IWI MegaGun Jericho

The IWI MegaGun is a new carbine kit for the Jericho.

Carbine kits are popular in Israel were few private individuals are allowed to own multiple guns or long guns.

Steve Johnson

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  • John Doe

    What is the handgun under that monstrosity?

    • Joe Doe 2

      It’s a Jericho you idiot! And the “monstrosity” is available here in the U.S. for many pistols from CAA called the RONI. In fact there are several makers of these types of kits now.

      • FindYourInnerWoodsman

        This is why I hate this comment system, because people like you slinging around name calling. Pointless was your reply so stop acting like a child and be respectful.

  • hojo

    Looks kinda cool. At least it’s not Zombie themed.

    I definitely like the spare mag.

  • hojo

    I’m sure someone here can answer…

    I’m thinking a SBR tax stamp would be required for this?

    • JMD


  • Lance

    Naw prefer if they’d use a Beretta or Glock not a Jericho for a P.C.C. M-9 and Glock mags are better in price and performance anyway.

    • Cymond

      Most of the Beretta 92 series doesn’t have a rail, so mounting the gun into the carbine frame would be tricky. Basically it would require attaching the carbine kit via extended grip panels that would replace the standard grips. There’s a 1911 kit that uses grip panels to mount the gun.

      There are already many kits for Glocks including Mako, ENDO Tactical, CAA Roni, and 2 from Hera Arms.

  • Fortstring

    Wow! Is that a frame mounted safety on that Jericho? Why won’t they import those here??

  • What a great looking carbine!

  • Tierlieb

    Not much new here: It’s a CAA Roni for the Jericho. The Roni is quite popular here in Germany due to the fact that we have few ranges that allow shooting and moving with rifles, so if you want to practise IPSC rifle, this allows you to do so on a pistol range.

    While I dearly love the Jericho (the one I got was ultra-reliable und surprisingly precise, others had more problems with theirs), the CAA Roni G1 (for Glock) sucks in actual use, since the gun can be twisted and moved within the shell while your optics on the Picatinny rail stay straight. So with this thing you actually lose precision.

    Unless you’re shooting full-auto (and there is no Jericho that does that, afaik), you better stay away imho.

  • Komrad

    I love the CZ-75 design (on which the Jerhico 941 is based) and wished there were a PCC that used the same mags, but putting a pistol in a shell does not a PCC make. No added barrel length means that you aren’t getting any more power, marginalizing one of the more important benefits of a PCC. You can mount optics, but it looks like you don’t have a choice in that regard as the RONI doesn’t have any built in irons.

    Sorry CAA, but I just don’t like your kit. Not enough added benefit over a pistol and inferior performance compared to other PCCs on the market.

  • TangledThorns

    I have a Jericho 941S but don’t see the need for this, anybody else think so?

  • ChrisK

    Will this fit on the older Jerichos (941/Baby Eagle) or only the new ones? I have two of the older ones, without the rail. And I’d like an extended (25-30 round) magazine to go with it. Pretty please!

    • Tierlieb

      I can only guess, but the Roni for Glock does not use the rail to attach itself, it just locks onto the front and tail of the gun. No rail needed.

  • Peter

    How do you say “Mall Ninja” in Hebrew?

    • Hebrew Speaker

      נינג’ת קניונים

    • AJ

      Stop being a FUDD. If someone wants to buy this and have fun with it, whats the problem?