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  • Lance

    Thats why I prefer a 9mm Makarov for CCW. It has more power than a .380 and bit larger combat style small frame for comfort. Glocks are nice wish they make a single stak small from one though a 19 is nice but still BIG for carrying on a hot day.

    • Corsair8X

      I may be misunderstanding your comment, but the PPS is 9mm. That 380 was a gun that he was using to illustrate the negatives of many single stack options from the past and how the PPS addresses them.

    • Lemming

      I also enjoy the makarov when I’m on the go, but seeing this video I’m thinking of giving the PPS a try, btw thanks Chris, great video.

  • Leonard

    I do wonder why nobody in my shooting club has one of these…although we are Germans and Walther is a German company, nobody seems to bother with them. Most people have CZs, Glocks or H&K USP Variants. Then again this pistol is more suited for concealed carry and self-defense than shooting sports, and carrying our guns with us is something we are not allowed to in Germany anyways (unless you acquire a really hard-to-come by “Waffenschein” gun license rather than just the normal “Waffenbesitzkarte”)

    • Sorry about the lack of positive German carry laws, Leonard. The PPS is a nice shooting gun for its size, but if carry is not an option, it’s really unnecessary. For purely recreational or competitive shooting, I would much rather have one of the CZs, Glocks, or HKs that you mentioned, or maybe a full size Walther like the new PPQ.

      • Leonard

        Thank you Chris, that’s just what I thought. Might have a look at the PPQ then, though I doubt it gives me any advantage over my current Glock 17…

  • Hi,
    nice video!

    And I agree, the PPS is a very good gun, and very underestimated.

  • Todd

    I have owned one since they were first introduced (not a first edition) and I will confirm the reliability of the pistol is superb. It digests any ammo I have put in it from steel cased to aluminum stuff. Accuracy and shootability are outstanding and the fact that it fits nicely under everything from a suit during the day to shorts and a t-shirt makes it my preferred carry pistol. I love my Gen-3 G19 but my Walther PPS (7rd mag) in 9mm w/ 147g Speer Gold Dots is a constant companion. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a capable and reliable pistol that they can trust their lives to.

  • SpudGun

    Very slick and well produced video. Really enjoyed the cross cutting between subject and action shots. Nice round up of the pros and cons, but a little light on information.

    Would like to have heard more about accuracy, reliability, preferred ammo and what it’s like to carry on a day to day basis. Other then that, an excellent review.

    • Thanks for the feedback, SpudGun. I contemplated adding more information like you’re talking about, but the video was already getting pretty long, especially for this level of production. I figured there are lots of other videos and reviews on the PPS if people want more detailed information. I mostly wanted to address the role that the PPS fills in the concealed carry market.

  • Jesse

    I did not realize that you could stop the striker with your thumb. That is kind of awesome.

    • You can’t actually stop the striker with your thumb, you can just feel that it is moving, so you know to stop moving the gun and relieve pressure on the trigger.

  • John Davies

    I have had a PPS9 for a couple of years. I added a Limb Saver slip on sleeve for a couple of reasons:

    It helps keep the back strap in place, not that it will fall off by itself, but if I should happen to drop the gun and it hits butt first on concrete, it would prevent it from popping loose and disabling the gun…. I HOPE. This is the only real flaw in the PPS – the backs trap should not be intimately connected to the firing pin! Please note that I have never read a report of a gun becoming disabled by the strap popping loose.

    OTH the sleeve makes the gun a joy to shoot. It is the most pointable, instinctively accurate pistol I have ever fired. Everyone looks long and hard for that perfect gun that fits your hand just right. This is mine. It literally feels like an extension of my forearm.

    I don’t normally carry it tho. I usually have a double stack XDm 40 in a fanny pack for it’s firepower. But for those times when I need an IWB rig, the PPS comes along.

    If you can find a PPS to try, give it a box of ammo and I bet you will come away liking it.


    • I also have the Limbsaver and think it’s a big improvement for shootability. I don’t usually keep it on the gun though because it makes it much more difficult to draw, and it’s uncomfortable against my skin. But for long shooting sessions, it’s a nice addition.

  • jdun1911

    Hey Christ,

    What camera and software did you use to make the video?

    • I’m not Christ, but I think I can answer your questions.

      I used a Canon 5D mkII and a Canon T2i for filming. Editing was with Sony Vegas and Adobe AfterEffects.

  • RM

    I rarely comment on videos but this one was very, very well done! Nice job Chris! Where can we see more?

    • Thanks, glad you like it! I’ve only got two videos out right now, but there will be more to come. Just subscribe to my YouTube channel:

      • Corsair8X

        Done, because that was a quality video

      • Dan

        Done, that was a great video, keep up the good work!

  • 276pedersen

    Excellent review and video.

  • gar

    Very well done review video!

    I know there’s a lot of gun vids on YouTube, but the poor production values on some of them make them difficult to watch (used to do lots of AV work). With this video, that’s obviously NOT the case. Crisp transitions, good audio, and the visuals to match the voice overs.

    Consider me a subscriber. I’m looking forward to more reviews.

  • Eugene

    Great review, informative, well structured, clear and concise. Subscribed to your channel and looking forward to the future videos 🙂

  • gaosmer

    well done, after looking at PPS a couple years ago I could not get past a 9mm limitations. But I will add it back to my possible list, if I can ever find one.

  • jim

    just yet another reason to get a SA/XDs 45..

  • That dude

    Hey that’s the guy on all the videos over at lucky gunner! Cool review!