Daniel Defense Modular Float Rail MFR 9.0

Daniel Defense has announced a shorter 9″ version of their Modular Float Rail. The weight of the MFRTM 9.0 is 13.39 ounces. They have not announced the price, the 12″ version sells for $255.

Steve Johnson

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  • Reverend Clint

    I really like the modular design of these. Ive got a slick side free floating handguard that i like but wish i could slap on a bipod… then again mine cost $200 less than that.

  • Plumbadrumma

    I put the Daniel defense tri rail on my Uzi (Vector) pistol after removing the front grips. My Insite light & laser now have a secure perch from which I derive great joy!
    My Spyke Tactical 5.56 pistol also sports the Daniel Defense rail system. Beautiful quality products!

  • WeaponBuilder

    Daniel Defense makes some quality products, but for the price you can get an innovative Troy Alpha Rail with or without built in front sight for less than that… They’ve been on the market for quite some time.

    Reverend Clint — You could have the lower front (6 o’clock position) of your slick side free float handguard drilled and tapped (by a gunsmith) to install & secure a sling swivel stud for very little cost. Then you’ll be able to mount a quality Harris Bi-pod of whichever model / height you’d like.

    Daniel Defense makes a good quality product but their level of ‘Innovation’ is notably lacking. They made their name just taking a quality existing product and ‘improving’ it – usually by cutting down the weight slightly. I don’t see much of any improvement in this over the already proven Troy modular products.

    I’m sure this is a quality product – the 12″ version clearly is – but the only way they can ‘Improve’ upon the Troy is by some how magically beating them at price point. Since their ‘Tier 1’ name is laser engraved on this product, I don’t suspect their intention is to offer anything at a lower price for the consumer.

  • jdun1911

    That’s a lot of weight for a 9″ rail. For the price I expect a much lighter package.

  • Matt G.

    Lol at 255$. This thing looks like plumbing supplies somebody drilled holes in. Please don’t buy these folks, get a Troy Trx extreme or alpha rail or the new noveski or ranked/Sampson tubes. All have way more style for way less price than these.

    DD makes awesome quad rails, but I think somebody in charge let their 15 year old nephew design this thing or something, because it sucks.

  • charles222

    DD doesn’t need your money; they’re too busy supplying RIS II rails for SOPMOD kits. 😉 When that stops prices will drop.