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  • Lance

    Nice AK-103, I like how they can show the bullet leaving the muzzle faster than the speed of sound.

    • Alex

      They don’t. All you see is the muzzle flash, and last I checked, you can see that even at regular speeds.

      • hojo

        It’s tempting with shotguns, to see the shotcup, and think you’re seeing the projectile.

      • hojo

        actually, I see what looks like a fast moving cloud that is NOT muzzle flash. I wouldn’t say that I could see “The Bullet”, but I can see what is probably shot.

  • Joshua Here’s a similar one with a few customized Saiga 12’s and significantly fancier cinematography. They even fire them with the cover off a few times.

  • ducky


  • FullMentalJackoff

    Here’s a better video.

    • hojo

      We have a winner.

  • Hainabu

    In this category obviously this is the best video:

    The best from 4:16