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  • Vhyrus

    That X95 looks an awful lot like a TAVOR. Any info on it?

    • Joe Schmoe

      X95 = Mini-Tavor (MTAR)

      It was chosen as the next official arm of the Israeli Defense Forces while some units will get the regular Tavor.

      • Alex-mac

        Nah everyone is getting the MTAR, the X95 is just the improved newest version of the mini tavor.

      • Joe Schmoe

        @ Alex –

        Caracal and some other units will stick with the regular Tavor (CTAR) in the meantime, the CTAR’s will then most likely pass unto the Field intelligence units before finally ending up in the MAGAV’s hands.

  • Joe Schmoe

    Steve, do you recognize the magazine being used in the first picture?

    • Higgs

      It is a CAA Polymer mag.

  • Jim

    Any info on the US factory that IWI is reportedly establing to produce the Tavor for US consumers? Lots of Tavor rumors on the forums but few hard facts.

    • Komrad

      Look as yesterday’s article. That’s probably all the info their is.

    • Frank

      From what I’ve heard, a lot of the parts are made in the US anyway (as the guy in the bullpup forum video said “when we give 2 billion dollars in foreign aid to isreal there’s strings attached, you’ve got to spend it here in the US”)

  • hikerguy

    While not everyone is a bullpup fan, you have to admit the Tavor is one cool looking weapon. It’s got such a sci fi look to it. Very reliable firearm since the Israelis worked the bugs out.

    • Komrad

      Speaking of sci-fi looking guns, I have a random fact.
      Movie producers loved the Muzzlelite bulpup stock for the Mini-14 because it already looked futuristic and could easily be built into sci-fi weapons, and because it uses a Mini-14 action, which cycled blanks better than other 5.56/.223 rifles of the time.

      • Máté

        Calico too. I heard it had no jams with blanks.

      • charles222

        Hey now, the Mini 14 bullpup was the official long arm of the Resistance against the Machines! :p

      • hikerguy

        I’ve also seen the SKS worked into sci fi weapons as well as the Thompson SMG (Aliens), Taurus revolver (Firefly), and the mini-14 (Space: Above and Beyond). Thanks for the heads -up!

  • Máté

    Are these photos avaible in higher resolution?

  • Erik

    I want more Galils here in the US 🙂

    • Erwos

      I bet reasonably-priced Micro-Galils would sell like gangbusters, even in 16″ barrel form.

  • Lance

    Want the Galil sniper looks cool, better caliber than small 5.56mm Tavor can offer.

  • Matt G.

    I think you out that “galil sniper” tag on the wrong picture steve

    • David/Sharpie

      No he didn’t, the tags are below the corresponding picture

  • Jim

    Maybe with IWI setting up a US factory to produce the Tavor, they will decide to use it to also reintroduce the Galil and Micro Galil in the form of the ACE to the US market. For those not aware the ACE is basically an updated Galil.

  • charles222

    Interesting optic on the Mini-Tavor; anyone know what it is? Looks like a similar concept to the optic originally planned for the XM8, with the lasers & optic integrated.

    • El Freddio

      I think it’s a Meprolight{2D1A5EA0-9AE1-4487-8E2B-CBBF5641658B}&details_type=1&itemid={9A01504E-248A-4E6A-A249-E0E47A9B343A}

      • charles222

        Yeah, that looks about right! Thanks.

  • Sam87

    I can’t help but be impressed with just how compact the Tavor line has gotten.

    The original was already a small weapon even for a bullpup, two inches shorter than an SA80, and an inch shorter than the FAMAS. The newer versions just seem to just keep getting smaller. 23 inches for the full weapon, about 3 inches longer than a P90.

    It must feel great to work with in tight spaces. Dropping to a 13inch barrel is obviously a problem outside, but considering the amount of urban combat and house clearing the IDF does you can’t argue that they have picked the right tool for the job.

    Amazingly cool weapon.

    • Joe Schmoe

      Well, you have to remember why Israel chose to go finally with the 13-inch barrel version. We looked at our statistics for recent conflicts and found that nearly all engagements occurred under a 300 meter range, with most of them being under 100 meters even.

      For ranges longer than that you have snipers and machine gunners to suppress until the engagement distance can be closed.

  • hikerguy

    It’s ingenious how the design incorporates an ambi mag release where it is easily accessed at the front of the magazine well. Also, the x95 would make an outstanding silent operations weapon in .300 Blackout as compared to the 9mm version IWI offers, not that I am saying the nine isn’t effective, but you know what I mean. It would also meet the requirements of the PDW program that the U.S. Army toyed with a couple of years back.

  • 15yroldgunman

    Just curious does a basic galil rifle (arm,sar) have any accuracy advantages over a ak which it is based off of????

  • amram

    Tell the folks what MAGAV is!
    Mishmar haGavul = Guard of the Border — Border Guard (paramilitary police)