Leaked Photo of M&P Shield

S&W is announcing a new pistol tomorrow. Rumors flying around the internet say that it will be called the S&W M&P Shield, will be single stack, chamber 9mm & .40 S&W, and is just a little larger than 9mm sub-compacts like the Ruger LC9

Leaked Photo. Real?

Leaked Specs …

Width: 1″
Barrel Length: 3.1″
Overall Length: 6.1″
Overall Height: 4.6″
Weight: 18.5 oz.
Capacity: 7 or 8 rounds (9mm), 6 or 7 round (.40 S&W)

[ Many thanks to Anthoni for emailing us the link and Street Dog and saddlerocker at M4Carbine.net. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • I would use this over a Ruger LC9 any day! I assume it wont have a magazine disconnect which is the deal breaker for me on the LC9, and the M&P is just a really nice platform.

    • Agreed. Between that and the MCI, the LC9 just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

      Could be slimmer though, oh well.

    • jdun1911

      Make sure it doesn’t have the integrated locks too.

      • MJ

        +1. Give S&W credit, compared to Ruger, which seems to design to the least common denominator to meet various state laws. S&W gives you a choice of configurations. There are 24 variations of the M&P 9mm alone listed on their web site: different sizes, with and without thumb safeties, with and without internal locks, with and without magazine disconnects, etc.

      • jdun1911

        That’s the problem with the M&P and why I tend to stay away from them. Way too many versions that no one wants unless it is require from a commie state like Kalifornia.

        It is a hassle to have to called an internet gun shop and ask to make sure the right version is available.

    • I have both the LC9 and a S&W M&P9.

      My M&P9 has *none* of the stupid “safety” features – no internal lock to break and lock up the pistol when I need it most, nor magazine disconnect, LCI or thumb safety, either.

      That being said, on the LC9 I’ve at least gotten rid of some of the stupid features. You can remove the magazine disconnect if you’re handy with searching YouTube and a set of punches. You can get rid of the thumb safety and LCI the same way – Galloway Precision makes a flush “blank” that sits in the same spot. The last feature I need to get rid of is the internal lock, waiting on the aftermarket to figure that one out.

      The one issue that the myriad models of M&P9 creates is getting your hands on the right one. Sometimes a bit of luck is needed to find the model that hasn’t been tampered with by lawyers.

  • jdun1911

    Oh yeah. I was about to buy my Kahr. It’s a good thing I waited.

    What’s the MSRP?

    • No word on MSRP. We will know in less than 24 hours.

      Yes, I do like the look of it myself. It looks like a “real” pistol, just smaller 😉

    • MJ


  • H.L. Fahnestock

    I like the looks of this. Should make a nice addition to my current stable.

  • ThomasD

    Here’s to hoping that it is a worthy competitor to the Walther PPS.

  • hikerguy

    It’s nice for folks like me who have small hands with shorter fingers. Most double stacks are too thick.

  • MJ

    I obviously haven’t held either one, but between this and the SA XD-S, it’s great to see some new answers to the “single stack 9mm/.40 S&W” question. (I’m assuming that SA comes out with comparable XD-S models.) The LC9 and it’s DAO ilk are just too darn small for me to shoot well. Take an M&P, XD or whatever (sub)compact in 9mm or whatever, shorten the barrel to 3″, if it’s not already there, leave the fire control system alone, lose the double stack, make it as narrow as you can and price it reasonably. I’ll buy one.

  • 18D

    I love the M&P line. I own a couple FS models that I compete with from time to time with great success. The ergonomics are outstanding and the recoil on the M&P’s are as light as the caliber can get. Despite my admiration toward the M&P line of pistols, I have always hated that S&W didn’t make a true compact for the line. Sure, they have a model they call “compact”, but let’s be honest, the “compact” model is really a sub-compact. The FS is actually closer to a compact than the pistol they cal a “compact”. The problem with the FS is that the grip is too long to really be the “right size” to be put into the category. If S&W made a true compact M&P it would sell like wildfire! At this point in time the only company to offer the “perfect size” gun is Glock. The Glock 19/23/32 is the only family of handguns in that size format. I challenge anyone to find another popular handgun line that makes a compact in the size envelope of the G19. You won’t find it.

    With all that said, S&W is taking a step in the wrong direction here. They already have an ultra compact M&P. By making it slimmer, they’ve really done nothing worth noting here. Not only that but it looks like they’ve added a dreaded thumb safety in the form of a tiny barely accessible switch which serves little purpose on a gun like this. What they should have done was bridge the gap between FS and “compact” models for the perfect all around gun.

    • MJ

      I think that making it slimmer by going single-stack IS worth noting. I agree that the Glock 19, etc., might be the “perfect size” for open carry or the range, but I always wished that it was a little thinner for concealed carry. As for the safety, I’d bet that they’ll eventually offer a model without it. As for size descriptions (full, compact, subcompact, etc.), everybody has different definitions. The only way to compare things is by dimensions.

      • John Doe

        The Glock 36 is single-stack. I’ve never held one, so can’t vouch for how thin it is, but it should be fairly slim.

    • James

      I have to disagree. I think this is a GREAT idea and will do S&W well. Yes S&W has a compact little m&p but it’s still chunky enough for slim jims like me to have a bit of a tough time hiding. It’s like the Glock 26… great carry piece but still just as thick as any other full size Glock. I can hide a 1911 easier than a G19 because it’s slimmer.

      Besides, everyone and their grandma are getting ccw permits now and thin, light, full caliber guns are the new thing. To not make this gun S&W would have to be pretty stupid. As far as the thumb safety goes I’m sure it will be optional like all the M&P extra “safety” features are. (mag safety, internal lock, thumb safety)

      “I challenge anyone to find another popular handgun line that makes a compact in the size envelope of the G19. You won’t find it.”

      My .40 cal Baby Eagle Compact is pretty close.

      • 18D

        That was exactly my point. “Pretty close” is all you’re going to find.

        In regards to the M&P Shield and what people want, I guess I can’t really argue with you on that. Everyone is looking for a super thin sub-compact for concealment and the market is going to reflect that. In my opinion though, it’s unfortunate that everyone wants to find a gun they can conceal but struggle to fight with. That’s the great thing about a true compact gun. I can easily conceal it with the right belt and holster combo, yet still fight with it when the time comes. You won’t find me running a 3in barrel, or a short grip, or an ultra thin pistol with a low capacity. Why? Because I want to be able to take the fight to the threat with overwhelming speed, accuracy, and firepower.

        “To each his own” I guess.

    • A.K. for T-7

      “I challenge anyone to find another popular handgun line that makes a compact in the size envelope of the G19. You won’t find it.”

      In a split second I could think of HK P2000, Walther PPQ, Sig Sauer P228/229, Beretta PX4 Compact and CZ P-07… Is that enough?

  • jdun1911

    After reading up on it there is a manual safety. That won’t do in my book.

    • MJ

      Again, if S&W follows form, they’ll offer one without it.

  • Lance

    Looks nice. I like that the grip is made long enough to accommodate big hands something compact Glocks dont have.

  • JMD

    Hopefully, this will prompt Glock to pull their act together and product the single stack 9mm pocket gun that people have been asking for, for years.

  • T

    So, they built a Kahr CW9 with a manual safety? That is a tiny bit fatter and with a butt that sticks out a little more? And that is slightly heavier?

    Ok. They’ll probably sell quite a few, since the Kahr K9-series (whether polymer or metal-framed) are quite popular with smaller-statured people.

  • SpudGun

    Not sure if the photo is real or not, there seems to be something ‘off’ about it.

    Regardless, if S&W wants to make money on a single stack CCW, they could do worse then bringing back the CS9, a DA/SA sub-compact that was truly ahead of it’s time.

    Thanks to the popularity of concealed carry, finding one of these marvellous pistols second hand is becoming increasingly difficult.

  • Bob Polilli

    I own three M & P’s and have found them to accurate, perfect in magazine size, adjustable grips, balance and even can be CCW with an inside the pants or shoulder holster…..I have been looking for S & W to come out with a line of “pocket pistols” wil definitely pick this one up if it is true….

  • Last I heard S&W wasn’t going to release Shield specs until 4/12. Their FB page says they are releasing another clue today.


  • West

    Its decent looking and a nice size. Price will be everything on this one.
    It would be nice if they could keep it under five bills.

  • Michael

    I am not a fan of S&W semi autos, but this one does look good.
    Not sure I would replace my Glock 27 as my carry gun. The ability to use hi caps is more of an advantage over being a bit thinner. But thats just me.

  • Sian

    Suppose it was just a matter of time before they worked on a polymer replacement for their 3913/4013.

    I don’t like the look of the manual safety in that pic, and I hope they keep the same options as the full-size M&P (available with optional manual safety, optional magazine disconnect) If they street for under 400, S&W might have something here, though I’d sure like about .4″ more barrel, especially on a 9.

  • Brian in Seattle

    A new project for Apex.

  • Hopefully they will offer it in a 4.1″ barrel for us canucks as well.

  • Brandon

    Looks like the XD-S has some competition.
    Unlike most people (judging by the comments) I actually want a thumb safety. I’d just feel more comfortable with one. Kimber Solo caught my eye, might have to give this consideration too. If I ever get around to getting a CCW (which might be never the rate I’m going)

  • Matt G.

    I’d like to say this is fake since it is so stupid, but I have learned to never underestimate the idiocy of other people. So it’s entirely possible it’s real.

    Let’s look at what’s wrong with it, still the same large rounded shape as an m&p, meaning that they are making the plastic extra thick around the magazine taking up valuable space.

    Tiny short barrel, even though barrel length is much less important a factor than width or grip length.

    Overall the gun is too big to fit pocket pistol specs, and too small to be useful as a “compact”.

    But I don’t doubt that if they make it, idiots will buy it.

  • Tango Down

    Let’s face it folks, it’s yet another S&W, nothing really new here, nothing to really brag about on this one either. S&W’s best days are long behind her now and all they’ve been turning out for the past few years are cheaply made, poorly QC’ed plastic guns that are just slightly better than the ugly as sin Glocks. When S&W started moving away for metal guns and started mass producing the plastics guns and allowed their QC department to severely slack off, it was the death of a great American gun company. The ONLY hope for S&W is if they get bought out by someone who actually gives sh*t about the little American gun company, which I can’t pray for any harder than I have been for the past few years. I REALLY want to see S&W get back to their once great and proud self once more but making plastic guns ISN’T IT!!!

    • W

      I disagree about the S&W being “slightly better than the glock”. Glock was the very reason why S&W was left in the dirt when it came to the modern pistol market in the turn of the millenium. Interestingly enough, S&Ws plastic guns are undoubtedly one of the reasons why it hasn’t completely been left behind; a shift away from them will result in suicide for the company.

  • Rockman772

    I would buy the 40 cal. if it is for real. I carry a Springfield XD 45 compact in a ‘pistol-wear’ belly band, and its a tad on the big side……although I do feel safe with it, and it does conceal great with the pistol wear belt. I would like the mini M&P for my pocket. The Florida heat is cranking up and it gets hot under my bellyband.

    • Stella

      I have the same XD. I carried it for years. Sure it conceals fine as enabled by the truncated grip, but is it ever chunky–I think 9mm double stacks are only a bit better in this regard–and heavy on account of holding 10 + 1 .45 ACP. Then I bought a Ruger LCP for the hot southern summer. The XD collects dust now, at least until the heavy jackets come out.

      Yes the XD is a vastly better defensive weapon with, you know, actual sights, but these small, slim and light pistols are so easy to carry that their is no excuse not to do so. I can carry my LCP with no need for CCW slob-wear. Sure I’d like a bit more oomph; I will be keeping an eye on this new wave of single stacks for perhaps a new IWB pistol.

  • baccusboy

    Cute, but I’d prefer something with a bit more room for my trigger-finger. Especially in a defensive situation.

  • Mike Knox

    Is it me or does that fore end look like a cropped image. That underside rail looks unusually/unreasonably short..

  • Matt G.

    So where is the announcement?

    • Mike Knox

      Leaks happen before the official announcement, usually..

      • Matt G.

        Yeah. He said it would be announced “tomorrow”, this was posted yesterday. So where is the announcement? Is S&W waiting until tonight for some reason?

      • Matt G.

        “No word on MSRP. We will know in less than 24 hours.”
        This was posted almost 29 hours ago.

  • Chris

    S&W has a countdown timer on their website. Looks like it’ll be announced at 11am Central time April 12.


  • MJ

    Here’s a link to the product page:


    MSRP $449

  • Michael

    Just the gun I have been waiting for… Small, thin, and a manuel safety from a top notch manufacturer… I know alot of you guys don’t like the manuel safety, but the thought of putting a FULLY LOADED and COCKED gun on my person with no safety, seems like an unecessary chance I don’t need to take… No different than a 1911 with one in the tube, hammer pulled back, and don’t bother to put the manuel safety on… Go ahead and shove it in IWB holster… Ask how many 1911 owners carry that way… If you can remember to keep your finger off the trigger, than you can remember to take off the safety… And Glock owners, please don’t tell me about the 3 safeties as that gun will still go bang if you pull the trigger for any reason, but feel secure that they may work if you drop your gun…