Gun Review: Taurus PT 24/7 G2 DA/SA DS

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Taurus is a company that just keeps on expanding their product line. Not only do they release new models on a regular basis but upgrade established models to keep up with current trends. The Taurus 24/7 G2 is one such pistol.

The G2 has been out now for almost a year and from what I’ve read and experienced has been well accepted as a full size defense pistol. The G2 comes in a hard plastic case with three interchangeable backstraps, two thirteen round magazines (40 cal), cleaning brush and two keys for the internal safety lock. A magazine loader is also included in the package.

I know some shooters like guns with a minimalist approach to pistols such as the Glock however I prefer a manual safety. The G2 not only has a manual safety much like a 1911 in operation but in placement as well. For a 1911 guy like myself this is a welcome addition. The G2 also has a complete set of controls which are all ambidextrous. The slide release, manual safety with a dual function as a striker de-cocker, magazine release all are mirrored on the right side. This is especially beneficial for lefty shooters as well as those who should be practicing left handed.

This two tone stainless and black G2 is the standard model which is designated by the DA/SA DS stamped on the slide. The first round fired is double action will all others single action. The DS stands for double strike which most will recognize as the ability to pull the trigger twice on the same round should the round fail to fire. This feature has little interest for me but I’m sure others will appreciate it since the second strike usually fires the round.

The trigger is much like the Glock in appearance as well as safety function. Takedown is identical to a Glock with the two tabs on either side of the slide which are pulled down allowing you to remove the slide. The rear of the slide has an industry standard striker status pin. The top of the slide at the rear of the barrel has a triangular shaped steel piece which is a loaded chamber indicator. This way the shooter can see and feel the loaded status of the pistol.

One other feature to note with the manual thumb safety is depressing the safety all the way down de-cocks the striker. The frame also has a rail for an aftermarket light or laser combination.

The rear sight is especially nice since it is a very low profile sight adjustable for windage and elevation. There are two screws on the right side of the sight for windage adjustment with a center screw on top for elevation adjustment. The backstraps are changed by tapping a pin out at the rear base of the grip.

The trigger on the G2 is smooth but does stack a bit at the end of the pull. The trigger pull is also a bit longer than I would prefer. However the trigger issue isn’t a deal breaker. It’s just not that bad. I’m just a bit picky about such things. The frame also has a rail for an aftermarket light or laser combination.

Model: 24/7-G240SS-15
Finish: Stainless Steel
Status: Available

Caliber: .40
Grips: Checkered Polymer
UPC: 7-25327-60858-5

Capacity: 15 +1
Weight: 28 oz
Barrel Length: 4.20″

Frame: Large
Action: DA/SA
Length: 7.28″

Trigger Type: Smooth
Order #: 1-247409G2-15
MSRP: $539.00

Range Time

I fired a total of 400 rounds of assorted 40 S&W through the G2 with no malfunctions. Shooting was done from the 10 and 15 yard line. Accuracy overall was good if not outstanding. Groups at 10 yards averaged just under 3 inches with those fired at 15 yards right at 3 inches. Descent combat accuracy certainly.

The ammunition fired was from Federal as well as Winchester ball. I fired lighter loads up to 180 grain ammunition. I also had some older Winchester hollowpoints which the G2 fed without problem. There was very little accuracy difference between brands or bullet weights which is rather unusual since most pistols have at least some slight preference for a particular brand or weight of ammunition.


Before I express my conclusions I’d like to pass along some encouraging information regarding warranty repair times for Taurus. I recently sent in a revolver which was cutting a bit of lead from my lead handloads. The problem was taken care of and the revolver was returned in two weeks. They had no idea I was a gun writer either so if this is what we can expect on turnaround repair times this cures one of the main gripes I’ve heard people express.

Now back to the conclusion. Overall this is a well-made pistol that has been very reliable to date. The G2 is a good natural pointer when you match your hand size with the appropriate supplied grip insert.

From a price standpoint the MSRP is in the mid-$500 range. After some searching online gun sellers the average price is actually closer to the $460—$475 range. This gives you a new pistol for the price of a well used Glock. With that in mind I’ll take the Taurus.

As I mentioned earlier I like the ambidextrous controls, feel of the pistol in my hand, fully adjustable sights and lifetime warranty regardless of you being the first owner or the tenth. I’ve been a bit surprised how many shooters don’t realize the warranty follows the gun not the owner.

The G2 also comes in a compact version as well as in several calibers. You might want to peruse the Taurus product line if you’re in the market for a concealed carry pistol at a reasonable price.

As promised here is a new photo of the rear of the slide. This gives a more realistic view.

Phil White

Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m the Associate Editor and moderator at TFB. I really enjoy answering readers questions and comments. We can all learn from each other about our favorite hobby!


  • Javier

    What are those two jagged holes on the rear of the slide in the third picture?

    I added a new picture of the rear of the slide. It’s at the bottom of the review.

    • Phil White


      Those are just clearance for internal slide parts when you rack the slide. The close up and direction of the sunlight makes those look much worse than they are. Looking at it in your hand you don’t see any rough edges.

    • Charles222

      Lol, gotta admit “what’s with the ragged holes?” was my first thought too.

      • Phil White


        I saw that in my closeup but left it in. It really doesn’t show normally. I looked at it again last night and scrapped a few tiny pieces of polymer off the edges.

  • jdun1911

    Does Tarurus still come with those stupid integrated lock system?

    • Phil White


      Yep, they sure do. You even get two keys:-) It’s on the right rear of the slide.

  • Second strike? What a waste of valuable time. Tap, rack, re-evaluate is a better option.

    • Phil White


      That’s what I thought as well. I would never think to use it.

    • fw226

      Sure, but if you’re in a gunfight and shooting quickly, you’re probably going to pull the trigger twice before you even realize you need to tap and rack.

      • Phil White


        For some this could certainly be true. I shoot so much it’s second nature to tap and rack.

      • harlequin

        if a round has failed to fire IT HAS FAILED TO FIRE, get that sucker out of there. yea it may go on the next strike but you already know that it may not. dont waste your time.

        • Phil White


          That’s how I feel as well. Time is critical so flipping a coin and taking extra time to see if it will fire is foolish at best. I realize many times they do fire the second time but does anyone want to risk it when your life is on the line—I don’t think so!

  • Reverend Clint

    yeah those looks scary

    • Phil White


      What looks scary Clint–you kinda lost me there? Do you mean the rear of the slide?

      • Doesitmatter?

        Yeah Phil, I will fill in for Reverend. That slide’s back looks very strangely chewed-up. Definitely takes toll on credibility. Actually, it looks awfull!

        Myself, without having direct Forjas Taurus experience, have an impression that these are kind like brasil shoes: heavy on style – light on substance. Typical comsumables. But, I’d wish to be wrong.

        • Phil White


          I’ll take another pic today without the glare to see what you all think.

      • Beaumont

        I have to agree — that rear slide plate looks as though it’s been chewed on. If I were to see something like that in the display case of my local shop, I certainly wouldn’t buy it, & I’d be sure to point it out to the owner. Reputable shops (at least those I’m familiar with) wouldn’t accept a supposedly new gun with such a glaring cosmetic (& possibly functional) defect.

        FWIW, my experience w/Taurus revolvers has been good, but I would not buy any Taurus polymer frame auto.

        • Phil White


          It’s really not as bad as it appears in that pic. I really need to post a new picture tomorrow. I’ll have it up by afternoon tomorrow.
          The Taurus revolvers do have a good following. I have a six inch blued 357 I’ve shot for six years. It’s been accurate and durable even after shooting a large number of pretty hot handloads.

          I added a new picture of the rear of the slide. It’s at the bottom of the review.

  • fred

    ..more than most taurus arms.
    I too like the idea of a safety that is NOT on the trigger..
    Does the safety block the slide?
    MMm.. how about squeeze, (shoot/fail) then tap, rack..
    a nice option..

    • Phil White


      Yes the safety does block the slide. It won’t budge with the manual safety on.

  • Esh325

    A striker pistol that is DA/SA is very unusual and interesting. It doesn’t have the hammer jutting out compromising the profile which is nice. The striker is also in theory more simpler. Why are there not more DA/SA striker pistols?

    • Phil White


      I have no idea why nobody else has used that setup. It does work well. The SA pull is very good!

    • DB

      There is a model made by Walther (Germany) that has the same trigger setup: Striker fired pistol with re-strike capability. It ist the Walther P99Q (not the P99QA!), which is only available to law enforce agencies, for example the police in NRW, Germany has bought it, but had some trouble with it, too.

      Walther also patented the mechnics of this trigger set-up…

      • Phil White


        Yes sir but being available only to officers I left that out. I’ve never been fond of the Walther P99 trigger pull or ergonomics in general.

      • Twinkie

        Actually the P99 AS (anti-stress) which I owned was a DA/SA striker gun with a decocker. You can still buy them but the prices are staying high because it’s desirable. Anyhow, very nice setup, excellent ergo and quality but I sold it for a PPQ. Best trigger in any striker gun bar none. Same excellent Walther quality as well. The problem many have with the PPQ is that it’s simply too good at being a gun. That is, going BANG. Easy trigger with no manual safeties at all sure is sweet for the range, but you have to be very disciplined to use it for CC.

        What was this about again? Some Taurus auto? Not really an option IMO when there are way better guns out there. Thanks for giving us a look at it, though.

        • Phil White


          I appreciate your understanding the viewpoint I have on gun reviews. There are guns which are almost universally enjoyed while others have a fair number of detractors. Both types need to be reviewed for those who do like a Taurus or even a Hi-point. We do have readers who like Hi-Point pistols.
          As far as Walther the best trigger I’ve ever used on a striker pistol is the Walther PPS in 9MM. It has a wonderful crisp fairly short pull. If you haven’t shot one do yourself a favor and give one a try! With a pocket holster it’s very concealable.

  • Matt

    My overall feeling is meh. I dislike Taurus’s guns, especially after having my old 9-shot .22 fired while the cylinder was out of lockup. I prefer revolvers for carry anyhow, but I just can’t bring myself to trust taurus anyway. Smith and ruger just make better guns, and they’re made in the U.S. Not to say smith&ruger have never had problems, but in my experience, the examples I’ve seen haven’t had any issues. Autos are primarily range guns for me anyhow.

    • Matt

      Let me correct my wording: my old nine shot was not not intentionally fired with the cylinder mis-aligned. I fired several shots that day, just plinking about, and on the fourth shot, there was an impotent click. I waited about five seconds, and fired the next shot, when two rounds went off, one striking the intended target, and the second lodging in the frame of the gun. Sent it back to taurus, they offered to replace it, and i got a refund instead. Their customer service? A+. their guns? C+ at best. I’m just glad it wasn’t my .357

      • Phil White


        With a 357 that wouldn’t have been pretty at all! How old was the gun? I’m just curious which model it was.

    • Phil White


      Well to each his or her own:-) Some people can’t afford the price tag of a S&W so Taurus and a few others can fill the gap for those shooters.
      It seems people like Taurus guns or hate them with very few shooters in between.

  • Looks like it was well thought out. I would like to get my hands on one. Thanks for the review.

    • Phil White


      My pleasure sir!

      • Matt

        Indeed. It’s just a personal preference, as all guns and gun-related things are, eh?

        • Phil White


          Very true Matt no matter if it’s a handgun, rifle or any sporting items.

      • Matt

        Oh, I’m sorry, didn’t see your question before i went to bed. The pistol was about seven months old, but it saw a lot of cans and such knocked over by my friends and family. Its’ accuracy was nothing to write home about, but it was good enough for what i bought it for. Imagine my surprise when it misfired.. Ah well. Kive and learn, I suppose. Prehaps this was an isolated incident that I was subject to.

        • Phil White


          No problem I went to bed as well:-) I never heard of problems with the 22’s is the main reason I asked. I hope that is an isolated incident but I hate it happened to you.
          Bad things happen sometimes.I saw a picture the other days of an H&K of all things which detonated and destroyed the pistol. I guess it can happen ton anyone these days.

  • BC; MT

    Were this a Wikipedia entry, I don’t think I could help but compulsively edit.

  • J.T.

    $460-$475 is not even near “well used glock” territory. That is within $50 of the price of a new glock from the same retailers. In additon, there are also pistols that are actually put through QC avaliable from S&W and Ruger at the same price point.

    • Phil White


      Possibly where you live but prices here for a new Glock are more expensive it seems. Just last week I saw a lightly used Glock 22 gen 4 for $525. New Glocks here in mid-Missouri are closer to $550 and up depending on how popular the model is.
      Buying a used Glock from some of the places that sell police trade-ins sell cheaper than the Taurus price.

      • SGB

        Well used Glocks do not command $500. I travel all over the country and haven’t seen a well used one for $500. More like $350-400.

        I realize the need to make Taurus seem like its catching up with Glock, S&W, etc, but using this kind of tactic is just wrong.

        • Phil White


          What tactic? I hope you didn’t mean I was trying to mislead anyone because that isn’t gonna happen! Columbia is 60 miles away or I would take some pics of prices for you. They are just crazy there. If you look below you’ll see my reply as to why the prices are higher—only two gunshops in a city of 130,000 when the students aren’t around.
          I’ve even asked why the prices are full retail and sometimes over and I got no answer.

    • jdun1911

      Use Glock should be around $300-400. New Glock price at around $500. SW M&P is around $450 new. Personally I recommend Glock or M&P over Taurus at that price range 10 out of 10 times.

      For those that are interested in fair gun values. (download their catalog)

      I have bought a lot of firearms from both Bud Guns Shop and CDNN. Slickguns gives third parties listing of gun prices.

      In fact I just got a Hawk model 982 shotgun for $200 from Bud last Friday. 982 is the Chinese version of the 870. The 982 has a forged receiver. I believe is what the Chinese military use for their shotgun need but DON’T QUOTE me on it.

      • Phil White


        Buds is a great place to buy online as is CDNN. The prices here are just way out of line but that’s what we have. In Columbia there are only two gunshops and they get top dollar.
        It stinks but that’s the way it is. Of course California has unreal prices on anything gun related as well as not being able to take advantage of the good deals online.

      • jdun1911

        Yeah, local gun shops tend to rip off their customers. All of my firearms purchase other than NFA items are either from online or gunshows.

        I remember a thread on Arfcom where gun shop owners refused to accept FFL shipment from Bud Gun Shop because of Buds low prices.

        • Phil White


          I’m not a bit surprised that some shops would refuse accepting deliveries from Bud’s. They have about the best prices you can find these days.
          Gunshops used to be a lot more customer friendly and made an effort to please the customer and actually deal on price. Now the price is the price so don’t even bother to get a price down!

    • Grant

      At that price I’d recommend a Glock 10 times out of 10, and better still, I wouldn’t have to preface my recommendation with “encouraging information regarding warranty repair times.”

      • Phil White


        You may not have seen my previous comment of repair times. I sent in a Taurus revolver and it was repaired and returned in two weeks so maybe things are changing for the better. I sure believe they are. The repair was done correctly as well.

  • The Other Dave

    As always, thanks for the write-up. Not gonna lie, when I saw the title I almost puked in my mouth a little. I am very intrigued however, particularly by the price point and the DA/SA striker (which I’ve never heard of). Is the G2 kind of a souped up 24/7? It seems that the 24/7 try and attract the lower price point in the market, somewhere between Hi-Point and Glock. This is getting up to Glock prices.

    Also, not sure about that whole de-cocker thing. Seems like if you want to carry it cocked and locked and you take off the safety with too much force you wind up decocking it and might as well have kept it decocked without the safety.

    Overall very interesting.

    • Phil White


      My pleasure Dave. It’s more like a revamped 24/7. They still sell the original 24/7 of course but this one just has a different approach. I like the DA/SA design myself. It’s better than a fairly long DA pull all the time. Also, the single action has a nice feel.
      You do have to apply a bit of pressure to decock the striker. It feels like your pushing down under spring pressure to activate it. It’s just not easy to accidently decock the striker. It would be easier if you were pumping adrenaline.
      I’m sure the trigger safety is made for those who prefer not to use the manual safety and rely on the decocker. My preference is cocked and locked. I did run some drills fairly quickly with the manual safety and had no instances of hitting the decocker.

  • fred

    Thanks for the review and for answering questions.
    This one may be worth a look.
    I am a 1911 only type..
    The weight, capacity, price and multiple “condition” carry options make this one a possible alternative.
    How does it point compared to 1911? Glocks point terrible for me.. so do xds..
    I wonder how large the .45 feels.

    • Phil White


      My pleasure to answer questions Fred. I’m a fellow 1911 guy also. The way it points is not even close to the severe grip angle of the Glock. This Taurus is a good natural pointer.
      I imagine with the interchangeable backstraps the grip wouldn’t feel too large. In fact I believe the grip is the same as the 40.You do lose a couple of rounds of capacity.

  • Zach

    As JT said above, $460-470 is far higher than the price of a “well-used Glock.” In fact it’s just about the price of a NEW Glock in my area, or at least a new Gen 3 Glock. Why on earth would I want to spend just as much for this unproven Taurus when I could get a well proven Glock for the same money?

    This sort of writing makes me think “advertorial” rather than “review.”

    • Stevewonderful
    • Al T.

      “This gives you a new pistol for the price of a well used Glock. With that in mind I’ll take the Taurus.”

      I, too, find this statement to be ill advised.

      • Phil White


        Really I suppose it depends on where you live and current prices in your state. I know here it’s a correct statement as well as a few other states I’m aware of. Other states or buying LEO trade-ins online is another story. I hope this clarifies my statement.
        If you check Stevewonderfuls link for Buds the Taurus is less expensive. $350 range—–

  • harlequin

    full disclosure here. i dispise taurus autos. yea they make firearms that are available to more people but… a friend of my family has her concealed carry. she is a middle aged woman, been a shooter for a long time and quite a good shot. she carried a taurus millenium pro in .40 as her day to day carry piece. one day she got home and went to take her holster and pistol off. it snagged somehow and the pistol fell still inside the holster. the pistol discharged when in hit the floor and a round went into her stomach. she reported that the safety was on. the firing pin block failed. she survived, just barely, and has been through about 15 surgeries to repair all the damage. im glad to say she has made quite a recovery and is back out on the range with a new higher quality pistol.
    as far as i know this is a design flaw with the millenium pro and not nesessarily such an issue with other models (however i wouldnt trust any of them). i know this from our friends research and dealing with taurus. im not writing this to slam taurus but as a cautionary tale for those of you who have a millenium pro

    • Phil White


      I understand and of course I’m glad she’s alright even if she went through hell getting there! Of course when you hear things like this it makes a very strong impression.
      I’m not taking up for Taurus especially in this instance but in the last year I’ve seen a couple of guns fail that you normally wouldn’t consider capable of having a severe detonation, parts flying off etc. It makes me wonder if the current demand is making companies hurry to much getting product out at the cost of good QC?

      • harlequin

        you are quite right any mechanical device can be prone to malfunction. have you seen multiple cases within the same model, with the same defect with the others or just kinda onesy twosy? taurus is aware of this problem, not sure if they have fixed it. as part of her litigation she requested a recall which they refused and she requested a voluntary recall which they refused. we were kinda displeased with how taurus corporate handled the whole deal. Im biased but sometimes things have a different perspective when they happen so close to home. there are thousands of good functioning taurus pistols out there i just want to bring this problem to light a little bit.

        thanks phil, i enjoy the stuff youre putting out

        • Phil White


          I appreciate it and I’m glad you enjoy the reviews.
          I can certainly understand the frustration you feel with the way Taurus has handled things. It sounds like they want to keep a low profile and see what happens. I’m sure they know a big lawsuit is coming or at least I would think so.
          As far as problems they have been here and there without anything that points to a design or manufacturing defect with one particular gun. In the last few months I’ve seen the H&K USP I mentioned as well as that Glock clone with the second amendment printed all over it. I don’t recall the brand name off hand. Another was a bolt action rifle. These were catastrophic failures. Of course the failure you just passed along. As far as I’m concerned any catastrophic failures would be one to many!

  • Boschiero

    here in Brazil Taurus = Shit
    You buy a taurus, you buy a list of problems.

    • Phil White


      I’ve gotten emails from Brazil that like Taurus guns and some who don’t. I’m curious what type of problems you have experienced. I like to find out these things for my own knowledge.
      Is the Brazilian military still buying Taurus guns?

      • Boschiero

        The guns directed to USA market and our armed forces are at least regular guns.
        But the guns directed to our civil and police markets are pure crap (exception to the 1911 model, that here costs 1600,00 USD). Every gun that foreigners can not accept as reliable is sold here in Brazil and to Paraguay, the primary crime directed market.

        • Phil White


          Wow, now that’s interesting all the way around! Good heavens $1600 for a Taurus 1911 is insane!!!

      • jdun1911


        High prices are due to Brazil protectionism. It goes to all level of Brazilian industries. For example laptops computers cost 4 to 6 time as much in Brazil than in the USA.

        • Phil White


          That’s very informative as well as making perfect sense. I think I’ll do a bit of study on that subject. I know there are things going on in Brazil that have the US concerned. The COIN aircraft contract with Imbraer for a number of Tucano aircraft was recently canceled by the US after the contract was signed. We still don’t know why for certain but where there’s smoke there’s fire.

          I checked the protectionism phrase you passed along and the first article from “The Economist” explains a bit of what’s going on there.

      • Boschiero

        Phil White and jdun1911

        The problem is not protectionism.
        The problem is that is so difficult to anyone buy a gun here that the prices did go to space in order to keep the market profitable.
        Our 1600USD 1911 are made here.

        Nothing beyond .38SPL revolvers and .380ACP pistols are sold to civilians.
        If you are a registered competitor the guns purchased to compete can not be use in your defense at consequence of you loose the right to own any gun to any purpose.

        If you have a registered gun to defense you can not use your guns to nothing outside your house.

        The feds, that regulate the defense biased register, are fucking bastards! They walk over the law and deny the register of new guns to the individual who already have one, even the law determining otherwise.

        The easiest way to own a gun here is to become a cop, competing with thousands of people in public procurement.

        • Phil White


          I understand what you mean.It just seems like a bad deal all around!

    • cc19

      I am reminded of a quote that goes something like, “You will always hear people asking if a Taurus is good as a Beretta, but you will never hear if a Beretta is as good as a Taurus.”

  • farmboy7.62

    Nice review….Did they rip off the Safe action system to?

    • Phil White


      Thanks! That I’m not sure of but I doubt it since it’s setup for DS as well as DA and SA. I don’t see how it could be the same as a Glock safe action.

  • David/Sharpie

    I hate the 24/7 trigger, but I do like the look of this one, may have to try and get used to the trigger, AND IT’S BE RESTRICTED IN CANADA!!!! And not prohib.

    • David/Sharpie

      Feck, that’s either “it’ll be” or “it’s”

      • Phil White


        LOL–I got ya:-)

    • Phil White


      This trigger is better than the standard 24/7. Restricted geez when are people going to learn bad guys don’t go by the law anyway!

      • David/Sharpie

        Yeah I shot like 20 rounds through the 24/7 and stopped it was so bad, but I don’t really like DA in handguns, my handguns currently are Glock 17, 1911 and Single-Six, all have SA style triggers.

        If my range/gunstore get these in I might have to try it out.

        Liberal party for ya……..they believe a raped woman is better than a dead rapist.

        • Phil White


          I’m partial to single action guns as well. In fact almost all of mine with one exception are single action. I hope when you get a chance to shoot one you enjoy it:-)

  • Lance

    Never had been a Taurus fan but admit there quality improved ten fold over the last decade.

    • Phil White


      That it has. Back ten or fifteen years ago I wouldn’t even look at one.

  • charles222

    Yeah, bad camera angle I imagine?

    • Phil White


      I’ll take a better picture and post it tomorrow. I’m sure you’ll see a real difference.

      Charles I added a new picture of the rear of the slide. It’s at the bottom of the review.

  • mosinman

    not a big poly pistol fan, but as always its good to see whats out there. oh, whats with all the down votes on everything?

    • David/Sharpie

      Fecking trolls lurking out from under the bridge…..

      • Phil White


        Yep, read my comment below to Mosinman. That pretty much sums up how I feel about the foolishness.

    • Phil White


      That started early yesterday. It’s some bozo with nothing else to do but thumbs down on everyones comment. I suppose they don’t have what it takes to make intelligent comments.
      If they think it’s bothering me or probably anyone else, they are sorely mistaken.
      There I spoke my mind:-)

      • mosinman

        yeah thats the interwebs for you. now i gotta know phil, would you ever take this over a good 1911?

        • Phil White


          Isn’t that the truth! To answer that question—-not a chance but that’s true for most pistols. That’s not to say I wouldn’t add to what I have:-)

      • David/Sharpie

        Mosin: I know that wasn’t directed at me but I’ll give my answer.

        Considering price, yes, I would if it felt good in my hand and I liked how it looked and how the trigger felt. I would rather spend less money on a good pistol and train with it than buy a high dollar one then not afford to practice with it

        • Phil White


          That’s why I have a couple of 1911’s in 9mm so it’s not so darn expensive. The price of 45 acp even for practice is twice the price in some places and significantly more expensive in others. In a 1000 case the price is $100 more. Now if I buy 500 ro9unds of 9MM at Guns For Sale it’s priced under $100.

          My next purchase will be a Kimber .22 cal conversion so it will be even cheaper.
          For Glock users a .22 cal conversion is also a good idea.

          Oh yea, if the comments directed at me I don’t mind anyone answering as well:-)

    • mosinman

      no problem david, always good to get opinions. id take the 1911 too although as phil said, it never hurts to add to the collection ;D yeah i feel the hurt when i wanna shoot .45, it depends where you go but its usually more than 9mm. i also feel that a pistol with a multi cal conversion kit is a great choice. like if i bought a 1911 id probably buy the 9mm conversion kit for it so i can shoot it more

      • Phil White


        Which is why I bought the Kimber Aegis II in 9MM after I reviewed it. It’s so much cheaper to practice with 9MM. You can’t use a 22 cal conversion on a 9mm 1911 but I plan on getting one for my 45acp. I have one for my AR as well even though .223 isn’t terribly expensive===YET!
        I’m going to fit a 38 Super barrel on the 9MM 1911 so I can fire both rounds. The Cor-Bon 38 Super rounds pack a real punch!

  • Jeff

    Is it just me, or is there just excessive thumbs downing on this post? I can literally see the Taurus hate

    • Phil White


      WE have a problem with a person who has done the old thumbs down on everyone’s post.I just ignore it and chalk it up to someone with nothing else to do:-)

  • Duttyrock2012

    I have a question for those with actual Taurus experience. I have a Millennium Pro in 9mm, I bought used for $150 ( a real bargain). My issue is, it shoots like crap, I can never get a tight shot group, and I hate the DA only trigger. I also own a Glock 22 and Bersa Thunder 380, both of which I can reliably and regularly maintain a tight shot pattern. Is this just a case of operator error or have others had similar pronlem with this little Taurus?

    • Phil White


      Just from the experience with mine I haven’t had any issues with accuracy. The trigger does take some getting used to.

  • MadMango

    I purchased this gun last summer. One thing new owners of a Taurus needs to do (any new weapon) is give it a good cleaning. Taurus USA packs them with what looks like white lithium grease. Get that junk out of there! I’ve sent about 1200 rounds though mine, all different weights, and can attest that the 24/7 G2 in .40SW doesn’t really care what you feed it. I’ve shot from 135-180 grain. I’ve settled on 180. It is easy to field strip and clean. I also shoot a Browning Hi-power, Colt Government, Beratta 92FS, and S&W 469. I would be comfortable putting my life on the line with this Taurus.

    • Phil White


      Agreed I think it is white lithium and it is a must to clean it very well before that first range trip. I’m not up to the round count you have but it’s feeding anything and still no malfunctions:-)

    • richard

      i own a pt24/7 pr0 g2 and it is great but i have one question. can it take +p or ++p?

      • Phil White


        Yes sir you can use +P but I would stay away from +P+. The amount of stopping power between the +P and +P+ is really not worth the wear and tear on the pistol. Just about any +P will do the job for you. Since the review I fired some Cor-Bon +P and had no problems with it.

        • the Taurus manual clearly states not to use any +p ammunition due to the fact that it creates pressures outside the limit of the factory barrel.

  • Bob Parks

    I purchased a new 24/7 G2 45 Taurus and it was junk from the first round. At 20 foot the weapon would not hold a 2 foot group. I sent the weapon back to taurus 5 weeks ago and have not received it back yet. On their site it shows that the weapon is there but has not been repaired yet. I would highly recommend anyone desiring a high quality weapon to purchase anything other than a taurus weapon. In my experience, their weapons are junk and their customer service is non existant. Thank You!
    Bob Parks

    • Phil White


      I’m sorry to hear you had that problem with such inaccuracy. I would expect the pistol to be back very soon. I’ve been keeping track of repair times of late and most are returned within 3 to 4 weeks.
      Since you no longer have confidence in this weapon I would trade it for an XDm.

    • disqus_hhmIFhbjih-Indiana

      I have over 10 taurus pistols and several raging Bulls with very few problems. I sent one revolver in for repair last summer and had it back in about 2-3 weeks. I called customer support and paid for shipping over the phone and they emailed me a shipping label for round trip. In all of my 20 years in the US Army and all of my Taurus pistols I have never had the accuracy problems that you describe so I must assume that your accuracy problems are self induced.

  • Mike

    I bought a 24/7 G2 .45 ACP a while back and overall it’s been pretty reliable. I’ve always had XDs…and wanted to branch out a little. You really can’t beat the price point or the features of it (if you prefer ambidexterous safeties and mag release). Overall I think it’s a nice looking weapon (although I wish I had gotten the stainless slide…since the visible part of the barrel is stainless and scuffs after a few uses…looks tacky on the blue slide IMO. That’s my biggest peeve and merely from asthetics). Like I said…no problems with it at all after a few sight adjustments.

    Also in case you didn’t know you can preset the trigger for single action by pulling the trigger and holding it and engaging the slide before you load.

    • Lee Trumbull

      Thanks for the tip on the single action, works beautifully!

  • jon fidler

    I just recently bought a taurus 24/7 g2 compact .45. After it i took it to the range and had a great time. Trigger pull in da and sa was very smooth. I shot with strong side and then weak side and at 15 yds the accurcey was a 3 in group. Very nice carry pistol. Had a hi-point in 9mm that was also nice,but i wanted a .45 compact for everyday carry.I figure if i have to use a weapon I want to knock them down. I love my Taurus and if you don’t like them don’t buy one.

  • Lee Trumbull

    Hey guys and gals,

    New to the Firearms blog, but a longtime Taurus owner. I work in High Risk Security and as a Personal Protection Officer, the Taurus 24/7 Pro DS was my original carry weapon I now use the 24/7 G2. Never had a problem with either, and grouping is around 3 inches at 25 yards. Keep up the good work Taurus and you’ll have a customer for LIFE in me! Love what you guys are doing here, I can’t talk firearms with the wife, lol.

    • Phil White


      Welcome and I’m glad you’re enjoying the time you spend here!

  • reyski

    my friend has a 24/7 g2 .40cal..i fired a few rounds with it and im pretty satisfied with the weight and it feels right on my hand..

    after more than 200 rounds however, the right slide lock broke for reason beyond our understanding hehehe but the local distributor was able to replace it within a week ( nice ). lo and behold after about 30 rounds it broke again ( left side this time )…sheesh…. now the distributor said the part will arrive first week of June. we dont know if this is a known issue with the G2 .40cal but my friend is pretty dissapointed…now im having 2nd thoughts of buying a taurus…

  • marty

    I bought a 24/7 in 40 cal I would say about 8 years ago now, and right from the start I have not been impressed. It has a mile long trigger pull so i don’t shoot it much took it out 3 months ago and it jammed more than it shot. After sending it back to taurus because the return spring kept popping out of place.Got it back after about 2 weeks for it to have the same problem I can’t wait to get rid of it.I would not recomend any taurus product

  • Joe

    Kinda sucks that you guys have had problems with your guns, I bought a 24/7 compact g2 in 9 mill back in April and its been swell! Me and my buddy went to the range and shot standing clay targets versus his sig .40 and I was able to keep up with him! Even at various distance. I’ll admit his Acton is smoother and the ergo is a bit nicer, but really it does everything I want it to. I also found it for 420! Much more doable than 500 and it was brand new too, I do realize tho that you may find bad eggs in any brand, so if you don’t find it in a Taurus then don’t sweat it, seriously its all about preference in the end.

    • I bought the PT140 a few weeks back and put $350 down on the G2 9MM this week. Will pick it up last week…Same range…$419. Tax brings it up to about $460, but well worth it.

  • Jerome06

    I dont hate this gun, nor any gun be whatever brand but my question is for those who questions this guns accuracy. How do you test for accuracy? Do you use a bench holder? or just you holding the gun? Because there is a big difference when you fire the gun yourself or on the bench, one is the flinch of your wrist and your body reaction as on the bench it stays there literally, specially when you are using different bullet of rating. Usually it is the operator not the weapon who has the problem. Lastly I just want to ask why are there holes at the back of the Taurus firearm shown above below the sights?

  • DL

    I am buying this gun and haven’t shot it yet…am praying it will be ok— as a woman i am also hoping it won’t be too hard to pull the trigger…?!

    • It isn’t….not sure what the pull is but in double action it doesn’t take much.

  • DL

    i am getting the 45

  • carlos

    its going to be the first time for me to buy a gun and I been thinking about the Taurus 24/7 g2 .45 or the glock 21 I need your help on to witch 1 shoud I buy please help I will appreciate it guys

    • First time buyer? My suggestion is go to a range and rent a couple…but I would try the 9-40 and 45 in each. See which is most comfortable and goes where you aim…a 9MM in the middle of the target is better than a .45 on the edge or outside. It is totally personal…fit it to you….find what feels good when you shoot. Stick an 8″ target somewhere on the silhouette and try one….cover the holes or put up another 8″ and try it….fit the gun to you and not you to the gun. The G2 seems pretty easy to disassemble and clean….but I am partial to Taurus.

    • ronaldo crespin

      I’d go with 45. Get the best the first time around. The Glock is bulky and longer than the Taurus. I would consider the Taurus if you plan to carry. But if you want reliability most, then the Glock would be it.

  • leviboy 1

    I just purchased the 45 and brought it to the indoor gun range, I only got to shoot 45 rounds through it before it stopped firing! Not sure what is wrong with it but for another $50. dollars I can send it back to Taurus for them to inspect it. Looking back when I wanted to purchas a handgun if I would of known that it was going to cost me this much money for a lower end product I would of spent the extra right of the bat and bought from a reputable gun manufacture. On top of that I have a 6 to 8 week waiting period before I will get it back (from what I have heard lets hope that is all). My words of wisdom would be do some research and maybe even rent one to fire before purchasing!

    • Donny Killsyou Golden

      Dumbest post so far. Taurus doesnt charge you to inspect or fix a weapon….Lifetime Warranty. FREE OF CHARGE TO REPAIR.

    • brian

      You sound like everyone else that don’t under stand that every manufactured hand gun could have an issue at any time I own a g2 45 flawless and very accurate

    • disqus_hhmIFhbjih-Indiana

      You obviously don’t own many weapons. This is a post of ignorance.

  • Grim

    I have the .45 g2 and i love it but i am all about power and range i have shot it at close range and distance and it is a VERY ACCURATE pistol if i can remember corectly i shot it at about 25 and 30 yards and lets just say if it was a bad guy they wouldnt be here anymore lol

  • sergio

    Picked one up the other day and its a very nice gun I like that its fully ambidextrouse I like to shoot with either hand ist a little snappy in .40 but I like it makes it feel powerfull the trigger is not bad but I have 2 issues seem inaccurate but upon inspection I can see the front sight is to the left good thing its adjustable and when I fire the slide jams on the trigger mechanism like it gets cought on the mech and holds the slide back I know its not the slide lock it jams futher back and with rounds in the clip no problem with rounds feeding somthing must be out of spec by a few mm

    • kentsnpsht

      They’re called magazines not “clips”. Clips are used to charge
      magazines, Like the Mauser 98, the Springfield ’03, the SKS, the M-1
      Garand, et al.

  • Catdaddy314

    People have the wrong impression about Taurus firearms. They are not a cheap gun. Sure they have great prices and for that they are labeled as a cheap built gun. In fact they are some of the best designed and built guns on earth. They have bought out several great gun manufactures plants from them that were being shut down due to bad sales, bad economy, employee layoffs, or whatever. In fact most of the newer pistols are designed by engineers from the Beretta factory the bought out. Also they are the only gun manufactor who builds every piece of every gun they make. They make every part of their guns. That alone cuts hundreds of dollars off the price of any Taurus hand gun. I have many brands of guns and deal with guns daily with my job. You can get a bad gun in any brand. But as far as price and quality goes, no gun manufactor is close to Taurus. When you buy a Taurus you are getting a BMW at Ford prices.

  • Gilly

    You said that it comes with 2 thirteen round clips. Mine came with 2 fifteen round clips. You also said it has 2 internal lock keys. Mine came with 1 key and 1 “key” for pushing the pin out that holds the back strap in place. Just a heads up!!!


    • ronaldo crespin

      He did specifically say that he was reviewing a 40 S&W.

    • kentsnpsht

      They’re called magazines not “clips”. Clips are used to charge magazines, Like the Mauser 98, the Springfield ’03, the SKS, the M-1 Garand, et al.

  • Jason Light

    i just bought the compact for 450 a month ago…Great Gun so far..I have also used 400 rounds on targets and not one hiccup…..40s&w caliber…the one issue I did have was the snap cap firing pin protector got stuck in the barrel when I tried to eject it.. I just dropped the mag, locked the slide and turned it upside down…I’ve seen people dry fire with no hesitation but I hear it’s not good to do…what’s your opinion? thanks and Great Review!

  • ronaldo crespin

    I would like to know if you feel that the “magazine drop” problem has been addressed or solved with the G2 series. I have personally experienced a 145 Pro dropping the mag during firing and I don’t have to emphasize the point of that being very bad.

  • Justin McConnell

    Just bought the G2 .40 a few days ago and immediately put 150 rounds through it in about 5 minutes with 0 problems. The longer trigger pull does take a little getting used to, but even that gets less noticeable the more you shoot it.
    Being that it is slightly on the heavier side I was hesitant about putting any after market accessories on it, but decided to give a try anyways and turned out better than I could have imagined. With a rail attachment, red dot sight, AND tac-light all on one weapon system I am still getting (on my bad day) a 3in group @ 25m
    I absolutely love this weapon system, and for $350 (Cabelas employee discount) I couldn’t be happier with a .40cal.

  • bandanna

    Perched this gun for 300hun and it’s totally unacceptable.. trigger was 9 lbs of pure grit and grind. Trigger spring broke second time at the range.. Taurus won’t sell internal parts any more so I’m through with them.. and yes I own about 10 Taurus guns and almost everything else, I Have some Taurus revolvers that are great shooters after rework. Their QC in non existence. The only thing they got right with this gun is the ergonomics which is great and no more brass in the face like my 809… (glock should be this good). I could write a book on Taurus problems I’ve had and their CS was no help on any of them.. 809 went back about 8 times and was never fixed.. kept breaking trigger spring… made my own spring and extractor and now it’s great gun. experienced hobbyists like me can fix a lot of problems with honing stones and files… but bottom line…. no parts no Taurus . I did get the trigger pull down to about 7 lbs and made a trigger spring with addition coils and now it’s much better.
    and yes I own glocks, Springfield’s, cz’s , fns, browning, rugers, hk,s eaa’s sti’s you name it… I know the difference between combat and target pistols. favorite combat trigger, my ruger sr9 with ghost mod. thanks and hope most have good luck with this gun..

    • disqus_hhmIFhbjih-Indiana

      I have put over 5000 rounds through mine and never a problem but I also am used to military-style weapons in the Army.