USFA Shot Pistols were vaporware?

A keen-eyed reader noticed that all references to the .45/.410 Shot Pistol have been pulled from the USFA website and now just redirects to the USFA homepage. Judging by the comments readers left on my original post about the USFA Shot Pistol M4-410 model, pulling this product was probably a sound business decision.

Personally, I loved the weird combination of an old-style frame, oversized cylinder and rifle-style muzzle brake.

[ Many thanks to Aaron for the tip. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Higgs

    Shame. I liked the near vulgar awesomeness of this piece.

  • Komrad

    Good riddance. $1000+ for a slower firing Judge with 1 extra round of capacity is insane, and not in a good way.

  • Sergi Mosin

    If this was under $400 bucks I would pick this up in a heartbeat for a ccw,

  • tim

    I’m with Higgs.

    Ugly in a good way, I’d be on board!

  • Rick

    They pulled the gun because of a design flaw. There was no loading gate, when you held the pistol a certain way the shell would slide back and block the rotation of the cylinder. They really put out a nice product couldn’t believe the bad design!!!

    • Cymond

      No loading gate? that seems like the type of thing that USFA would be able to fix. I mean, the .410 has a similar diameter to 45 Colt, the traditional SAA chambering, and no one has any problem putting loading gates on to 45s.

      I think they canceled it due to the high level of mockery and the low level of serious interest. I personally find it to be an interesting novelty. However, it’s less practical and more expensive than the Judge, and the Judge is already viewed by many as being a gimmick gun.

      • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

        If guns were yanked from the market on the basis of being mocked, HiPoint would have left the market a long time ago.

      • Cymond

        Mocked AND expensive. It’s a more expensive, less practical firearm than the already-impractical Judge.

        I suspect that Hi-Points are purchased by a silent section of the gun market. Sure, no one brags about their HiPoint online but a lot of people must be buying them.

  • Lance

    Cool look very western like only wish it had longer barrel on it.

    • Bandito762

      Yeah, I would have considered it if it had a normal looking barrel. It wouldn’t even have to be that long.

      • Woodroez

        They did have one with a standard barrel and brass bead.

  • David / Sharpie

    I would have bought it.

    You know, if the barrel was over 4.1 inches……..damn Canadian gun laws

  • Sian

    It would have been the perfect companion to Mossberg’s tactical 30-30.

    • David/Sharpie

      Nah, the MR BFR in .30-30 (Think it comes in that) would have been the perfect companion

  • Critter

    too bad really. looks very steampunk.

  • John Doe

    It’s a shame really; I would’ve picked one over a Judge any day.

  • Too bad. What’s not to like about that cool SA pocket shotgun? Maybe just an inch or two longer on the barrel, and I’d buy one too for under $400. Just for s**ts and grins!

  • Gerald

    I dunno, that metal grip, those lousy looking grips and the recoil of a shotgun round looks like an absolutely punishing combination on the wrists and thumb webbing. If they coated it in a softer rubber grip it might look more appealing to shoot.

    Still, it is a shame, as I ALWAYS lament the death of innovative, different or new firearm designs, regardless of how strange they may look. Just because I don’t want one, doesn’t mean someone else might not.

  • US Firearms seem to be going through some difficulties. They dropped their Lightning rifles some time ago and then dropped their line of high grade 1911 pistols in 2010. Now, this new project has been dropped. sad if you ask me – there’s room for eccentric designs that are well made. And USFA do know how to make a very good firearm if they set their mind to it.

  • SPC Fish

    i probly would have bought one. i like the look

  • Mike Knox

    Heh, I keep a Garage Gun Shot Pistol under my bed..

  • Tom

    It wasn’t pulled for a design flaw. I asked the reason for no loading gate, and the President of USFA wrote me a long email describing the intent of the design. Anyway, I bought one. Glad I did. They sold very few, I mean a handful. It’s rare.