BCM Gunfighter’s Grip

The new BCM AR-15 pistol grip, the BCM Gunfighter’s Grip (GFG), is now available for purchase.

The BCM features a reduced grip angle, which some advocate allows for a better stance with a modern AR-15. I superimposed a photo of the GFG on a standard A2-style grip.

From the press release …

Offered in 2 configurations, the MOD 0 features a slim design, similar in size to the A1 and A2 pistol grips, while the MOD 1 features a high rise back strap. Every BCM GFG comes with two Modular Trigger Guard Inserts that close the gap between the trigger guard and the pistol grip, with one version extended and one smooth, giving further customization options to the end user.

In addition to these ergonomic improvements, the grips also feature water resistant rubber gasket hinged trap doors with internal storage for batteries or other small items.

The MSRP is $30.

I think this will probably the next grip I experiment with on an AR-15.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • MrMaigo

    I await reviews

  • MarkM

    Thanks for the overlay, it answers a lot of questions. Aside from the backstrap option – which I’m rethinking – the shallower angle doesn’t cock the wrist as much in most of the shooting civilians do – which is anything but prone. Hunters, plinkers, etc all do a lot of shooting in a sit, kneel, or standing, as they are not attempting high precision shots. Especially hunting, there’s a lot of “drive by” shooting when you’re either in a stand or still hunting, and with deer or hogs, that’s not the prone. So, why are we using a prone position grip for essentially an upright stance?

    This isn’t the first grip on the market that does this, perhaps the third or more, and shows an influence from three gun. That doesn’t make it wrong, tho, and prompts me to reconsider – even if the lines are a bit HK-esque. That’s another clue, too – the HK grip isn’t that slanted, either, those guys were considering who the gun was being used by and how (think DEGRU and a Pakistani safe house.)

    The dreaded spectre of spare AR15 parts is rising again, I’d hate to have my Troy grip lying around for nothing if it got this . . .

  • Ian

    I’ve only been trying to get numerous companies I’ve worked for to do this the past five years. Nice to see one finally go ahead with it.

    I bought my Stark pistol grip because it’s designed for humans, even if it is the ugliest one ever made.

  • Reverend Clint

    watch out using non a2 pistol grips is like being emo on this site

  • Mike Knox

    Shouldn’t something like this have come up when adjustable AR-15 stocks came out?..