Manufaktur Heinrich Fortmeier M-2002 Single Shot Modular Rifle

The The M-2002 is a modular multi-caliber long range rifle manufactured by German company Manufaktur Heinrich Fortmeier. It features a single shot action, free floating barrel, rotatable bipod, AR-15 pistol grip and a large 3-chamber muzzle brake. It is chambered in the standard .308 Win, .338 Lapua Magnum and .50 BMG trifecta, but also some unusual long range cartridges such as the .416 TYR.

M-2002 Single Shot Modular Rifle in .50 BMG with IOR scope.

The .50 BMG model has a 35.4″ (900mm) barrel and weighs 25.4 lbs (without scope).

The company has incorporated enlarged primers in their .338 Lapua Magnum brass. You can see the standard case next to the case with an enlarged primer pocket in the above photo.

[ Many thanks to Dom for the photos and infomation. ]

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  • Reverend Clint

    looks like a sniper version of the pancor jackhammer.
    How much does the .308 version weigh?

    • Other Steve

      This in 308 is just too funny. I’m going to guess 15lbs.

    • W

      WTF is a pancor jackhammer!?


      • Graham 1

        It’s this ridiculous prototype, drum fed, bullpup, full-auto shotgun from the late eighties. I actually see the passing (and I really mean passing) resemblance in the overall shape of this gun, but I personally wouldn’t say “looks like a sniper version of”.

      • W

        my internet is uber slow, but i did a google search. Wow is all i can say hahahaha!

  • JMD

    I’d love to know more about the special .338 Lapua with the larger primers. What’s the purpose of that? What kind of primers are they? Is the brass something a person can purchase, or would they have to be modified from standard brass?

    • Other Steve

      Gimmick. Everyone seems to be moving to small primers not the other way around. Plus, I think 338 LM has been doing JUST FINE with small primers. I’m going to trust Lapua over some small Chyetac inspired (Intervention Imitation) single shot builder.

      • W

        other steve, damn you for beating me to it. 😉 I vehemetely agree that Lapua is a credible source.

      • Mike Knox

        And the Chey-Tac Intervention’s also an imitation of the EDM Windrunner. The M-2002’s more of a HS-50 immitation..

  • Other Steve

    I like the cheapo A2 grip. Because every gun needs a little milspec AR in it.

    • JMD

      It probably makes sense for them to just supply all the rifles with a basic grip, when they know their customers probably already have a preference and will change it. People don’t want to pay a bunch for a part they’re likely going to replace immediately.

      • Scott

        Yeah, but c’mon….at least make the effort to have something consistent….

  • abprosper

    I’d hate to carry that big rifle but as target rifle or a bench rifle the extra weight would make the recoil in .308 or Lapua feel a lot lighter so its not all bad.

  • Doesitmatter?

    This must be tough market to be in. There are so many already, although Herr Fortmeier is certainly sure his is the best!

  • Leonard

    While this looks like a great piece of engineering, I do not quite get who the target audience is. Seems to heavy and impractical (single shot!) for military and law-enforcement, and even as a sports shooter I do not quite know what to use this for…

  • Lance

    No .300 Win Mag im outraged I cant use US Army sniper ammo now LOL. Like the .416 idea. too bad there no win mag for the calibers BIG European disappointment again.

    • W

      haha, i actually agree with you lance, it sucks that there is no 300 win mag. but thats ok, the sky isn’t falling yet. To me, its another firearm to enter the market, and that is what gets me super stoked.

  • Mike

    It looks an awful lot like a modification of the Steyr HS 50.

    • AMX

      IIRC, Fortmeier was involved in the development of the HS50.
      So the resemblance is not by accident.

  • John Doe

    I laughed at the little AR grip there.

  • tarkan

    Why no one focuses on freefloat bulpup designs like Hungarians did,Gepard GM6?

  • I need to stop eating so I can afford more toys. Or maybe I should just stop looking at this stuff on the internet.

  • Sid

    Great gun. Now, who do they think is going to buy this weapon?

    It is a single shot sniper rifle that can be adapted to fire different calibers. Why? Every sniper I have deployed with had separate weapons for separate purposes. This is a really long rifle that does not offer follow-up shots.

    There are too many semi-automatic rifles available that active snipers prefer. There are too many really accurate competition rifles that weigh less.

    If there is something I am missing, please explain.

    • Mike Knox

      Who? How about shooters who want a new Anti Material Breech loading rifle or those looking for a new HS-50 (germans most likely) or Barrett M99.

      A different rifle for each purpose is too detrimentally specific. Military and Law Enforcement Marksmen can do anything with whatever they have, even with a .223 Remmington. Just a .338 Lapua Magnum’s good enough for almost anything.

      The M2002 is as big as a HS-50, but both are as portable as an FN MAG (or M240).

      Autoloading Precision Rifles degrade on accuracy easier and wanes on performance at longer ranges.

      Weight on a rifle may be inconvenient for some but it soaks up recoil. You don’t find featherweight Precision Rifles for hard targets..

  • charles222

    Yeah, not really seeing a Jackhammer resemblance myself.

  • Bryan

    Are their hybrid/wildcat rounds in the pics based off of their modded 338LM brass?

  • ernierod

    Is there a dealer for this rifle in the USA?? Approximate price in 300w Mag??