ATI Strikeforce Stock for Saiga Shotguns

ATI’s Strikeforce Stocks allow a AR-15 stock and pistol grip fitted to Saiga shotguns without permentant modifications. The Saiga guns come from the factory with a hunting-style butt-stock and the trigger moved right back to the rear of the receiver, preventing a standard AK pistol grip from being installed without modifying the receiver (this is in order to claim that the Saiga is a sporting-only gun, not an AK with a hunting butt-stock).

Steve Johnson

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  • Could make for some interesting Saiga configs.

    • Witt Sullivan

      What’s the difference between this and the other kits that are already available?

      • Jeff Smith

        Witt, I believe most kits available require you to modify the gun by moving the trigger assembly forward (where an AK type weapon’s trigger normally is located.) This stock allows you to simply install a new stock without modifying the weapon.

      • Komrad

        It also looks like hell.

      • David/Sharpie

        Komrad: Better than the regular semi pistol grip “hunting” Saiga, but probably less than doing a full conversion

  • Alex S

    Looks like a fine stock, but without converting it you’ll still have to deal with a crappy trigger pull. Converting one is as easy as drilling a few rivets out and replacing the fire control group. Takes less then an hour, I’ve done three myself.

  • Van the Handcannon man

    Now if only Saigas were legal in Norway in the first place.

    • Komrad

      You might be able to get a Mini-14. 😉

      • David/Sharpie

        Uncalled for………………..

        Although Mini-14s have a bad record when it comes to shootings, the guy at Montreal Polytech in the ’80s (The incident that sparked Canadas shitty gun laws) used one too. Doesn’t take away from the fact that I want one!!

  • Alex

    The erm, other Alex and I are in agreement here. I’ve only converted a single shotgun, and I’m not entirely proud of the result, but the stock trigger is a blasphemy against engineering.

  • Jim

    Be sure you have enough US made parts on there. Once you change the stock, sporting or not you have to deal with 922r compliance. I am a fan of conversion now though, way better trigger pull with the tapco trigger set.

    • JMD

      Yep. May as well go all the way, and do a proper full conversion.

    • David/Sharpie

      Even just a new stock you guys have to now deal with 922?

      I think it would still be considered “sporting” this stock.

      It is a pretty cool idea, but doesn’t affect me much, can’t legally own most AK variants

      • Alex

        ‘Sporting stock’ has basically nothing to do with whether it would be useful for shooting sports, and more with whether it looks like a traditional guns. Distinct pistol grips, such as this has, are automatically disqualifying, as are collapsible stocks. Thumbhole stocks, such as the Dragunov style, are occasionally let through but sometimes even they get the hammer.

        922(r) is a terrible law, and accomplishes nothing of real value for the consumer. I’m sure the industry likes it, though.

      • David/Sharpie

        That’s dumb as hell, but then again so are my countries laws (Canada…)

      • Lance

        Its also unenforceable I have never saw Cops or feds tear a AKM or MAK-90 used in a shooting even apart to see if 6 parts have made in USA stamped on it. This was part of the stupid 89 gun ban which as just stupid to began with.

      • Sian

        I’ve never heard a single case of 922r being enforced on an end-consumer. Has anyone else seen or heard different?

        (not suggesting you shouldn’t be compliant, JIC)

      • Jim

        I never have either, but it ain’t worth 10 years in federal prison. I guarantee 3 out 4 people never know and don’t follow it.

  • Witt Sullivan

    My friend put a TAPCO adaptor on his, he did nothing to his SAIGA. MidwayUSA advertises it as needing no modification to the lower.
    The reason Saiga moved the trigger guard back was to make room for the 12 gauge action and the bolt hold open and release, which the normal AK-47 configuration can’t accommodate. They would have had to use an SVD or RPK receiver to keep the trigger guard in its original location.

    • Sorry Witt but this statement “The reason Saiga moved the trigger guard back was to make room for the 12 gauge action and the bolt hold open and release, which the normal AK-47 configuration can’t accommodate.” is not true. When you convert one you are putting a normal AK trigger, pistol grip, and stock in/on the gun. The 12 gauge action is beefy yes, but does not need extra length. The bolt hold open is next to the trigger and on the same pin as the hammer. The reason the trigger is at the rear is so you can pull it while using the sporter stock. The trigger connects to the regular AK system through a lever. Basically you pull the trigger that pushes down on an arm that pushes up on the piece that would be the normal trigger unit to release the hammer. That’s why the stock sport trigger is so long, hard, and feels like it’s filled with crap.

  • Bob Z Moose

    Cause everything is better with an AR stock… EVERYTHING!!!

  • John Doe

    Reminds me of that .700 WTF rifle with the Magpul grip on it.