Glock G17 G19, G21, G22 & G23 Gen4 Flat Dark Earth

Glock Gen4 pistols are finally available in Flat Dark Earth. Lipseys is now distributing Glock Gen4 G17, G19, G21, G22 and G23 models with a Flat Dark Earth frame.

I am holding out for for OD Green.

Steve Johnson

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  • Nathan B

    Can I play with one? Pretty please?

  • jacob

    Since my guns will spend 99% of their life at a range. It would be nice to get a color that wasn’t a variation of black, silver or dirt.

    • David/Sharpie

      Duracoat it pink?

    • Seamus

      what colors would you like?

  • Too bad it looks more like flat dark poop than FDE.

    • John Doe

      FDP will be the newest hit. We can probably charge $800 in that, for people who spend lots of time staking out septic tanks and need the latest tactical advantage.

  • Jim S

    Let me be the first to say a whole hearted “meh”

    I’m a fan of Glocks, but something more innovative than just a new frame color would be nice. Why not actually go with complementary firearms with Glock reliability and price? I know Keltec makes SUB 2000 pistol caliber carbines that take glock mags, but where is the 10mm model? I’d slap the money down in a heartbeat if they’d come out with a glock carbine that wasn’t an aftermarket conversion that just used a glock frame.

  • Nater

    Who wants a Glock 1911? I certainly don’t. I don’t see any reason for that. There are already plenty of finicky, expensive 1911s out there, we don’t need any more.

    I don’t have a problem with one trick ponies. Specialization has it’s advantages. I wish Glock hadn’t muddled around with their design for the Gen 4, at least not in 9mm. I do believe the .40S&W Gen 4 pistols generally work better than their predecessors, I’d assume that goes for .357 SIG as well.

  • ap

    Wow, I can’t believe it. We lobbied hard for it over at GT when they phased out OD on the G3 and perhaps somebody listened. Are they really calling it FDE?

  • ap

    Damn, it’s a Lipsey’s exclusive and not eligible for the LE pricing program. Could be a one-time deal although it didn’t make sense that Glock was phasing out color just when it started to be the hot thing in the market.

  • Wets

    Im not going to fork out for an entire new pistol just to get the ‘newest’ color. Its not a tube of lipstick.

    Why not sell stand alone frames if they want to put out different colors?
    Or do they already do that?

    • David/Sharpie

      I think the frames are considered the firearm legally.

      We could just duracoat them whatever colour we want though

  • Leonard

    I got a black Glock17 Gen3 and it looks far better than this one…

  • Reverend Clint

    i thought this was od green

  • Sid

    It is an older model, but I really like my G21 in flat dark earth. I bought it as a keepsake after my unit’s last deployment.

  • Mike Knox

    Good Heavens! If they’re going to put that color on a Glock frame, they should give it a better grip profile, It looks like a turd..

    • Zermoid

      Uhm, there are those of us who believe Glock IS a turd……..

      • Mike Knox

        That’s harsh, but I agree with you, a bit..

  • David/Sharpie

    I can’t see the first pic for some reason, but I kinda like the second pic. Wouldn’t get one because I already have a Glock, but they are cool.

    Duchess of DOOK: I agree, I WANT A 1911 MADE BY GLOCK!!! I’ve posted this before, but who would win the Glock vs. 1911 debates?

    • David/Sharpie

      PS, that’s a polymer frame Glock 1911 I want

      • PackingPanda

        Rock River Arms is coming out with a polymer 1911. I don’t get how in over 100 years nobody has thought of this before… (correct me if I am wrong)

      • PackingPanda

        *Polymer, single stack 1911
        and it just seems like such a natural idea

      • Mitch

        Panda, you are wrong, my friend. Wilson, and several other brands that I can’t name off-hand, offer polymer, typically double stack 1911’s. Para is another, even though I’m not a big fan of them. If you can afford it, can’t see how you would go wrong with Wilson Combat. They are certainly significantly cheaper than the steel frame models.

      • David / Sharpie

        I know, STI is another one.

        But I want GLOCK to come out with one.

  • Chase

    This doesn’t look like “flat dark earth.” This looks like green. And not olive drab green, either. This looks like a vivid green.

  • John Doe

    I was hoping Glock would get into the AR-15 game. Glock polymer is strong stuff, they could beat Magpul at their own game. I wouldn’t mind a Glock-made AR-15 at all.

    • David/Sharpie

      Might be interesting

  • Lance

    I prefer OD green too but love the Dark Earth on these beats tan unless you live in the desert.

  • Komrad

    My vote is for an official Glock pistol caliber carbine. Not because I like Glocks (I prefer my CZ75 thank you very much), but because I think they could make it work very well and for the right price. There aren’t really any polymer pistol caliber carbines except the Kel-Tec SUB-2000, which is a shame. A polymer PCC combined with Glocks much better production capacity and distribution system would be a huge hit with both LE and civilian markets.

    • David/Sharpie

      While the folding Sub-2000 has it’s merits (Concealment) I would rather a conventional rifle style carbine, like a JR Carbine or one of the AR carbines, I think Olympic arms makes one that uses Glock mags

      But none of those are polymer

    • Komrad

      What I really want is for Kel-Tec to make a SUB-2K that takes CZ mags. There aren’t any 33 round mags, but there are 20 and 26 rounders.

      What is really interesting about Glock is the way that their mags have become a sort of standard. JR, AR, and SUB-2K PCCs all accept Glock mags.

    • David/Sharpie

      They SHOULD make inter-changable grips so you can buy a base model rifle and then remove/replace the grips for each type of mag you have, Glock, Beretta, SIG, S&W, CZ, 1911 etc

    • Komrad

      I would buy that in a heartbeat. The only problem I see is differences in mag feed lips and feed angles. I don’t know if the differences are great enough to require any changes to the mechanism, but it would be something to consider.

    • David/Sharpie

      Each mag well/grip would have to be tweaked to be able to set the lips properly for each mag. It’d be a lot of work, but they’d make a lot of money

    • John Doe

      A Glock carbine with AR-15-like customizability would be the newest hit. Glocks already have a great aftermarket; if there are interchangeable parts, the new Glock carbine could be easily introduced into the market.

    • David/Sharpie

      The JRC can take AR grips and stocks, not sure about handguards.

      And there are ARs that use Glock mags, Olympic Arms is one maker, but sure about any others

  • … I just ordered one. I got it for $550. In another note, does anyone want a gen 4 glock 17 with trijicon night sights? haha

    • David / Sharpie

      I would, but I have a Gen4 already, but with Glock sights

  • PackingPanda

    Would be cool if GLOCK (or anyone) developed a bullpup carbine that took GLOCK mags… ah, if only :T

    • Justin

      No bullpup, but the Kriss Vector “Super V” takes block 21 mags. I’ve shot the full auto SBR version and I must say it’s one hell of a gun. .45acp with very little to no recoil.

      • David / Sharpie

        I think my police service should adopt the .40 call version (I thought I’ve heard one was coming out)

    • Kdawg

      Not a bullpup, but Kel-Tec makes 9mm and .40 versions of the Sub2000 that uses Glock magazines. If you can find one they are around 300 bucks.

  • Anon

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but that “flat dark earth” looks exactly like the old GLOCK shade of “OD Green” that they used to produce. Not complaining, mind you…but it’s strange that they would change the name of the color.

    On the other hand, they decided to drop the “L” off the end of the Model 24 with recent production, so who knows why they do anything…

  • Zermoid

    I would like to know why, when Glock makes it’s guns with manual thumb safeties for military contracts, it doesn’t offer them as an option to civilians?

    I will never buy a Glock until they offer one with a manual safety that requires more than something pushing the trigger back to fire it. If they are offering this to the general public I’ve never seen it. Even a grip safety would be better than nothing IMO.

    • David/Sharpie

      Who has manual safeties on their Glocks?

      Wait, from wiki.
      “The Glock 17S is a variant with an external, frame-mounted, manual safety. Small numbers of this variant were made for the Tasmanian, Israeli, Pakistani and perhaps several South American security forces.[65] They are stamped “17”, not “17S”. They resemble, but are distinguishable from, standard Glock 17 pistols that have been fitted with the after-market Cominolli safety”

      I’m sure you could get a custom order for it, could be expensive though

      • Komrad

        Or you could just buy this Cominolli safety.

      • David/Sharpie

        I wouldn’t, I like the fact it doesn’t have a manual safety

    • 10mmGee20

      Sorry, No manual safety for me!

  • Nicks87

    Absolutely beautiful!

    I’ll take mine in a model 21 please.

    • Seamus

      i dont know who the hell would thumbs down a .45 acp glock, but fiddlesticks to them

  • Mogwai

    I bought one of these new dark earth frames a G19, my first glock and I am so far very happy with it.