Vita Berapi Gun Real, But Prototype

VB Berapi LP06 gun is not a hoax, as I had previously speculated, but is a prototype which is not likely to go into production until at least 2013. Mohd Arshad Raji, an employee of Malaysian firm Vita Berapi Sdn Bhd blogged back in 2010

Vita Berapi is licensed company by the government to undertake R&D on small arm weapons. The company started the R&D in 2005, initially working with weapon designers from Balarus. In 2007 we employed a local weapon designer to take over the function of designing from our foreign designers who left the company at about the same period.

Our weapon designs are solely Malaysian and we have completed the first phase of development, and hope to move on with the second phase i.e. the production of the commercial-ready prototype. Please remember that these are prototypes and we have another two more stages of R&D work before we are confident of coming out with the final product. This may take up to 2 to 3 years (or even more), depending on funding.

We have not talked about where our markets are going to be, but we decided to proceed with the R&D since we felt that it is our corporate responsibility to begin the small arms weapon industry to support the country’s defence industry. As of now we, have developed a total of 5 working prototypes, and we are pleased with the results.

[Hat Tip: Security Scholar]

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  • Merc


  • Nicholas Chen

    Seriously they are pleased with the results? As my Singapore friend said about Singapore designers, they are not experienced military people. Let alone familiar with firearms. These Malaysians have clearly been looking at sacrifice B rated movies for their inspiration.

  • Jay.Mac

    Why on Earth would they even want an optic positioned so high above the bore?

    Change that middle section for a scope that sits much, much lower down to the weapon and it wouldn’t look too far removed from any other bullpup (L85, I’m looking at you in particular).

  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    It looks like the rifle equivalent of the Rogak.

  • Netforce

    Well, I hope the actual products are going to look a lot better than these prototypes. They look like exhaust pipes of cars.

  • Corsair8X

    I think I get this design. It’s so you can fire from the hip while still using the sight 🙂

    • Paskal

      Which brings “shoot from hip” to a whole new level. LOL

  • Lance

    Id drop the design looks horrible Just buy Singapore arms weapons.

    • Kherubim

      Chances of that ever happening are slimmer than a snowball’s chances in hell.

  • chino

    Malaysia does not face any arms embargoes and its small professional army certainly does not require a home-designed rifle as they can buy practically any rifle currently on the market. Cost is not the issue as some home-made weapons – like INSAS – can turn out to be not only more expensive than an import, but problematic, as gunsmithing is not something mastered overnight.

    They are probably doing this for national pride and playing catch-up with two close neighbours – Indonesia and Singapore – which have made great strides in arms production.

    The Berapi here is only a prototype after all. If they can get the internal workings going smoothly, the external ergonomics should follow, it’s not rocket science.

    What is “rocket science” – literally – is that Malaysia has a ambitious missile-building program, which I believe is the only one in the region.

    • Komrad

      Well, I guess you have to start somewhere. The problem with India wasn’t a lack of skill, it was an atrophy of skill. Ishapore Enfields used to be great guns, now their only advantage is new production.

  • Msmonking

    The armed forces dumped Steyr AUG for M4-gucci, and then dump M4 for this crap? Extremely unlikely. It’s vaporware as been said by many people.

    They should try making paintball guns instead.

  • Adam

    I’d imagine that in this context, ‘pleased with the results’ means more along the lines of ‘they no longer blow up during testing’….. hopefully the exterior will change as they go along with their R&D

  • Josh B

    Is high profile the new low over there, cause if it is, someone needs to let them know

  • HK93

    Looks like the designers used Carolyn McCarthy’s phrase “it is a shoulder thing that goes up” as the design philosophy.

  • jdun1911

    You have go full retard to design something like they did. Government corruptions at it best IMO.

  • 032125

    When you see a product that backwards being developed, you can be sure there is some protectionist government policy or contract behind it. Crap like that doesn’t survive on the market.

    • jdun1911

      It’s not going into the market. IMO it’s a company that is designed to laundry money from corrupted internal (and maybe foreign) government and/or private parties.

  • John Doe

    For the sake of aesthetics and ergonomics, let’s hope it doesn’t make it any further.

  • RocketScientist

    Never having fired the weapon, I can’t speak to its ergonomics, but dismissing something offhand as crap because it LOOKS different or unexpected is shortsighted in my opinion. People criticized the AR platform and various bullpups as ridiculous designs when they came out because ‘there was no way they could work as well as existing designs because they weren’t the same as existing designs’. Polymer frame pistols were (still are?) looked down upon because they’re different (remember when GLOCKs first hit the market?). Playing devils advocate, maybe the high-mount sight is an attempt to allow for firing the gun mounted comfortably on the shoulder without craning your head down, allowing for better recoil control (forces acting straight through a straight stock as in AR, vs kicked-down stock)? Maybe there are design considerations we aren’t aware of. Sure, the build quality looks poor, but this is a prototype piece, not a production ready sample. While yes, the odds of the Malaysian ‘arms industry’ coming up with a phenomenal market-defining product are slim, all the “Hmmm, that looks different. Different is bad. That gun must be bad” comments seem a little premature. I’ll save those for when the things fails miserably, gains a reputation for poor shooting/reliability, etc.

    • jdun1911

      You have to go full retard to design these type of weapons. The other logical thing I can come up with is government corruption. Using the company as a money laundering operation with public money.

      You don’t have to even shoot a firearm to understand why they are bad. Look at the rifle. Look at the height over bore. You actually have to stand up and exposed yourself to enemy fires to shoot the rifle if you’re going to used the sight.

  • chino

    The layout of the weapon, with muzzle lower than buttplate, may actually reduce recoil?

    • chino

      Sorry, I mean muzzle climb.

  • NickB

    Ahh the Berapi line, named after the sound it makes after the third bullet gets fired and the gun breaks( just say it 5 times fast)

  • johan

    I’ve never fired a firearm, kudos to the idiots that make M’sias gun laws for that, but I agree, the sights are too damn high over the bore, it’s like having a scope mounted on the carrying handle of an AR or so one Larry Vickers says, I don’t know how efficient their designs are, looks damn ugly to me, may have some merit to it in function, opinion. Seriously, though, I can draw a better looking gun than that. I support M’sias efforts, in this, but I’ve seen no progress…