VB Berapi LP06, Worst Gun Design Ever?

Back in 2006 a Malaysian company, Vita Berapi, showed off a range of new of assault rifles and pistols. The entire line looked so goofy that the first time I saw them I assumed it was a hoax. I am still not 100% convinced it is real, but I was sent some photos by a reader that look authentic. The VB Berapi LP06 is the primary rifle of the line …

I have seen better looking prop guns on YouTube videos made by 8 year olds. The ring at the top is supposed to hold a scope. Consumer-legal “pistol” rifles in the United States have better butt stocks than this assault rifle. You can see why I think it looks like a hoax.

Their “combat” pistol, the LP-01, can be converted into a “long range” submachine gun called the LP-02 that includes a folding stock, forgrip and large capacity magazine. I like the folding stock that incorporates iron sights so the pistol can be used when it is folded up. This weapon makes slightly more sense than that unsightly bullpup rifle, but still looks to big to be practical.

[Hat Tip: Star Defense]

[ Many thanks to Frank for emailing us the link. ]

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  • Burkefett

    Errrr…Cheek weld goes where? Looks kind of like the cheapo scope mounts for milsurp rifles that put the scope about 8 inches above the bore….

    • i think those malaysian made weapons came from outer space maybe planet klingon LOL

  • Griff

    Well…I guess we found where future prop guns for movies are going to come from.


    This may be the first line of firearms designed by someone who has never, ever fired a gun or even seen anyone shoot a gun ever. Nothing about it makes any sense!

  • DurgaMDK

    Im sorry to use a tired phrase but… MOTHER OF GOD! What happend???

  • Mike

    California legal?

    • DW

      No, because it has a shoulder thing that goes up. /sarc

      • Teknix

        No no it’s got a scope thing that goes up….also not legal in CA.

  • Cj

    Good to see Hi-Point branching out.

  • Cj
  • Icchan

    Idle question. If I’m reading it right, that Berapi comes in 5.56x45mm. How are they getting away with that magazine? Am I crazy or is that a perfectly straight vertical mag, at least 30 rounds, for a cartridge with a decent bit of taper on it…feeding problems, much?

    And that LP01/LP02 combo sure looks like someone thought the Bergmann 1896 was the Bergmann 1996…

  • Phil Ward

    The _actual_ state of it, did they leave it on a radiator for too long and melt it?

    Is it a Toad/SW Design?

  • Chase

    Hahaha, what on Earth?! That scope ring looks like it’s about eight inches (~20 cm) above bore! Why would they do this?!

    • FrankJ

      Probably they could aim through with the buttstock on armpit?

  • Vhyrus

    Careful now… ugly guns have a nasty habit of winning battles.

    I will admit the scope mount on that thing is beyond retarded though. I think I could get used to the rest of it if it shot well. These would have to be unusually light or cheap and easy to maintain to be viable though, and those are things they sure don’t appear to have going for them.

  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    It looks like every fan-built Star Wars rifle I’ve ever seen.

    • mosinman

      i dont even think the Empire would buy these rifles!

      • charles222

        The Empire was proud to issue the very best of 1930s British submachine gun designs to their feared Imperial Stormtroopers. :p

      • mosinman

        indeed but the steriling probably is way better than this lol
        i guess the Alliance is better off since they issue stg-44s to thier troops

        • Máté

          I just realised that in SW the empire, that dressed like WW2 germans used british guns, and the rebels used German guns.

      • mosinman

        i guess george lucas wanted to mess with history buffs hahaa

      • Komrad

        Stormtroopers used Sterlings, which are post WWII.

  • Seamus

    Did someone look at the weapons in Perfect Dark and say “Yes, this feels right” to themselves?

  • Chris B

    The gun you get when you throw too many text book engineers at a project being supervised my local Royalty. But understand that is what most people said about the proto type AR’s. 40 years on some bright spark in the USA thought a gas piston in an AR would make it work better. I might hate this Malay gun but dont knock the tech – throw enough money at it and look : even the AR 15 worked. LoL

  • D

    This is what happens when you have the ultimate culmination of “Not-Invented Here Syndrome” meeting “Make them look modern!”.

    I’m assuming there’s got to be some upside, like maybe they are really easy to take down or are built to be ultra-reliable or *something*.

  • Graham2

    What a bunch of idiots!

    That is all.

  • Lee

    i was there at DSA show back in 2006, none of the people at that booth could even explain to me how even the weapon works, the mechanism and so on, a total failure to promote their weapon by reviewing the same words that are written on their banner and nothing else. What fascinate me was they even a made a copy of model m4, which then replace the AUG and the guy at the booth even showed me a model 1911, they were trying to build it in plastic as the frame (possible polymer?) and by hopefully it does not made from fiber glass and end up like their Steyr AUG which the entire buttstock and magazine are made off…

  • DW

    Lego guns are way more ergonomic than this.

  • Lorenzo

    Scope support apart, LP06 has a better design than Beretta ARX160

    • W

      right because vita berapi also has 500 years of firearms experience dating to the arquebus. LMFAO!

  • Nadnerbus

    I can see the engineer looking over his initial sketches, musing to himself. “It’s missing something… needs more perforated sheet metal. Gun types like perforated sheet metal right?”

    Also, the hight of the “optic” over the bore is so high, maybe you can use the offset to calculate range through triangulation. Genius!

    • El Duderino

      Yeah! A coincidental rangefinder a la the M60 tank. Just turn a turret until the two images come together…

  • Tierlieb

    Let’s try to find something positive about it: I assume the design’s starting point was to put the barrel (and therefore the line of recoil) as centered on the shoulder (the counterpoint) as possible. That would make it more controllable during rapid fire.
    If you do that, you have to raise the sights a bit.

    The AR-15 series does something similar – the first time I saw a tiny, tiny Aimpoint Micro T-1 mounted on an AR-15 with a mount twice as high as the Aimpoint’s tube, I thought that was ridiculous, too. Now I have one myself. Got used to it. I assume we all did.

    As long as sights are installed on the gun, balancing recoil management and aiming will remain a problem.

    For the other expreme, look at a weapon that is meant for more intuitive aiming, like an over-under-shotgun, where the stock is set off from the line of the bore. Recoil behaviour is worse (not a problem with shotguns), but aiming is much better. The FN FAL is usually lauded for “pointing naturally” and works similar, look at the offset stock. It also sucks during rapid fire.

    Personally, I would prefer better intuitive aiming to controllability for something already quite soft like 5.56×45. Even more so now that it seems that rapid fire capability is becoming less of an issue – see the IAR mag capacity discussion.

  • Wosiu

    Designer of these guns is Russian, very experienced shooter.

    • Mike

      Please tell me you’re kidding.

      • Avery

        Nope, it’s a Belorussian expatriate by the name of Vyktar Prykhodeka who designed the Berapi guns. He’s described by the Vita Berapi managing director as a “former shooting champion from Belarus”.

  • How does a real soldier, on the real world, go trough obstacles with that Metal Purse?
    I served a peacetime mandatory recruit, in Portugal, on a Transmission Monitoring Battalion, and even there, we got to march, crawl, shoot, and do the essential training routine…
    With the Old Reliable G3, it was what it was, with that ill-formed shooting plough, it would be a Random Facial Surgery blood-fest…

  • Sian

    the LP-01 *looks* kind of nifty, that rifle though, it looks like they took a uzi/mac10 style action and receiver and tried to make a bullpup rifle out of it, and the build quality oh god the build quality…

  • Simon

    The ultimate Spray and Pray rifle! It is even voice activated. You have to say “Allah u Akhbar” to make it work! You, kaffir, dont understand nothing. (sarcastic switch off)

  • Mike

    And: “Booger-hook off the bang-switch, fez-head!”

  • Máté

    They’ll be in the next CoD anyway.

    • Avery

      Just like the FAD, which I don’t even think left the single prototype stage.

      The LP02 subgun is already feature in at least one multiplayer FPS game, so it appearing in a CoD game isn’t that far from the truth.

  • Komrad

    Sorry Steve, the wost gun design goes to the Shevchenko PSh-4 pistol.


    • hikerguy

      i’d have to say that the Shevchenko at least looks like a close 2nd place to these guns.

    • Jaekelopterus

      Please don’t link to that worldguns.ru site. It’s a horrible Russian virus trap.

      • Komrad

        Not if you have decent anti-virus or use an OS other than Windows.
        The adds do sometimes do make anti-virus software freak out, but the information is still very good (if a bit broken).

      • Joe Schmoe

        Except that their server is in Germany, Nuremberg to be exact.

      • Jaekelopterus

        Well, then I guess it’s a horrible German virus trap. Either way, it’s making the Russian mobsters who use those viruses a lot of money and I don’t support it. There are much, much better gun wikis out there that don’t exploit viruses for ad revenue.

      • Komrad

        Just turn on your malware protection, don’t click on the adds, and run a scan if you’re worried. It isn’t that bad. If you’re really worried, you can use Tor Browser with all the added protections turned on (no-script, no-Java, no-Flash) or Linux OS to view it.

  • Chucky

    They’re so bad they tip the fugly scale 360 degrees. I like it!

  • tincan

    Didn’t the glock designer start with little knowledge of firearms and the result was a revolution? Besides, I actually like the looks of the pistol! That bulk in front of the trigger must hold a laser or light, no? Even if its just dead weight, it may help with muzzle flip.

    As for the rifle, it may be the ultimate tool for the spray-n-pray shooter. Aside from the build quality, it looks like it may be comfortable to shoot. The recoil will go into your armpit. And, keep in mind the soldier quality they’re dealing with. Putting that scope mount so high may be how they insist that their soldiers actually aim the damn thing, rather than skip the fundamentals and look over the sights of an AK.

  • Lcon

    Finally a Rifle once can shoot well wearing a neck brace…. WTF?!

  • mutantpoo

    Pistol would look okay in a sci-fi movie.

    • Baker

      My thoughts exactly– maybe for the “Total Recall” remake?

  • Anyone else notice that that first gun was crudely spray-painted black? You can see some white where the paint didn’t quite reach inside the barrel shroud.

  • hikerguy

    I don’t know about these designs. Looks like props used in one of those SYFY channel movies. Who knows…..They may turn out to be the bees’ knees. Kinda doubt it though.

  • Jason

    It doesn’t look any dumber than that stupid KRISS Super V that this site drools over and posts stories on every incarnation they crap out.

    • El Duderino

      Haven’t shot it, but all the subgun guys that have tested it say it has almost no recoil, which is tough for a .45 ACP blowback gun. Scientifically designed to reduce recoil impulse. These guns just look like Col. Chauchat came back from the dead and decided to design some new guns.

    • Komrad

      I rented one once. It was very pleasant to shoot with little recoil or muzzle rise. Very fun to shoot for $20 for one trip, not so much for $3000 forever.
      The gun is a very interesting design that deserves some love and attention.

    • Dan-0

      The Kriss-V’s beauty is within its engineering properties, a true example of form following functionality.

      One can argue about it’s aesthetics, but the physical performances exhibited by its unique bolt system is undeniably better than any .45 ACP SMG in the market to date.

      I’ll reserve my judgement for the Malaysian weapon. For something that ugly, there must be a design purpose for it all?

  • Chris T.

    It’s real alright. Already been implemented into the popular free online FPS, “Combat Arms”. Here’s the gun in the game. http://combatarms.nexon.net/Shop/ItemDetail.aspx?itemId=663&order=663&cat=2&subCat=5&is_sales_tab=false&sales=2&status=0&pageIndex=3&orderType=1

    • bima86

      my god, its NX cash purchase only.. and has high accuracy

    • W

      jesus, the video game references. No wonder I hate video games…

      • Máté

        What kind of videogames do you hate?

      • W

        the kind that take time away from my family and cause people to lose their sense of responsibility. if your life sucks bad enough to where you need to control a digital projection in a alternative world, then you need to re-evaluate yourself. of course, the bright side is that video games could interest young people in guns…hopefully for the good reasons.

        • Máté

          I hate CoD too.

      • Komrad

        Ok, your point [i]may[/I] apply to [I]some[/I] hardcore gamers. But it is a hobby like anything else. Such statements as yours could easily be turned at our shared hobby.

        Example: “if your life is so out of control that you need to shoot at picture of people to make you feel in control of something, then you need to re-evaluate yourself”

        Similar statements can apply to every hobby. I personally love to play video games. I would say that I am a bit more than a casual gamer, but that doesn’t mean it has to take time away from my family any more than going to the range. It doesn’t make me lose my sense of responsibility either. I still take out the trash, put away my dishes, vacuum and dust on occasion, and pay my bills.

        You seem to have made a general negative statement about those who platy video games. If I have misinterpreted you, then I apologize.

  • Andrew

    It may be ugly, but at least it doesn’t have an exposed sear?


  • It looks like it should plug into an xbox.

  • wahoo

    Well, judging from the hand made, gommed together, cobbled up junk that crawls out the Afghan Kush, and the tribal areas of Pah-kee-stahn, this looks like the kind of gun you’d find in the Middle East or a society dominated by its ideology. Cobbling half baked guns out of local semi-literate machinists(*spit*) was how Iraq got its own version of the Dragunov SVD. That was an awful pile and semi-production at best.

    So this then is what happens when you take overly prideful locals with access to some working capital, machinery and no machining sense, and put them into the gun making business. Nothin good. Looks like the Afghan version of a High Point gun system.

    Malaysia would have saved time, money and credibility to buy better, time tested designs from reputable makers.

    Making the gun version of a Yugo, itself a copy of a poorly executed Fiat design is a waste of time, and dangerous…to Malaysians. This si the gunner’s AMC Pacer.

    I’ll stick to AKs, ARs and Glocks.

    • Komrad

      Hey, some of that Khyber Pass stuff is pretty cool and well made considering it’s done mostly with files and hammers.

  • wahoo

    And while I’m here to cast aspersions, I tend to think there are and were some god awful designs from mainline European makers and American companies. The ridiculous gyro-jet comes to mind. The French small arm debacle of the FAMAS, French for this thing jams a lot, the Chauchat, the Brit bullpup, the fuinnctional but ungainly KRISS, anything by the old ASTRA company…hell, there are countless ugly duckling guns.
    I’m willing to bet the dude with the Fez, and the mangy beard isn’t nipping at ole John Browning’s design tail, and this gun will quickly join the Chauchat and the “tactical” lever guns being hawked by Mossberg. An abortion of a saddle gun with a bunch of rails, a telescoping stock and some ugly finish.
    Sheesh, what a dog.

    Ugly is fine, plain even better, if form follows function. A Colt SAA is a thing of beauty, a Glock just a service side arm. One works everyday, the other is out of date. Each was the King of its day.

    Form should follow function. Not a lot of Malay trade goods topping my import list. Guns aren’t even a thought.

    This is one to forget, and quickly.

    • TATim

      I understand the L85A2 isn’t to the taste of everybody but I have absolute faith in it and it never once failed on me when it counted. That counts for a lot in my book, I don’t know about anyone else.

    • usmc

      “Form should follow function.”

      This firearm absolutely fails in the stock weld and line of sight catagory.

  • Lance

    Not surprised that some SE Asian nation would try disastrous idea of making there own design and not using other weapons features to do it. This is the result.

    • Benjamin

      Care to elaborate?

  • mosinman

    wait, doesnt this fire .40 cal HE-AP rounds ? i think its missing the lil round counter….. with out it its Game over man, game over……

  • Harold

    Now I know who’s been hiring all those blind engineers!

  • Cynical Malaysian

    What normal citizens here reckons this amounts to is another project by which the current government party of Malaysia can misappropriate taxpayer money through.

    • dang

      Oh my God. This is a typical opposition fanatic you can find in Malaysia. They blamed everything to the government. Heck, even if a tree fall in Malaysia, I swear they would say, “This is government wrongdoing and corruption”. For those ignorance people, Berapi designs are PRIVATE funding, not government funding. You can understand why the government chose M4 carbine instead, not because of corruption, but simply because the local industries are not up to the task yet of designing their own firearms. Although I would prefer if the government invest in local industries, but there you have it, oh, another corrupt business says the opposition.

  • Jack

    Looks like something Arnold Schwarzenegger would have used when getting his ass to Mars.

  • John Doe

    I can duct tape a Glock to a chair and hold it up to my shoulder, and it will still be more ergonomic.

  • Zach

    -06 looks like someone took a caulk gun lower and attached a nerf gun upper to it, with bits of a file cabinet welded on.

  • Bryan S.

    Cant say I would turn one down. Might even shoot it from a ransom rest or similar to test it a bit, and then maybe shoulder it up and give it a go.

    Who knows… could turn out to be something ugly as heck but great.

  • Moss E. Berg

    These guns look like a firearms equivalent of the car Homer Simpson designed with a bubble canopy & tailfins. This seems like design by commitee or April Fools Day joke on us all. A great laugh either way.

  • Jaekelopterus

    I will withhold my judgement until I have a better idea of how this thing actually works. Some of my favorite guns are hideous Russian-designed abominations.

  • Ola

    Wait a minute… There is something familiar in this horrendous looking thing..


    (“When fired, the .. bolt .. recoils up an inclined plane at a 7° angle to the barrel”)????

  • RWC

    Is that an extending spike bayonet on the LP02?

    And the .50 BMG Sniper Rifle is just a thing of beauty…


    Good lord man! WTF?!?

  • It´s a revolutionary design, they don´t need bullets, they kill the enemy using only SHAME.

  • bro jubo

    berapi unique design. designed by student of IKM (institut kemahiran Mara) and Pusat Serenti Gua Musang…… actually the name is BERASAP

  • i love guns

    does anyone know its rate of fire?

  • Was honored to see such a good article!

  • Thanks so much for this brilliant blog;this is the kind of thing that keeps me awake through the day. I’ve been looking around for this site after I heard about them from a buddy and was thrilled when I found it after searching for awhile. Being a avid blogger, I’m dazzled to see others taking initivative and contributing to the community. Just wanted to comment to show my appreciation for your website as it is very interesting, and many bloggers do not get credit they deserve. I am sure I’ll drop by again and will send some of my friends.

  • Jimbo

    It’s what we call in the engineering field “Industry development”. Your expecting a perfect to point no non-sense war winning rifle. As long as it functions as it should I’d say it’s a step forward for the locals. This from a society which abhors the use and distribution of firearms of all variety. Give it time. It’s not easy to design a rifle and build a working prototype from scratch. Everyone here is too full of themselves. As long as it sends lead down range, that’s a point my book.

    (Engineering Student. Majoring in Material Science and Manufacturing.)

  • Hendry D. Dekker

    the gun does look like shit ,but lets just see the performances.


    …What the bitch is this

  • Trey Knight

    Wow, the designer must have been drunk when he made that 😛

  • dudee

    ak 47 is uglier than m16, but it is one of the best rifle..
    dont judge a rifle by its look.

    btw, i dont think malaysian commoners are allowed to buy this…

  • dagoat

    it is attachable??

  • Joshua Madoc

    I’m a horrible person for saying this, but never has there been another excuse for me, an Indonesian, to laugh at my neighbors.

    • muhd akmal Amin

      Come on, at least the designs are original who cares if it’s ugly or not. If it can be proven to shoot without recoil and hit the target, I think it would be a good rifle in the future. In fact Indonesian PT Pindad arms company bought blueprint of FN FAL rifle from Belgium if I’m not mistaken to create their own rifles like SS-2 and SS-3. So designing your own indigenous rifle is not that easy mind you.

  • don

    i think this rifle is still a prototype, not the true finish work.