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  • bobzmoose

    Thank you, Steve, for making my day. 🙂 This guy is freaking brilliant.

    • No problem. jdun1911 made my day by emailing them to me 🙂

    • GWB

      Sigh. Between the 4th and 3rd Gen Glock problems and Sig quality in the toilet, WTF is going on? What else is there left?

      • Smith & Wesson M&P semi-auto, FN’s FNX or FNS (with choice of double-action or striker-fire) and I was impressed by the new Caracal pistol at SHOT.

      • David

        There is NOTHING wrong with the 4th Gen Glocks, I don’t know why everyone bitches about it because I’ve never had a problem with mine

      • JM

        Yours is perfect, so they’re all perfect, eh?

      • W

        i second the gen 4 glock and strongly defend the gen 3. you guys need to f–king stop believing the mass panic and chicken little bulls–t over the blogosphere when it comes to the gen 4 glock.

        And the FN handguns are outstanding, though it cannot be refuted that glocks are tried and true. Service live means that FN is relatively untested. As far as quality goes, ill go out on a limb and throw HK on the line. Their handguns are, as usual, top notch and I would pit the USP/mk 23 and P30/HK45 against any other handgun on the market…to include custom 1911s.

  • Todd

    Sig bit me twice. I had a P232 that was very handsome bout also very unreliable. It was purchased new and after 3 trips back to Sig it was finally functioning reliably but by this time my confidence in the gun was gone and I sold it soon after.

    After a few years and the sting of my first Sig ass-ache was nothing more than an old unpleasant memory I decided to try again. This time I bought a new Sig 522 from Bud’s. It came in a factory sealed carton and was, as far as I could tell, unmolested from the moment it left the mother-ship in Exeter. I took it to the range a couple days later and it would not fire when the trigger was pulled. I cycled another round with the charging handle and still nothing. I would pull the trigger and feel/hear the hammer drop but no bang. I was using a fresh box of CCI Mini Mags so ammo quality was an unlikely problem. After manually cycling another round I picked up the live cartridge from the ground and noticed that there was not a dent on the rim of the case. At this point I removed the bolt and inspected the firing pin. Guess what? Sig FAILED TO INSTALL A FIRING PIN AT THE FACTORY!!!!

    How does the rifle get function tested at the factory without a firing pin?

    Much like the lyrics in the Sig song I was accused of removing it myself or somehow tampering with the rifle by the customer service rep who handled my return. I was told that the rifle would have to be returned to Sig for inspection and they would not simply send me a parts kit to replace the pin myself. They paid shipping. It took 10 days to come back to me. It seemed to work fine after that. Based on my experiences with that company and their products I will NEVER AGAIN BUY A SIG/SAUER product no matter how cool or tempting it looks.

    Sig has burned me twice. NEVER AGAIN! NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

    • JM

      Do you order your vehicles online, too? How about food?

      I understand that getting a good deal is important. But the very small price that you paid is to not have a gun for about 10 days? Give me a break. Sounds like you were treated VERY well.

      • chris

        For the price Sigs should work first time every time. Pretty don’t mean shit if it don’t go bang no matter where you buy it.

    • Jeff Smith

      A good friend of mine got a Sig P250 in 45 for home defense and put 100 rounds through it. We took it out to do some target shooting and discovered that the gun would not fire. When the trigger was pulled, the hammer would move slightly (the gun is DAO) and fall without firing the round. He sent the gun back to Sig and it took about two weeks to get it back. I got a chance to shoot it about a week ago and it seemed to work properly.

      In Sig’s defense, they did make it right (fixing the gun, free of charge) and, from what he said, it wasn’t too much of a hassle. But, at the same time, who wants to buy a gun that will malfunction after 100 rounds? It’s scary to think that the gun you bought for home defense won’t fire when you pull the trigger. Also, knowing that a gun company has questionable reliability, would you trust your life with one of their guns? There are plenty of companies selling guns in that price range (+/- $500) that are have better reputations. Why risk it? Especially when YOUR LIFE may be depending on it.

      IMHO, the best thing for Sig to do is what I have started calling the Domino’s Pizza approach – admit that their quality control has slipped somewhat and pledge to fix it. Admitting your mistakes goes a long way in my book. I have had the chance to handle/shoot several Sigs over the years (my father owned a Sig P228 and it was the first gun I ever shot) and I like them a lot. I’m in the market for a new handgun at the moment, and I was considering a Sig, but knowing that a company has a questionable quality control AND (from what some have said) bad customer service, I will probably think twice.

      Anyone know if Dominos is open at 2 am?

  • M@

    Everyone, regardless of gun manufacturer, ammo, or “ninja-ness” will have an issue at some point.

  • KM

    Sig song was funny. But quality guns deserve quality ammo. Wouldn’t put regular gas in a turbocharged sportscar. Detonated engines and cracked extractors aren’t fun. There are lots of cheap guns out their to practice on that wouldn’t be a big loss on steel/bimetal ammo

    • jdun1911

      With the exception of pocket/subcompact guns, if your handgun can’t fire cheap ammo than you have a defect. My second generation Glocks can eat any ammo. My CZ can eat any ammo. My Browning HP can eat any ammo. My German made Sigs eat any ammo.

      Sig been losing government contracts for the past five or so. They lost the biggest federal handgun contract in recent years to Glock and S&W. The Federal Air Marshal new Sigs got so bad that they rushed to get their old Sigs from storage.

      The simple fact is Sig suck. They used to be good. I used to recommend Sig. New Sig are pretty much junk.

      • JM

        There’s a HUGE difference between “cheap ammo” and steel cased ammo. My four Sigs will eat any cheap brass I feed them. But the steel casings expand and cause cycle issues.

        The same thing happens in my brother’s H&K USP .40 and S&W M&P 15.

      • jdun1911

        First thing brass expand.

        Let me make it crystal clear. My Glocks can eat any ammo. My old Sigs can eat any ammo. My CZs can eat any ammo. My Browning HP can eat any ammo.

        To void the warranty because the end user used steel case ammo is BS. With the exception of pocket handguns if your handgun can’t eat steel case ammo than it is defective.

        Pocket guns are ammo sensitive. Some pocket guns can eat cheap ammo without a problem but couldn’t handle the premium ammo or vise versa. That the nature of pocket gun.

    • Hrachya Hayrapetyan

      I respect SIG, but I also think that quality guns must work with ANY ammo… that’s actually one of signs of high quality gun !

  • JM

    Next can he do one about the life of an unfunny, unoriginal comedian?

  • gunner

    look this guy up, joe bethancourt on you tube. also leslie fish and her new cd, “lock and load”

    i bought the cd and haven’t regretted it for even a moment.
    blog owner, not spam, nor intended as such

  • Russ

    Love the Sig video! Geez, what can you say? Have you ever seen the video of the guy trying to destroy his Glock? It will make you cringe! I couldn’t watch the whole thing but he didn’t get it done while he had my attention. Although my P250 hasn’t had any problems yet, it mostly sits waiting for trouble and hasn’t seen 200 rounds. Makes me wonder…and I buy for peace of mind; not to have one more thing to worry about. Starting to think Glock 26 now.