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  • Reverend Clint

    which is which?

    • Julio

      As CBec wrote, the one with two selector switches is the airsoft replica. The real one on show at Nuremberg (IWA) is a semi-auto-only version so has only a safety lever. The location -Germany- also explains the absence of an orange muzzle on the airsoft version. Incidentally, the airsoft guns strips just like the original, even down to the vectored action of the bolt carrier.

  • Insect Spray

    The top one is the real one?

  • CBec

    the one with two selector switches is the airsoft one

  • Lance

    Wow i wouldn’t play around Cops or security guards with those you get shot in no time.

    • Aurelien

      Well most airsoft guns will get you shot if you play around with them in the streets.
      Most manufacturers pride themselves in the high detail level.

    • Teknix

      I wouldn’t play around cops with a real KRISS either…. treat airsoft guns like real guns and use your head as to where you play games with them. I don’t play around the streets with a real gun, I go to the range. I don’t play around the streets with an airsoft gun, I go to an airsoft field. Off the airsoft field treat it like you would a firearm (ie, don’t point it at people or wave it out your car window pretending to do drive-bys.)

    • ragnarok220

      Why don’t you sell this wonderful idea to the producer of the next Jackass movie ???

  • Brandr

    The top one with 2 selectors is the real one, one is the safety, the other is the actual selector for rate of fire, the back one being the safety.

  • ARL

    The bottom one is the real one. The cutout on the stock and the style of iron sights match photos of the real gun on

    • ARL

      Well, the bottom one in the first photo, the top one in the second. The one with the semi/burst/full selector is the airsoft.

  • hojo

    somebody gonna get shot.

  • Reverend Clint

    looks like the sights were switched between photos

  • Leonard

    I find this gun rather ugly…but for an airsoft gun they really put a lot of detail into it.

    • The ugliness is part of what makes it so awesome! I’d love to own this gun. SO fun.

  • Charles222

    Nice! Never considered owning a Kriss because the civilian-legal barrel looks goofy as hell IMO, but I’d think about buying the airsoft one.

    • Sian

      for the price, you may as well pay the extra $200 SBR tax. I agree the civvie Vector carbine is ugly.

      • Charles222

        I’d be down with the tax stamp if it was an SBR or something that would do things besides look cool at the range, but the Kriss is neither of those. Just not enough utility for the price for me to justify buying one.

  • MrSatyre

    I know that for the last year or so, airsoft guns bought via the Internet for the US market (and sold here in the US) are shipped with the ends of the barrels painted orange in order to be legal (not sure what the paint is, but it’s pretty much impervious to anything but sand-blasting, which can ruin the low-grade metal used in all airsoft guns; it’s much easier to paint it over than to remove it).

    This one could have either had the barrel painted over, or it was picked up outside of the US and then brought in. I wonder what the story is?

    • Mike

      The law is actually that to sell any replica firearm, the end of the barrel needs to be permanently marked. If there is a flash hider, often that will be either painted orange, or replaced with an orange plastic piece, and glued on. It’s been that way for as long as I’ve been airsofting, and goes back to the 80s.

      For example, when I bought an airsoft 1911, the orange was just a quarter inch plastic ring glued into the barrel, I plucked it out with my leatherman so I could holster it. Removing the orange tips is a legal grey area.

      • MrSatyre

        That may be, but my experience is slightly different. When buying airsoft guns in Japan or Taiwan, for example, they do not have the orange paint or orange plastic caps, and none of these were considered restricted when I presented them to inspection agents upon returning to the US. Be that as it may, WGC Shop only last year started enforcing the orange paint/cap when shipping any airsoft models to the US.

  • 2Wheels

    An awful lot of airsoft guns, at least the higher grade ones and not the cheap ones you see at WalMart look very real at least from a short distance. A lot of times they even field strip just like their real world counterparts.

    It’s kinda the point, they were originally meant for a market where you really couldn’t get real steel guns.

  • West

    Who here has actually fired a real Vector?

    Is the recoil system as effective as ive heard?

    • dan

      I rented one out in vegas, and the reality is that how they market it and how it works is two different things, the gun still recoils just as much as any gun of equal weight and caliber, its just that there is less barrel climb, even when i let the gun get away from me it still stayed relatively level it more moved left and right but still did walk up as it went on.

      • West

        Im assuming this was on F/A so the mechanism would likely have a negligible effect on S/A fire. Its an interesting weapon but, like so many, its best features arent even applicable to the configuration most people will be using it in.

      • Dan

        I have one…want to buy it?

      • Bryan S.

        My buddy has one. I like it. cant say I would buy one over other carbine systems.. its front heavy (so it can be a rifle, blame the ATF and the NFA) but its pretty darn accurate and recoil feels much less than other platforms.

        Ive seen it tossed in the hand of a new shooter and watched them stack shots with it and a red dot.

        Biggest issue? Need an extra thumb joint to work the safety.

    • Mike Knox

      Odd actually. At full auto, the recoil’s lightened enough that the muzzle acceleration is almost felt..

      • dan

        for me it didn’t seem to really lighten the Recoil as much as turn the normal barrel clime into more of a push, push is part of recoil to me rather than a side component.

    • I’d say there was some mitigation of muzzle rise but since I’ve only run two magazines through one I can’t really say. When they get around to releasing the K-10 multicaliber version we plan on bringing one in as a police demo, we were hoping to have it for our subgun shoots this summer to run it up against other guns and see how it fared. They were supposed to release it IWA earlier this month but pushed it back due to their focus on the Sphinx pistol, at SHOT they were estimating late Q3 this year so maybe next Spring/Summer we’ll be giving one a high round count workout alongside a huge variety of other subguns.

  • Mark

    Does anyone know where I can find a set of those fixed low profile sights like on the airsoft one?

  • John Doe

    I wouldn’t ever buy one, but detailed airsoft guns are super cool.

  • AK™

    Both look like F/A glocks with exotic furniture 😉

  • Rex

    Hopefully I find out how the airsoft version works soon. Thanks KRISS!!!

  • Rex

    It’s crazy how real airsoft guns look these days. Hopefully I get to try out the airsoft version soon. Thanks KRISS! Rex