealers. I’m assuming you went to the LaserLyte site, since I didn’t see a link in the post…

      • Sid

        They sold out in a day. I saw the link was ordering one when a coworker reasoned that I should make the order equal the amount of the shipping. I got 5. I went back to the site the next day to order some in flat dark earth but it was sold out along with the OD green.

  • eba

    I love zombies and zombie preparations (as does my whole family).

    However… I hate anything GREEN that says the word ZOMBIE on it! Nobody ever fought zombies with a bunch of ridiculous green props.

    I give Hornady a pass on their zombie ammo. Purpose made for head explosions and sporting a tiny green tip for easy identification – that’s as far as I’m willing to go.

    • Komrad

      Plus the campy box design is actually kinda cool.

  • kawa

    Where does one purchase this “lime Green” frog sticker?

  • John Doe

    The $20 price tag almost warrants an impulse buy. But not quite.

  • mosinman

    laserlyte…. welcome to the 1700s

  • Mike Knox

    There it goes again, another zombie product..

    • David/Sharpie

      Someone needs to come up with a well thought out zombie product, this is (kinda) cool, but all this is is a green handled knife.

      • Mike Knox

        That’s right. A true bayonet is mounted at the hilt and pommel. this is just a knife with an impractical clamp on the handle, kind of like what you said..

      • David/Sharpie

        Exactly, unless it’s a socket type bayonet.

        But like most “zombie” things, it’s just a normal item painted green or red with “zombie” on it. Like the Hornady Z-Max ammo, that’s just the Critical Defense ammo with a green tip in place of the red tip of the CD ammo

      • Chucky

        On a pistol, (kinda) cool.
        Get four and attach them on a quad-railed carbine and you get (pretty damn) awesome.

      • David/Sharpie

        You’d have to have pretty damn long rails on it with a short barrel for these to stick out.

        Would be cool to see that though

      • Chucky

        If you don’t necessarily want it on an SBR or have excessively long rails then you could always get those barrel mounted quad-rails.

      • David/Sharpie

        SBR don’t apply to me, but you could, but I’ve heard they’re kinda flimsy and not very secure or good quality

  • Chucky

    Yes! Because zombies are color blind and won’t mind the fact that your bayonet is neon green.

    • David/Sharpie

      We don’t know that, maybe the zombie virus gives them superhuman abilities.

      But pop culture zombies, yes are blind

  • Mike Knox

    I can’t imagine what’ll happen if someone holsters the sidearm with this thing on..

  • tommy2rs

    Yawn… Now show me a green pistol laser intense enough to slice off zombie heads, arms and legs and I’ll get to ordering.

    Pistol bayonets: A whole new reason not to shove a pistol down the front of your pants.

    • David/Sharpie

      Like there was any reason TO DO so in the first place.

      Actually there is…clear the gene pool of the idiots who would do that

      • Chucky

        With a proper holster it’s one of the more comfortable ways to carry concealed. Tried carrying small-of-back (SOB) before and stopped because it really hurts when sitting/driving.

      • David/Sharpie

        Carrying at SOB was a SOB?

        I think (If I could legally carry) I would hip carry, if I had a mouse gun I might ankle carry, but that wouldn’t be ideal

    • John Doe

      If you had a laser like that, why do you need the gun?

  • A Bayonet on a rifle makes some sense. I’ve used it on guard duty, a long blade on the end of a M1 Garand make a quite decent CQB weapon, it looks intimidating and it can be used both lethal (pointed end) and non lethal (just wack someone with 4 kilos of steel and wood)

    We even had some bayonet training in basic training, as a last ditch defence or for controlling a prisoner/crowd

    but on a pistol.. come on!

    On a long heavy rifle a bayonet gives you a little reach and a chance of stopping an attacker at close range before he clubs, stabs or rushes you.. The biomechanics of a rifle with a bayonet makes is a decent melee weapon.

    on a pistol? No reach… no weight behind, one hand grip, no reason at all..

    • Chucky

      I take it you haven’t heard of the gunsword/gunblade concept. Basically it’s putting a fixed blade on a firearm and has been done as early as the 16th century. They’re not meant to provide reach like bayonets mounted on a rifle. Instead they give you a blade in hand for close up work without having to drop/holster your firearm and draw a knife.

  • You could remove it, then, carve a holiday turkey. Or, a meatloaf, even.

  • spencer

    Sounds like another stupid way to kill yourself.

    All the obvious problems with the concept aside, does anyone intelligent really think an awkwardly placed knife attached to a plastic rail (with a plastic adapter) could be used effectively in a fight against a living human target and not wind up injuring the user.

    I guess I should be glad that the “tacticool” crowd is moving away from black to a color that screams “I’m a moron.”

  • Gunslinger

    LaserLyte has LOST my business. I got my S & W shield in the mail and it came with a booklet for accessories. In the booklet was a LaserMax, Inc. laser sight description. Later, I went to (a different brand) LaserLyte’s website and saw they copied the LaserMax description from the booklet, word for word! Even the headline. Not cool. I hope LaserMax calls them out for this.. if they even know yet.