French Police with FN SCAR

A reader emailed us an interesting photo of a FN SCAR Mk. 17 being carried by a French policeman during a raid. It has a long barrel and a bipod, so it is obviously intended for sharpshooter work, but is fitted with a 1x EOTech holographic scope. This is actually not a bad configuration for a sharpshooter rifle, but not a common one.

[ Many thanks to Albi for emailing us the link. ]

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  • Mike S

    A good setup for atempting a headshot on somebody diving through a window indeed.

  • noob

    I’d previously thought that mirror sights like the DiamondHead VersaView or the xcaliber mirror sight were toys… but this might breathe life into the concept.

    you have a long barrel for velocity, a 1x optic for situational awareness and less stress than using irons, and a cornershot-like capability so you can make shots from under vehicles or around/over walls.

    Employed from less than 200m in an urban environment you could potentially exploit small gaps in cover like the narrow angle between a wall and a roof eave, without needing to build elaborate platforms to stand on.

    I wonder what the recoil on a 7.62NATO would be like if using it in the mirror mode (you have to rest the stock on the outside of your shoulder when firing, so it slides past your arm. Inside of 50m you are supposed to be able to put 10 shots of 5.56 into a pie plate from standing behind a wall, according to the video, but that’s a much lower recoiling round).

  • Higgs

    that same group of pictures also showed an officer with a Vepr12 shotgun.

    • Aurelien

      The RAID (French Police Nationale’s global intervention unit – think French HRT more or less) has been using VEPR shotguns for a few years now, they bought them in the early 2000s to replace the ManuFrance shotguns that were running out of spares.

      The man with the SCAR was it seems posted on the other side of the street (2-ways in an old neigbourhood) so they obviously did not bother with magnification.

  • BUG

    The same sort of sight combo has been used by the British Royal Marines for anti-piracy/anti-terrorist activities when shooting from a helicopter, see the pic & comments here…………

  • Patjohnw

    Or it could be pictures taken from a movie production …

    • jay

      Actually the picture was taken during the Toulouse raid that took down Mohamed Merah last week. The scum bag jihadist killed several French soldiers and a bunch of Jewish kids.

      • David/Sharpie

        And was killed jumping out of a his window like the cowardly little bitch he was

      • mosinman

        good riddance!

      • le bon français

        parle français, connard.

  • hikerguy

    it is an excellent set-up for a sharp shooter in the short range, and a 3x magnifier could be added for further distances. Easy to acquire being next door to Belgium.

  • Alexander

    I was talking to a cop at his rifle-building shop (Spartan Rifles) and he says he actually sacrifices the weight savings and puts a bipod on his AR. His reasoning was that often he’s called to an op (or what have you) and what begins as a 10 minute overwatch becomes a multi-hour ordeal. Said he’d rather just put up the bipod then rather than stand there with his long gun over his hood, even though he’s also using a 1x EoTech. Just a thought.

    • Reverend Clint

      very good point… cops are very rarely involved in run and gun scenarios

  • Lance

    Looks like a squad sniper and or DMRmen in urban combat magnification isn’t as needed as in open combat so a DMR with a EO tech is just fine for a elite Counter terror team like France’s HRT team. France never apart from Military special forces went into 7.62mm NATO rifles till recently, yes some SF had G-3s but not many so Begum has filled the void. While the UK USA and Australia went with AR-10 and M-14 based weapons for DMRs.

  • Pete

    Just for the record, the photo is of the French unit of the National Police (Police National) which is actually named “RAID,” not just of French police during a raid. RAID is an acronym for “Recherche, Assistance, Intervention & Dissuasion” (Research, Assistance, Intervention, Dissuasion).

    The photo was taken in the aftermath of last week’s Mohamed Merrah debacle

    As Aurelien points out, the closest US equivalent are the FBI’s HRT.

    • Aurelien

      Not to stirr up things, i would not call the hunt of Merah a “debacle” : it took the security services 10 days to corner the guy after the first shooting, which is is pretty good.

      The fact that he got shot during the standoff is mostly due to the fact that he wasn’t up to getting caught.

  • I finally got to handle one of the short versions. Now I want one, I just have to come up with $3,300.

    As for using a Eotech on a precision rifle, even for law enforcement use, I would go for a 3x or 4x power scope to get a better shot from the 75 to 100 meters that law enforcement needs. The Marine Corps has been super successful with the Trijicons that have a fixed 4x power.

  • Patjohnw

    My fault for the poor comment.
    Up here in Canada we don’t see much international news in the “terror” topic .Sounds like you guys have better news papers then we do! Glad the bad guy got perforated.
    Congrats 😉

    • David/Sharpie

      I knew about it………

  • snmp

    RAID have in charge the protection/security of many Diplomatique building oversea. They have issused Glock 17, HKG36C (with Surfire M900 & EOTECH) FN SCAR-H & SCRA-L, HK417, HK MP7, HK 40mm, ……

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  • Edward

    As a French guy, all I have to say is that seeing a SCAR in the hands of a RAID operator impresses me, because it’s an amazing weapon system in my opinion, it becomes more and more popular among French LE operators and was even deployed in A stan in limited numbers.

    For the configuration of the rifle, the sharpshooters were located right across the street, so a clear, non-magnifying sight such as the EOtech seemed appropriate to me.

    On the other hand, the “wannabe jihadist moron” was shot with a good old H&K G36C (from what I know.)

    Pictures of the Scar light in the hands of GIGN operators can also be found on Google.