Skat GM-100 Glock Clone in 9mm and .22LR

Two weeks ago I blogged about Russian firm Skat who are manufacturing a modernized SVD. The company also manufactures a Glock clone called the GM-100 Sports Pistol.

Visually, the pistol’s frame is almost an identical copy of the 3rd-generation Glock 17 frame. The slide has slightly different serrations but other than than that, and different markings, it looks the same as the Glock slide. The GM-100 is available with a black or stainless frame and with high-contrast sights or fiber optic sights.

Skat is also producing, or looking at producing, a Glock 26 clone chambered in .22LR. The pistol pictured below appears to be a prototype.

In 2010 Glock has successfully sued Austrian Sporting Arms and ISSC in the United States for trade dress infringement. If Skat tries selling these pistols in any jurisdiction that recognizes trade dress infringement, they will almost certainly find themselves in court.

UPDATE: I knew I had seen that slide before! According to Lord Cthulhu “They’re basically just putting together frankenglocks using genuine Glock frames with Lone Wolf and Advantage Arms slides”. Also thanks to Bob. It explains why there are

[ Many thanks Vitaly Kuzmin to for the photos and the information. ]

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  • Mike Knox

    I’ve always thought that if they issue you a Glock, your precinct’s on a budget..

    • Komrad

      Glocks are fine weapons, and while I don’t care for them personally (I’ll keep my CZ-75B thank you very much), they are reliable and high quality weapons. The fact that they don’t cost too much is just a bonus. The only faults I’ve found with them is ergonomics (which is just my preference) and the trigger, which is a bit mushy.

      • Mike Knox

        Glock has a lot of faults that aren’t admitted. I still prefer it when they still issued SIGs..

    • W

      yeah because you should pay a fortune for a reliable, accurate, and effective semi-automatic pistol LOL!

  • the sick thing is it costs Glock under two hundred dollars to MAKE a Glock, why do they STILL cost six or SEVEN Hundred?

    • Samopal

      Where do Glocks cost $600-$700? Canada?

      • David

        $720 for a Gen 4, before taxes. Yes Canada

      • Samopal

        Yeah…I really don’t miss living in Canada.

    • MSRP on a Glock 17 is $499. If you’re paying more than that you’re being ripped off.

    • Raoul O’Shaughnessy

      “the sick thing is it costs Glock under two hundred dollars to MAKE a Glock,”

      Except for the first couple, that cost a few million.

      • they got major police ingress and usage back in 1987, then they became the standard police sidearm for TWO Thirds of the United States Police Departments. I’d think they have paid for the tooling and dies at this point.
        THAT.. was my point, beside making old ass Gaston rich enough to DIE richer whilst tapping a chick young enough to be his granddaughter and Glock’s marriage to a woman 51 years his junior, why not a price DECREASE?

      • W

        I think since Glock actually owns his company, he can charge whatever he wants for his handguns.

    • Komrad

      Well, how much does it cost for Glock to transport, import, and maintain their licenses? How much profit do they make? How much does the distributor need to make? How much profit does the store owner need to make?

      • GLOCK USA NEGATES MOST OF THAT.. and the patent ran out after seventeen years, but the TRADEMARKS can be a sue worthy visit to the attorney’s office and a trip to the court room, to defend their intellectual property. and if you want to see a good reason why the price never dropped, is Gaston got sued like crazy by his FIRST wife, when he dumped her. and she tried to extract his nuts through his wallet.

    • John Doe

      Well, first off, I’m buying Glocks around $500.

      And second off, because profit? They need to make money, ya know?

      • the only reason they make them overseas is the stupid EPA arsenic regs for the tennifer finish.
        I got no problem with profit…I dont like GREED


    DO WANT! A Russian Glock would be awesome! That being said, Glock is going to sue these guys out of existence.

  • Chad

    Well unless they copied glocks nylon-6 formula, their polymer frame will be inferior. And the slide appears to just be a lone wolf slide.

  • Samopal

    That G26-size .22LR looks like a handy little pistol. I wonder if Glock is ever going to offer a .22LR pistol or conversion kit?

    • David

      I wonder how much these are, my GF randomly asked if there was a .22 version of the Glock, I said there was a CONversion but that’s more than a new gun, there is the ISSC .22 pistol, but that has a safety and a hammer, but I did suggest the GSG 1911 and she held one at the range a few weeks ago and liked the feel of it. If this is cheaper maybe she’d go for this.

    • David

      Sorry, not sure why I replyed to this comment, thought I was posting a new one

  • JMD

    It’s almost like Glock is doing their best to make sure nobody can practice with a Glock pistol affordably. They won’t make a .22lr model, and they won’t let anyone else sell one either. WTF, Glock! There’s market demand! Supply it, already!

  • W

    I would like to see the internals. from the outside, they look like a direct copy LOL.

  • Raoul O’Shaughnessy

    The one in the middle photo features the Lone Wolf logo on the back side of the slide. Wonder what thats about.

  • EzGoingKev

    I wonder if the Russian copies are having feed & ejection issues like the real Glocks.

    • David

      They don’t have feeding issues…..

      The only ejection issues are that sometimes the case gets ejected straight up then down in your face, but they still eject perfectly

  • Price!? How can you tell us about a new firearm and not tell us what we’l have to pay for it?

    • hojo

      Maybe it’s too early in development.

      On a different note, you ever go house-boating in Idaho?

      • No, I’ve never been house boating in Idaho. I’ve never been to Idaho, but thanks for asking….?

    • hojo

      I have an acquaintance who shares your name. 🙂

  • Lord Cthulhu

    They’re not manufacturing. They’re basically just putting together frankenglocks using genuine Glock frames with Lone Wolf and Advantage Arms slides.

    It is my understanding that this is a way around Russia’s import restrictions.

    • JC

      As soon as I saw that ugly Wolf logo I knew exactly where the slides came from.

  • Bob

    Is Skat making just the frames?

    The stainless slide in the middle picture seems to be a Lone Wolf Distributors slide. Its sporting their wolf logo, and has the front serrations that they do.

    The .22lr Glock 26/27 pictured looks exactly like an Advantage Arms .22 conversion slide/barrel assembly. Same design, font and marking pattern.

    Not shilling for these sites, just hoping to provide visual comparison.


    • Bob

      Got beat to it by Lord Cthulu

  • hojo

    Oh good, a gun named after poop.

  • Liv

    Fun fact: skat means treasure and is also the national tax department here in Denmark.

    • hojo

      that’s a bit more appealing than one of it’s slang meaning in English… which admittedly is usually spelled “scat”.

  • Lance

    I can tell you that this is for Russian Law Enforcement NOT for just export. After the failure of the MP-443 Grach most Russian agencies had agents buy foreign weapons like Berettas and Glocks this is a way to standardize the weapons FSB agents carry.

  • TwoZero

    The “trade dress” thing is total BS.

    So basically even after your patent has run out – no one can make a glock clone because it looks like a glock.

    Colt has missed out on a lot of 1911 and SSA sales due to this trade dress thing being a recent development…

    • TwoZero

      Upon further research it looks like this trade dress thing came in at 1947….

      Colt should have been sueing from the get go then – they really dropped the ball…

      Of course it is more likely the gun companies are useing “Trade Dress” in an unintended way, and are able to just get away with it for now because they are established companies with deep pockets and the smaller companies don’t have the $$ to appeal all the way….

  • John Doe

    Why doesn’t Glock make handguns in .22LR? There’s a demand!

    Glock has almost every caliber covered, add in 5.7×28 and I’m sold. The Five-Seven is such an expensive handgun.

    • Dude the 1968 regs wont let them import the 25 380ACP…why would they fight to make a 22 pistol have a dog in the fight of an already saturated field of good 22’s?

  • Michael

    Come on Glock, make us a .22lr
    If they want to get adventurous then 7.62×25, or 5.7, 4.6, but please No AR15 or 1911

    • David

      Nah I REALLY want to see a polymer 1911 frame from Glock, I think that would be so cool, plus it gets you thinking….in the Glock vs. 1911 debate, who would win? The Glock guys or the 1911 guys?

      • Dude..not single stack, but STI, Infinity, Bul, have been around as long as SERIOUS race guns for over twenty years. failing that, the XD series is pretty close to a Sig/GLOCK=SLOCK, and you really cant go wrong with those
        your call..

      • David

        I know RRA makes a Poly frame single stack. I have a Glock 17 Gen 4, I’ll be buying a Dlask 1911 tonight (Get to take it home 2-3 days after transfers get done…) but I would REALLY like to see Glock break the Glock vs 1911 debate, WITH A GLOCK 1911!!!!

        Doubt it’d happen, but I’d like to see one

  • kyle

    Another gun for all the Clock suckers

  • kyle

    Another gun for all the Glock suckers