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  • Steve In Delray

    AGREE! ! ! ! !

  • Abe Froman

    For the man who has everything, and then wants more.

  • Raoul O’Shaughnessy

    I t looks like someone dropped a Garand into a bucket of tacticool.

    • Nater

      Well, the Sage chassis are ‘tacticool’, but they are actual military grade products, not some Tapco schite. It’s not really my thing on an M1. Maybe on an M1A, but not the original. I’d rather have someone build me a chrome-lined Tanker variant (18″ barrel). I think Fulton does, but they’re pricey for an M1.

      • HSR47

        Google Shuff’s Parkerizing; he cuts garands down to 16.” He calls the resulting rifle a “mini g.”

  • lucusloc

    how easy is it to tune an m1 to shoot modern loaded 30-06? if I was going to do that to my garand (would only consider it because it does not actually modify the rifle) I would want it to shoot standard ammo. otherwise it seems silly to me. hopefully all it would take is different springs? can a garand chamber handle the pressure of modern loadings?

    • Bob

      There is an adjustable gas plug available for the M1..

    • Charles222

      Not hard. I shoot 180-grain Remington core-lokt and have never had an issue; as long as you have an adjustable gas plug and stay between 150 to 180 grain cartridges you should be fine.

    • Matt

      You can shoot modern ammo in a Garand if you have an adjustable gas plug, which is a drop in part and the original can easily be replaced later.

      The receiver, bolt, etc can easily handle the pressure of up to a .338 Win. Mag. The op-rod, however, is bent at very specific angles in three very specific places and can be bent out of spec by over pressure ammo (read: Modern hunting ammo, which is about 200-300FPS faster than the M2 Ball .30-06 ammo).

  • iMick

    Wheres the EBR stock for the M1 Carbine????? πŸ™‚

  • Foetus


  • Clodboy

    I kind of like the design, but at the same time, it seems rather… naked, like there’s a lot of surface area and dead spaces for dust and grit to enter.

    • Tebow’d

      These reasons are a big part of why I sold mine, dust and fouling got everywhere. Living in a desert doesn’t help either. That and the weight made it difficult to carry if the Situation Hit The Fan and I had to be mobile for a long time….But it did look bad ass on my M1A scout.

  • Gareth

    I’ve always been curious about the sage stock. Personally I think it looks sexy as hell, but I’ve never gotten the chance to hold and shoot one. I’ve heard someone pointed out it’s very front heavy and just, you know, very heavy. And it certainly looks that way. Is there a consensus there, about exactly how ergonomic this design is? I know it’s been chosen by the military but I really want to know how people who use it think, apart from how great it looks.

  • Komrad

    Meh, I wouldn’t buy it, but I’m not angry about destroying history so long as the original stock is kept so that it can be switched back.

    My big issue is the number of rails. Why even bother with the side ones when most of the time, you are only using the top one for optics and the bottom for a fore grip and maybe a light? But it isn’t my money, and people can spend theirs however they please.

  • John Doe

    Wouldn’t buy one, but I must say it’s pretty cool. Sage > Tapco when it comes to tacticool stuff too.

    • Other Steve

      Yea, but Smart > Kia, that doesn’t still mean its practical or a good value. Same with this over-tactical monster, can we get a weight please! My guess is 11bs unloaded

  • Gage

    I wouldn’t mind doing something like this for a Mosin, but a Garand is a little far. I’m trying to find a Garand for cheaper than $500 and I’m seeing Mosins all over the place.

    • W

      finding a garand for 500 bucks? dude, you cant get something for nothing. Save your pennies, budget for 1,000-1,500 and get a good rifle. A 500 dollar garand would be falling apart.

      • charles222

        Yeah, mine cost about that..but I bought mine from a friend of mine. Was at the Savannah Gun Show the other day and it seemed like Garands were running 800-1500 bucks on average.

  • Noir

    Does anyone make this for SVT-40?

  • David

    I’d like to get a “drop in” stock for one of my two M1 rifles to keep the wood stock from getting even more scuffed and dinged-up than it already is when I shoot it for high power matches… Thing is, this EBR stock costs as much as the rifle! Ouch!

    As for the tacticool issue: I think a 7.62x51mm Garand with one of these stocks installed would be a better .308 rifle for most folks than the DSA FAL or SOCOM M1a from Springfield Armory, frankly. To each his own I guess.

  • Jim S

    Why not go whole hog and make it a bullpup too?

    • somebody

      you might have a problem when the clip ejects if you make it bullpup

  • Its official, John C. Garand is spinning in his grave.

    • Clodboy

      Yeah, with excitement.

      Garand himself was not opposed to new materials and ergonomics, seeing as how he himself designed the T31, a bullpup rifle with a synthetic buttstock and handguard, as well as a recoil reduction system that would have been pretty darn revolutionary if it hadn’t ultimately failed due to fouling problems.

      Chances are he’d be rather proud to see his design taken into the next century with the EBR stock.

    • Jeff

      I dunno, garand was pretty out there/unconventional… he built a mini ice rink in his living room

  • Andrew

    I like it over all. That said It would have to be an M1 that was either already a parts kit or on destined for a new stock anyways for me to even consider the EBR stock. The M1 is just a classy rifle as is and I can’t justify (to myself) turning classy into tacticool.

  • David

    Hmm, I kinda like it, (Like my SKS and the Tapco stock) I would only get it so it doesn’t ding the original stock

    • David/Sharpie

      PS, This is a diff. David than few posts down, I’m adding my nickname to my tag

  • Dale

    Sage stocks are awesome. However, they are very scarce. I’ve had one purchased from a sage distributor since the first of the year. Every time they get a run done, the military scoops them all up. Sage says maybe I’ll get mine at the end of April.

  • Big Daddy

    This isn’t as bad as what Red jacket did to a Thompson SMG. At least this is reversible and you can put it back into your old stock.

    If someone made a good shooting inexpensive 30.06 semi auto modern tactical rifle there would be no need for it but as far as I know nobody does. So there is a need for something like this.

    The Garand is a great rifle, some people might just want it to have a modern ergonomic feel and that’s fine. As long as you can undo the tacticool you’re good.

    Hoesntly it looks like a pigs arse. The original look of an M1 is amazing, I should have bought that one when I could have 30 years ago. Oh well.

    • David/Sharpie

      The Tommy that Red Jacket worked on was an Auto-Ord Semi auto New Man. gun, not an original M1/M1928 etc Tommy.

      I agree on the tacticool reversal, but this does look pretty cool, though it does take away from the original look, but that’s okay as it is non-permanent

  • Joseph

    Now South Korea an sell us their Garands and everyone will need one of these! BRILLIANT!!

    • David/Sharpie

      IIRC they still are yours as you guys merely leant them to the ROK.

      That’s like stealing them selling it back to the victim!!!! Only diff. is that you had knowledge of it

  • M.G. Halvorsen

    Granted, there have been many advances in firearms tech. since 1936. That said, this thing is like putting body armor on Marilyn Monroe. Leave classic beauty beautiful!

    • David/Sharpie

      But, like armor on Monroe, you can take this off =P

      I like this because it’s non permanent, so you can switch at will. Which reminds me, I gotta find where I put the stock for my SKS before I go shooting next (GF doesn’t like the Tapco stock, so I’m gonna see if she likes the regular stock)

  • Brian P.

    Oh GOD! What have they DONE?!

  • jay

    There’s a very special place in hell for the guy that did this.

    • Chase Paul

      I would let this happen if the rifles’ metal assembly was in ok shape but the wood furniture was warped and trashed. Its cheaper in some respects than finding a guy to carve another oak or maple furniture replacement. “okay, i’ll use this one in the desert and keep my good looking garand at the base.”

  • Lance

    Awesome idea now the Army can have M-1 DMRs for Afghanistan LOL. Nice idea for a hobby gun but expensive and out of spec for a classic.

  • Frank

    Something I haven’t seen someone bring up but considering Patton’s comment re: the Garand… What Would George Say?!

    • David/Sharpie

      You’re not changing the way it operates or it’s lethality, so I’m guessing his comment will still stand

  • Matt G.

    I’m not some jackass who can’t accept change, or the fact that other people may like something that I don’t, so I have only one problem with this… Why do all these EBR chassis systems have permanent rails hanging all over them?

    What with the fact that most people use exactly one rail mounted device…and the whole trend with AR rifles going to slick, lightweight, modular tube rails, I can’t see why they don’t make one of these things with a lighter modular attachable rail design instead. I think that would be much more useful.

    • Other Steve

      It’s already so heavy I don’t think the rails are really hurting that.

    • John Doe

      I say death to quad rails. I don’t recall the last time I mounted both a flashlight, laser, scope, foregrip and bipod… because I never have. Everyone I see keeps it basic with an optic and a foregrip, if they use one at all.

    • W

      A free float tube for the M14/M1A? that would be fricken awesome!

    • Jaekelopterus

      In a military setting, quad rails are usually filled to the gills with lasers and flashlights and cameras and backup sights and bicycle horns. The logistics are completely different for hunting rifles, but plenty of hobbyists love spending like a defense contractor to get their gun looking all nice and tactical. I don’t see the need for it, but I bet I would if I could afford night vision optics.

      As for hanging quad rails on an M1, I don’t see how it differs greatly in concept from a similarly-tacticalized M14. They do the same job in almost the same way. Actually, now that I think about it, this wouldn’t be considered an assault weapon here in California, so it might just have a niche.

  • abprosper

    I can’t see any use for it and its probably not legal here in the PRC (peoples republic of California) but there is nothing wrong with it if you like that sort of thing. Plus since you can use it without destroying the rifle, you aren’t harming a classic. So if it works for you, why not?

    • “A fool and their money are soon parted”

    • Chase

      Actually, it’d be entirely legal here in California. Since it has no detachable magazine, it’s not an “assault weapon” as defined by (stupid) California law. Load up and blast away.

      • abprosper

        Good to know. I am not in the market for pretty much anything tacticool (being a semi-stock kind of guy) but non disputatum di gustibus and all that.

  • rick

    any indication of weight reduction and price?

  • SPC Fish

    Actually it is a great improvement to the rifle. thats why the Army literally has thousands of them in us in Afghanistan. ive been seeing them all over the place here. they are hugely popular with the infantry guys that cant always get the long distance shot with their M4.

    the M14 EBR filled a huge missing gap between the standard M4 and a sniper rifle.

    • SPC Fish

      I just realized that this is being used with an M1 garand and not an M1A or M14. kinda silly but still cool.

      i cant see spending over 700 bucks on a stock for a $500 rifle. the only thing i dont like is that without the removable magazine it really limits you on the ability to mount a nice long optic on it

      • David

        I think that chassis and the semi pistol grip stock would make a great pseudo-scout rifle (Pseudo because of cal., weight, length etc, using Jeff Coopers definition of a scout)

      • charles222

        I’ve thought about converting my M1 into a “scout”-type rifle (don’t think it’d fully qualify because of the caliber) with one of the Fulton rails for an M1. Rapid-fire semiauto from standing is wholly possible with an M1 if your stance is good, and pairing that with a red dot or low-power optic (I’ve successfully engaged targets at 400+ m with a 4x scope, albeit not one on an M1, before) seems like an interesting possibility.

      • LPhoenix98

        B-Square makes a great parallax scope mount so you don’t have to use the top rail (unless you want a red dot which it would give the best of both worlds) and with a little tweaking an offset cheek piece should give a nice comfortable cheek weld point. (removable of course). I use this type of mount on my Garand and have a 4-16 x 40 scope that has been taking the top off bowling pins out to 700 yds. no problem. I use the original stock and offset leather cheek riser.

      • LPhoenix98

        I was turned off by this stock when I ordered it. 6months wait time and since my M1 Garand uses BAR M-1918 mags it would be 18 months for them to inlet the stock. I may still order it and mill it myself but there would be no hold open for the bolt, period. There isn’t one now. The good thing though is you have no business putting your thumb in the battery line. Just Rap the bolt back stick in the mag, release and have fun! This stock would make it a little more fun which is all it really is for. Who in their right mind would use a 30-06 for HD? In Afghanistan I can see making the long shots but who wants to carry 200 rds. in M1918 mags around? Ya’ll already have to carry everything but the kitchen sink. By the way, thanks for your service and glad to see you home safe.

  • Squidpuppy

    The version with the fixed, full hunting stock, Monte Carlo comb looks very Firefly, like some weird alternate SciFi-ww2 universe, but I hear the stock itself is not very robust, so the extendable is better.

  • charles222

    Just thought I’d ask: Does this include a bolt hold-open device? I’m always sorta remotely terrified of the thought of getting my thumb ripped off whilst reloading my M1. :p

    • David/Sharpie

      I’ve done the same thing with my SKS, I was single loading the 5 round mag (….Canadian…) and I accidentally pushed the bolt back enough to let the latch fall and SLAM! thumb is now bleeding, but whatever, I still like it, and I still want an M1!!

      PS. The Garand is one of the few rifles (Semi Auto) that doesn’t fall under the 5 round limit

      • charles222

        I generally just manually hold the bolt back until the clip is seated. THEN let it go forward.

      • David/Sharpie

        Haha I usually don’t push the bolt back when loading, just that one time

      • JamesD

        I’ve been bitten by an SKS as well. But once it happens, you never forget.

      • David/Sharpie

        Eh, it wasn’t bad, bled a bit but nothing to complain about

      • LPhoenix98

        I had my Garand about a week when I got the good ole’ Garand thumb. OUCH! It never happened again. I’ve owned it for almost ten years now. One of those years is the time it took for the blood under the nail to fully disappear. The lesson that keeps on teaching, LOL!

  • JamesD

    I don’t think I’d do that to a Garand but it looks kinda interesting.

    It definitely looks better than the tactical lever action from Mossberg. πŸ™‚

    • Charles222

      FWIW, the tactical lever action thingamajig wasn’t originally Mossberg’s; Scattergun Technologies, before they were acquired by Wilson, built at least prototypes. I remember seeing them in the mid-1990s and TBH they strike me as being a way better “scout rifle” concept than a bolt-action could ever be.

  • My first reaction was this must be the tacticool baby of Bubba and the Mall Ninja, but I looked at it, and read about it, and read the comments, and still feel that way. Sorry. It’s just not for me. I’m sure that it is interesting and useful but to my mind it’s not necessary. Phrases with words like tassels and grandmothers come to mind…

  • Roy

    What is next take a sharpie and draw a mustache on the Mona Lisa? The M-1 Garand is a beautiful weapon with more character then any of these black rifles. I would not be caught dead at the range with that bastardization of a classic piece of American heritage and history

    • John Doe

      At least it isn’t that tacticool Mossberg 464. I shudder when I see sacrilege like that.

      • David/Sharpie

        I like the idea of “tactical guns” that weren’t ever intended to be tactical (Stoeger Double Defense, Mav HS12 HD etc)

        As for the Mossy, the idea of it is solid, execution however, leaves a lot to be desired.

        I like the idea of an adjustable stock, NOT an M4 style stock. The grip is ugly too. I would have gone with a painted black wood stock with a user adjustable stock (Probably proprietary design, or based off something else) If someone wanted M1913 rails I would have, again, painted the handguards black and drilled to be able to attach 1-2 inch rails as needed/wanted for a light or a fore-grip is they so chose.

        And the muzzlebrake is kinda stupid, especially the birdcage style. Not sure what I’d go with, if I even decided to go with one….

        AND I’d make it in a pistol calibre too (I like .357/.38)

        Everybody, let me know what you guys think of this idea of a tacticool lever gun, I may make my own concept gun one day (Well, mod an existing lever gun)

    • David/Sharpie

      …then don’t…..

      It’s not your gun, you don’t have to put this stock on it. If someone likes this, and can afford it, they can do it.

      I’d also like to add that it’s non-permanent,

      • David/Sharpie

        Therefore it’s not as bad as you make it seem…

      • dy031101

        Aren’t the Americans still making reproduction Garands out there?

        Surely there are enough surpluses and reproductions in their original “beautiful with more character” configuration such that the world should be able to suffer the existence of a few hundred of these tacticool (or otherwise) alterations with no serious repercussions? Same thing goes for many other historical rifle types.

  • Cymond

    The one thing I don’t get is why someone would choose a Sage/M1 over a Sage/M1a (not counting Canadians*). True, it saves the original stock form wear & tear, but so does a repro stock. Most of the appeal of the Garand seems to be in the nostalgia of its historic role. It’s just not as practical as the M1a.

    *Canadians are restricted to 5 round magazines, except the Garand is specifically allowed to hold 8, so it makes sense to choose a M1 over M1a for practical use in Canada.

    • Look at it this way: you are trading 12 rounds of capacity for:

      1. A slightly larger bullet with slightly better ballistics
      2. The price of M1A/M14 magazines runs about 40 bucks PER magazine, that’s if you can find them(due to the recent series of events). You can get 8 clips for an M1 Garand for 15 dollars. That’s 64 shots vs 20 shots for a fraction of the price. Yes, you have to reload more often. I’m all for personal freedom and responsibility – I feel you should be able to own anything if you’re responsible, including 30 round magazines. But let’s be honest – how often are you going to get in a situation where you need 20 rounds, vs 8 rounds, and won’t be able to take 5 seconds to reload?
      3. Cost of the rifle. An M14 or M1A costs around 1500 dollars right now. You can pick up a service grade M1 Garand for 625.

  • hikerguy

    Well, everyone here has a strong opinion on it, which is quite understandable. But….Could you imagine if this version was the one issued in 1942? Warning….Contains slang which could be offensive to some now. Rated PG-17

    1. “It’s made of what?”
    2. “Why a scope for every G.I.?” Can’t them 18 and 19 year olds see good enough? That’s a job for snipers. Now every grunt will think he’s a sniper. Sh**! We can’t have that!”
    3. “Hey, I can light my cigarette through one of these little holes after a fight without getting my Zippo out…”
    4. “Wouldn’t a flashlight be a bullet magnet for every kraut around at night?”
    5. ” Ain’t got no buttstock to knock Tojo down before stickin’ him with the bayonet.”
    6. “Wow! Isn’t that something….Looks just like Flash Gordon’s gun.”
    7. “Why a grip? It ain’t no tommy gun, ya know.”

  • Denise in Kansas

    I think it is a good idea since I’m a shooter, not a collector. I own a Garand and not one of the Springfield Armory M1As. If I had an M1A I’d look at the SOCCOM series for my needs, but I already own a Garand so I want to convert my old rifle into something I can use for hunting and the defense of my family. This item looks like it could be an answer to that need. I just want to know will this kit work with a regular Garand or only the shorter T-26 model nicknamed a Tanker? It looks like a Tanker was used for the build in the photograph that accompanies this article.

    As for every soldier today having a scope; modern optical sights include Close Quarter Battle sights that are small short-range scopes. These are meant to increase the shooter’s accuracy in close quarters, but I as a veteran fromer soldier with over fifteen years of service wouldn’t put all my trust into such a device. If you want to up-date your Garand or one of them don’t do one that takes away your iron sights and learn to use your iron sights accurately.

    • LPhoenix98

      I was just wondering. You mentioned using the converted Garand for hunting (which I think would be good), and defense of your family. Did you mean HD or campsite defense? Like I said just wondering.

      • Denise Hemmingway

        I mean HD and campsite especially in a SHFT situation and even mores so in an EOTWAWKI situation where were in a World without the Rule of Law (WROL). Like in the days of our pioneer forefathers and foremothers we will have to defend our families before any sort of legal authorities can make it to our places. In a sociolo-economic collaspe situation regardless of whether a natural or man-made disaster brings it about in many parts of the world and the nation local law will be the only law and many times those enforcing it won’t travel far beyond the bounderies of their towns.

        Between organized communities the lands will likely return to wilderness. This in a way is something Western Kansas is already facing as people move to larger cities to find work and better economic situations. Already Kansas’ western counties are becoming wild lands with few if any people living there and very limited law enforcement. Traveling in areas like this one may not see a Sheriff’s deputy or State Trooper at all for days. If a gang of Meth cookers thing that the can make like William Quantrell they will raid without compulsion. Many towns out there are ghost towns and farms and ranches are just empty shells.

        I wouldn’t want to be out there without some sort of long range firearm along with my pistol if my car breaks down. Again it maybe a long wait before real help arrives. If the wrong people don’t show up first. If they do I don’t want to be seen as a victim by those with malice in their hearts.

    • LPhoenix98

      Oh, btw, I called sage and found out it is meant for the full length M1 Garand including the C and D models.

    • LPhoenix98

      That definitely makes sense. I live in a town where houses are just a stones throw away so for me the 30/06 would be too dangerous for innocent bystanders. I have recently found a very nice bullpup kit for my M59/66 Simonov that makes it incredibly handy. I picked up what was called “Spetznatz sub-sonic Frangible” ammo and put it to the test. I got 1000 rounds for $160.00 so I couldn’t really pass it up. If it didn’t work in the SKS I knew it would shoot from my mini 30, I swear that rifle will shoot ANYTHING! So I took an old brick wall from a dilapidated house on a friends property and various thickness sheet rock and shot em’ up. It went though the sheet rock but did frange as there was no bullet to be found in the clay we set up on the other side. When we shot the brick it broke it but did not go through and only small fragments were found, very small. At this point I worried about under penetration so we got an english roast and shot it once. WOW! The carnage was spectacular. All of the fragment seem to stay in the meat and what a hole, more accurately a tear, just about in half. The nice thing is when we go camping I can carry my Garand and the SKS because the SKS is so ligh and short it makes it very manageable. I had a friend who does leather working make me a harness for the SKS so it hangs under my right arm and has a snap on my belt. with it being against my body the weight is distributed so evenly You almost forget it’s there. Thanks for the reply I really appreciate the info. Merry Christmas!

  • sam

    every one may hait you but i think thats sick , would be cool to se an M1 in a troy chasis though

    • David/Sharpie

      “i think thats sick”

      Good way or bad way?

  • Very nice, SAGE got it right again!

    I would be all over it if I could install a DC Vortex flash eliminator on
    the barrel that would allow me to use my M14 DC sound suppressor…

  • When I originally commented I seem to have clicked the
    -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on each time
    a comment is added I get four emails with the exact
    same comment. Is there an easy method you are able to remove me from that service?

  • William Breaux

    I bought the V model with only a tube for a stock. Attempting to make the build I couldn’t get the trigger group to lock in. The trigger guard wouldn’t go down past 2 o’clock. I called Sage and their guy said I could send them the stock nd mynM1 and they would tell me whats wrong. However if they derermined the stock was ok, I was out of luck. The time frame they quoted me was 6 months. Theirntechnical guy suggested I could grind a bit off the stock where the trigger group fitted. No soap. Subsequent calls did no good. One Sage stock in the garbage. $800.00 worth of scrap metal.

    • Hey man, if you end up deciding to get rid of the stock, I will gladly take it off your hands.

    • Mike

      Before you throw it away,Sell it to me. Mike at cell 1-507-272-6471

  • Jack

    Why would anyone do that? Seriously, if you mallninjas want a “tactical” gun, then buy one that’s purpose built for your mallninja needs. Don’t go around bubba’ing perfectly beautiful pieces of history with your ugly rails.

  • Johnrambo1

    Shits hot.

  • MyWilliesGarand

    Yes it is a wonderful piece of history that fires a superior round good to a 1,000 yards. Enough said about history. I don’t see any change in caliber or the operating system. What I see is a rifle with modern adaptable accessories that make a great gun even greater. If I intend to use this gun to protect me and my family I want it fully updated as possible. And for these old eyes yes that means a scope or red dot sight. A lighter synthetic stock and perhaps other bells and whistles that would be found on a modern civilian assault rifle.

  • Gerald Rick Rife

    Very sharp. You’ve made an amazing battle rifle that shoots “Gods Caliber” into a modern force multiplier.

  • Shooter1

    Don’t throw those old wrap around beer can coolies away ever again. A couple of those old Velcro types wrapped around the rail and Walla, you’re beer gets warm and so does your barrel.

  • sam

    I am a proud owner on an M1 Garand Rifle. the idea of turning it from a beautiful rifle to something that looks like it was crapped out of a robot is just plain upsetting. that being said i am also practical, and for that reason, I also have a synthetic stock to use when hunting so the wood stock doesn’t get damaged. it takes five minates of work to swap between the two stock types.