Porting a Beretta M9 and Remington 870

The Auto Prophet had his Beretta M9 and Remington 870 mag-na-ported

The Beretta M9 was never a very hard recoiling gun to begin with, but I do think the porting helped reduce muzzle rise. It was quite pleasant to shoot. I did notice the bright orange gas streams venting upwards to either side of the barrel, but they were gone so quickly that they were not obtrusive. I need to go back and shoot some +P ammo, as I only had Winchester white box for this trip.

The 870 was still a 12 ga shoulder bruiser, but I also felt that the muzzle rise was reduced. Additional flash from the vents was not very apparent to me.

Steve Johnson

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  • DigDouggler

    One downside to porting – the ported weapon is now a guaranteed night vision destroyer. Those gas streams that don’t seem so bad at night get VERY bright at night.

  • DigDouggler

    Errr, that should have been “Those gas streams that don’t seem so bad during the day get VERY bright at night.”

  • Lance

    Hows the muzzle flash on the M-92? and try 147gr ammo see hoe it dose??

  • Colin michael

    Not to sure on the trajectory of shot down a barrel but I would guess that there is some bouncing/grazing down the smooth bore barrel. If that is the case could a ball hit the cut outs and cause damage or a wider shot group? Enlighten me!

    • JMD

      Shot stays in the cup until after it leaves the barrel. So, no.

  • james

    i’ve shot ported pistols at night, and have never noticed night-blindness or vision problems after shooting them.. and this is in near complete darkness (moonlight bright enough to see the target)..

    it will most likely be a different story when i convert my XD45 over to .460 Rowland and shoot in the same conditions..

  • Sid

    If it helps control muzzle rise and quickens the follow-up shot, good idea.

    As far as night vision, it will not have an impact one way or the other. A few gas streams going straight up instead of out of the muzzle will not impact NVDs. The volume of the flash has an impact on NVDs, but porting some straight up is not going to impact the firer’s NVDs. If that were so, then we would never see NVDs mounted on belt-fed weapons. One long burst and we would see degradation of the NVDs performance.

    As a younger man, I was a Lightfighter and we owned the night!

  • I can see how this could be effective with the handgun, but I have always found that leaning in to my shots when shooting a shotgun allows for faster repeat shots. I roll my shoulders and shift my weight slightly forward and this helps tremendously. I shoot my 870 with an 18.5” barrel and get hardly any muzzle rise from it. I feel many people stand too straight when shooting a shotgun which increases the effects of recoil.