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  • Force

    I prefer buying 10 $50 holographics and replace them every 5 years when they break. If ever.

    EOTech is worse than Surefire with their overpriced name brand. Wranglers aren’t as cool as Hollister jeans, but they are a fraction of the price and cover your ass just as well.

    • Jon

      First, those are red dot sights, not holographics. A holographic works regardless of head position, those $50 red dots have parallax error because they’re just an LED and a mirror.

      Second, they last about 10 rounds on anything with more recoil than a .22.

      • Force

        First, they ARE holographics. Do some research before you embarrass yourself.

        Second, they last 1000’s of rounds through anything smaller than a .50 BMG.

        Just one example:
        Yukon Sightmark Holographic Reflex $48 on Amazon, 4.5/5 stars

        Read the reviews.

      • Ed

        Hey Force, it’s okay calm down being wrong is not a bad thing. It’s how we learn in this world. However the term holographic is being used incorrectly with that red dot sight you posted. The holography utilized in sights like the Eotech models use a laser and photonics to create the sight picture; when with red dot sights they use reflection off a light source (mostly LEDs). Here is a link that talks about holography in more detail

      • W

        read the reviews? you mean the people paid to write a good review? LOL.

    • W

      if you want to put your life in the hands of a 50 dollar chinese holographic copy, then that is your business. selling that logic to more informed people, however, will be far less successful.

  • Maverick Moore

    Remember when Zombie brand stuff was cool? Yeah, neither do I

    • VZED

      You do not like the Korean Zombie?

      Side note. Seems like the word “zombie” has become the new word for “sheeple.” But with “zombie” you can sell themed stuff. TV shows, movies, clothes, firearms, knives, exploding targets, food, ammunition, optics and very large trucks.

      Dare I say (I might be wrong) that it seems to me that it is an underlining psychological disgust of American society and its zombies.

      Those hordes of mindless rotting zombies that want to feed off of the remaining humans. I wonder if it is possible to have a commanding zombie?

      Either way, it is good to be prepared for any possible scenario. Maybe they will start selling large mouse traps (I mean zombie traps) to place in your yard.

  • jagersmith

    If only there was a Zombie fad stopper….

  • David

    Hahaha wow, perfect companion for the Taurus Raging Judge Zombie Responder……………………………..

    Anyways, I don’t care what’s stamped on it, if it works, it works, that’s all that really matters.

    Ironically I’m reading this right after the latest episode of the Walking Dead

  • D

    “For Law Enforcement/Military Use”

  • Chi

    So any proof that these sights actually stop zombies …?

    • Burst

      For that matter, any proof they don’t?

    • RWC

      Seen any zombies lately? There ya go.

  • fw226

    Hah! At least they went to the effort of making a biohazard reticule. Still… I wouldn’t pay more than a few bucks on a lark for a biohazard reticuled sight. Although technically, I think this sight fits our department policy, which means I could use on my work AR. But… no.

  • BC; MT

    I would visit this site more if there was less zombie nonsense and more substantive content. Shot show coverage was really disappointing.

  • TZH

    I’m a zombie blogger, but I don’t dig this zombie-marketing stuff.

  • 18D

    Hey, that’s a good idea, put a ridiculous reticle in a Holo Sight that serves no purpose and will probably slow the shooter down in a real world situation. I would think that Eotech would sell ZERO of these sights, but then I realize that there’s a bunch of shooters out there that don’t know what the f$?k they’re doing that WILL buy these. Bravo Eotech, way to make yourself and the shooting community look stupid!

    • BluegrassGeek

      Oh, come off your high horse. People decrying that folks will be killed because of zombie-related products are the Chicken Little of the firearm community. You might as well go on the evening news and tell everyone about the horrible danger of zombie products, right next to the person saying “large-capacity clips” are a threat.

      This is just a product for that fun “tacticool” weapon you keep just for plinking and showing off to friends, not the shotgun you use for home defense.

      • 18D

        WTF are you talking about? I didn’t say anything you just mentioned.

    • 18D

      This is interesting to me, so I have to address it. I have 14 thumbs down and counting on my comment and I’m curious to know why. No, I don’t give s?#t who likes my comment and who doesn’t, but obviously readers communicate their discontent for some reason. So, I’m curious, are there actually shooters out there that think this retical has some viable use in the real world? My comment basically says that anyone who shoots for training, competition, self defense, home defense, and hunting of some sort, or in other words for real world use, will not see any use in this optic other than as a collectors item. Are you guys seriously saying that’s not true? Or is it something else? I gotta know, because I’m losing a little faith here.

      • David

        I think this is more of a “show off to your buddies/cool, unusal reticule design” than a serious HD, SD, go to war sight. Though you “could” (Probably) use it as a HD/SD sight, but it may cause a big stink with the prosecution if you have zombie crap plastered all over your gun.

  • Michael

    Marketing. How does it work? Who are the morons that waited till everyone was tired of the zombie fad to start releasing all of this zombie s***?

    • BluegrassGeek

      “Everyone” is tired of the zombie fad? Hardly. It’s still selling plenty of products.

      • Bret

        Is all this stuff selling well? Is it really?

        Steve, you now have a new assignment, should you choose to accept it: Get ahold of your industry contacts and find out if any of this Zombie crap is selling worth a damn. My gut feeling is that anyone selling a zombie-themed item over about $50 is ‘disappointed with sales’ but who knows. Obviously there is a bandwagon here as everyone is jumping on it, but just like New Coke and Crystal Pepsi, the wheels may fall off real friggin’ fast.

      • Michael

        Please feel free to cite some figures to support your assertion.

        This is typical of inexperienced or amateur marketers that are out of touch with their constituents. This would have been a better marketing idea perhaps a few years ago, when all the zombie craze was first kicking off and was still fresh and funny. Heck, maybe they could have done a limited run of them then to drum up interest in their products.

        But don’t release this stuff after all the zombie stuff has hit critical mass, multiple other Zombie products have been released, and the vast majority of firearm enthusiasts have reacted negatively to their presence.

      • BluegrassGeek

        A vast majority, huh?

        “Please feel free to cite some figures to support your assertion.

        Right back atcha.

  • JC

    At least it isn’t “Zombie Green” like all the other zombie stuff is.

  • CUrob

    Marketing Marketing Marketing…

    I am REALLY surprised that EOTECH hasn’t made the jump allowing you to custom order a sight with whatever reticle graphic you want.

    I mean if they are going to jump on the zombie band wagon then why not the “Call of Duty / Battlefield / FPS video game” band wagon of customized reticles like in the games when you get to those “elite” levels (read: days of lost life sitting on the couch to achieve a meaningless “trophy”,”medal”, or “class” for you and your clan (read: nameless 13 year old boys))

    I mean who wouldn’t want a smilie face, or some other symbol or emoticon?

    • EoTech has a similar XPS2 with licensed Battlefield 3 theme. It was shown together with their Zombie theme XPS2 at the Media Day at the Range fbefore SHOT Show. I believe it has a normal reticle.

  • I think Steve is just trolling us now with all of this zombie stuff…

  • West

    You may be seeing a bio-hazard symbol but ill tell you what the Eotech people see when they look through it: $$$.

  • John Doe

    Just a question, why don’t they have holographics with programmable reticules? I may not be practical, but it would be fun.

    I would love to be able to plug my EOTech into a computer and download a different reticule to use just for fun, Call of Duty style (please don’t crucify me for that). I don’t dislike the current reticules, but I think there could be better ones.

    • David

      That is a fricken awesome idea, but to put a little computer/memory chip in would make it much more out of my price range than a regular EoTech, but there are some that you can switch reticules with a flick of a switch or maybe even push of a button

  • Davey

    OK… So they invested time and money in a Zombie version. Big Deal.

    They could have completely wasted it by trying to get batteries to last their advertised time, or prevent it from dying unexpectedly, or eliminate the timed shutdown that can’t be bypassed.

    I know I’d jump at the opportunity to buy this baby instead of, say, an Aimpoint!

    Way to cement your branding as a complete joke.

  • Bob Z Moose

    I know that a big part of firearms is the individualization of guns and simply having them the way you like them, but this is just silly. I liked the zombie stuff at first. Hornaday made it a great gag gift for range buddies and the shooters on your list around Christmas time. Now, with guns and optics, it’s just out of hand. Stop it, please.

  • Bob Z Moose

    I know, double post, but I didn’t read who was making it. Can we consider source here? This is a company that bought advertising in MW3. Does this really surprise anyone?

  • D

    I’d get it just for the biohazard reticle – i love how the biohazard symbol looks.

  • vg10

    I preorder’d this for my crossbow, I don’t own any guns. I can understand peoples dislike, it’s just for fun chillout

  • Zyle

    Normally, this is where I’d cut in and say “No Fun Allowed.”
    But I think a few people already have that covered.

    Gimmicky, as are all “zombie” gear items, but hey, I dunno if and how well it works.
    If people want to buy it, more power to them – it’s what capitalism is built on.

  • Scott Padgett

    Relax sphincter-boyz. This is promotional, and is intended to showcase that they can create almost holographic shape into a reticle. No one else can do this kind of custom stuff. All the others can deliver is a different size “Swedish Meatball”(Aimpoint anyone?). The idea is to generate revenue that supports AMERICAN jobs (again, NOT Aimpoint, who is Swedish). Has this sold at all? I can tell you that EOTech has sold over $1 million worth so far. If that helps support American jobs, they deserve a medal! But, if you prefer to send your money overseas, feel free to try and justify it….