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  • WoodenPlank

    Ok, we get it…enough with the zombies already.

  • Ok, that it. This has gone on long enough. Tired of seeing this over played marketing gimmick. Give us a break

  • Brian P.


  • b

    lame color in grip

  • Merc

    Seriously, zombies are FICTIONAL and should not be mixed with REAL GUNS. Somebody is going to get hurt, or look like a tool. Maybe both.

  • Dude

    Thats awful.

  • fred

    Stupidity has no end.
    Taurus has a lot of ugly guns.
    That one is ugly and stupid.

    Anybody seen the huge number of decent guns they have discontinued?

    Then they produce this abomination?

  • Vhyrus

    At least THIS gun actually would work against zombies… or have we already forgotten the lcp ‘zombie slayer’?

  • SpudGun

    For slow moving, mindless hordes, easily distracted by loud noises and shiny things, the Zombie Responder is a must – but enough about Taurus customers.

    If it came down to it, I think I’d rather get eaten then carry this abomination.

    • Michael

      You don’t get eaten… you get assimilated.

  • Foetus

    Ewwwww ugly !

  • James

    Naming, marking, and marketing guns with “toy” names is gonna get someone hurt someday.

    I can just see someone who doesn’t know any better picking this up to “play with” because it’s marketed and sold in light of this fictional zombie scenario.

    Whether it’s a kid, a teen, or an adult… doesn’t matter. This is stupid.

    • Riceball

      I really don’t see that happening because first off, it’s not like you’d be able to simply pick one up at your local Toys ‘R US. Secondly, I’m sure this thing has some good heft to it which should inform just about anybody that this thing is not, despite the name, a toy. Lastly, the cylinder should also tell people that this thing is meant to take real bullets and is not some sort of overgrown BB or airsoft gun.

  • JC

    Why would they make a .454 Casull a “zombie gun”? And the grips look like they were spray painted!

  • Tinkerer

    The zombie thing? It’s silly.

    But I’d rather discuss the firearm itself for what it is: a quite interesting piece for hunting. I don’t recall other long barreled revolvers out there that can fire three different rounds: .454 Casull for big game hunting, .45 Colt for training/not-so-big-game-hunting/just shooting comfortably, and .410 shotshells for small game and/or pest control. Frankly, looks like an interesting idea -zombie nonsense aside-.

    Wonder how the high-pressured .454 Casull behaves with such a long cylinder before hitting the forcing cone -if it indeed can fire that round.

  • Jeff Smith

    While I’m not a huge fan (I do find it funny) of the whole zombie craze, I keep seeing horrible logic being used.

    Why would you need a .454 Casull for killing zombies? If you have to shoot something in the head anyways, why not use a much smaller, lower recoil round with a much higher capacity work just as well? Wouldn’t, say, a Glock 17 work much better? Wouldn’t a .22 LR work just as well? While it’s not the most deadly round, I’m sure plenty of LIVING people have died from a .22 LR bullet to the head.

    Instead, people are buying things like this. Don’t get me wrong; I love the idea of a gun that shoots .454 Casull, .45 Long Colt, and .410 shells, but why on earth would you want a large caliber, low capacity, high recoil gun for shooting (what I presume would be) multiple targets with high accuracy? Has anyone ever seen IDPA shooters using something like this? Granted, there are revolver competitions, but it’s pretty rare to find someone using a revolver against people using semi autos. Also, i don’t think any of those people would be using the .454 Casull round.

    I don’t hate the zombie craze; I just hate people using horrible logic, especially when dealing with firearms. I love anything that causes firearms manufacturers to step up their game, but I’m sick of seeing people not think before dropping THOUSANDS of dollars in some cases on “zombie apocalypse” kits that are completely impractical. No matter what you’re doing, use the right tool for the right job.

    • Other Steve

      Don’t give anyone any ideas. CMMG or someone will come out with an AR conversion in 22 called the Ultimate Zombie Hunter – Super Headshot Edition Nitro X, it’ll have a rail mounted case of 22 ammo…. Oh god, I can see the future!

      • Jeff Smith

        Haha! Sadly, that would be more practical than most of the “Zombie Hunter” stuff they are selling these days.

      • fw226

        Seriously. A 22 mag, high-cap pistol or rifle, with a threaded barrel. That’s a zombie gun. Not… this.

      • SpudGun

        I will be the lone naysayer on the .22LR vs Zombie debate, but only because I’ve read tales of gangster types getting shot in the brain with a small caliber bullet and surviving.

        Also, you’re not firing at a static target, so you’re chances of getting a dead center brain hit are greatly reduced and then there’s possible deflections from the angle of the skull.

        So for up close, I’d favor the shotgun carrying some heavy buck shells and for distance, a rifle round in the hopes that the hydrostatic shock will help destroy the brain on any head shot.

        (Obviously, in a real life zombie apocalypse, I’d use much simpler methods such as fire or nail bombs, to destroy huge swathes of the walking dead)

      • David/Sharpie

        Spud, the only thing worse than a zombie trying to eat you, is a zombie trying to eat you THAT IS ON FIRE. Plus fire doesn’t kill right away, and may die out before re-killing a zombie

  • David

    Hahaha, that’s kinda funny, grips are ugly, but that is the best looking Judge thing that is available in Canada to the general population

    I am actually a part of a Zombie Survival site, but do I think zombies will rise? No. Is it fun to base any survival preps on a fictional situation (Which would turn into a disaster like any other TEOTWAWKI scenario, still need survival equipment, food, water etc.) Yes, it is.

    I wouldn’t buy it, but if someone else does, fine, no skin off my back

    • Other Steve


      • David

        Whoever said before that you were a troll, was right…..

        “Nooooope” what? I gave my opinion, MY opinion, so you can disagree, but base your disagreement on something, not just a juvenile, dumbass comment.

      • Other Steve

        Ok, that’s nice. But my opinion of Nooope is that NO part of this Zombie BS is cool. Any admission of well, that’s kinda cool, “fun” or “funny” is wrong IN MY OPINION. It’s dangerous for the reasons stated here, that’s too close to toys along with a toy mindset. It’s bad for the industry image, where politicians and media are not “in on the joke”. And it’s flat out insulting to us that use, rely, or just enjoy firearms as a serious tool or hobby.

        So when you write “It’s kinda funny”…. I say Nooope becuase it’s not.

      • David

        If it gets people buying guns, fine, whatever. As long as they get proper safety training, I really don’t care what their gun looks like. How does a guns look contribute to danger? Still shoots pieces of lead, can still kill if used that way. I do not feel insulted because a gun has “zombie” stamped on the side and where the grips are green, I think it’s funny, if you don’t, good your you, quit bitching at those who do think it’s funny.

      • Other Steve

        No offense, but the type of person in to something like this, is not the type I’d like to be shooting with. It’s the type I see coming to the range, and GTFO.

        It’s not just that the grips are green and it inexplicably says “Zombie Responder” 6 times on the cylinder… It’s the strips of red to look like blood. Explain that to Antis, Media, or a Lawyer.

        It’s a really poor execution of a lame concept and it’s not a good thing for anyone.

      • David

        I would feel the same way if the person SOLELY bought this because it said “Zombie” I already have a bunch of regular guns, so if I bought this it would be a “fun” gun, if someone bought it for that, fine.

        Once again, this would be a fun, novelty gun, someone who would blow the money to buy this, wouldn’t use it as a home defense gun, chances are they’d have something much better than this.

        Execution of it is fine, looks like the words are etched into the cylinder and the barrel is a much better length and profile than the judge (Already said I didn’t like the grips so I’ll leave that out) and the concept is the latest Pop Culture craze today.

        Just because it’s not good for you, just because someone else wouldn’t enjoy it

      • David

        One more thing to add on, gun manufacturers have been marketing guns geared towards many fictional things, for many years, like Colt making that Vampire gun (

        Zomies is just the latest and greatest trend, I’m guessing largely due to COD, Zombieland, and the Walking Dead. Do I think Taurus went overboard/at it the wrong way, yes. Would I buy this, no. Would I condemn someone who bought this for kicks, no. (Yes if they really believe zombies would rise and they need this gun….)

    • mosinman

      i agree with you david, as long as they are responsible who cares what thier gun looks like or says? free coutry steve-o and besides the zombie thing is funny and neat and those guys are no worse than the guys who are deltaforce-seal-armyranger-ubercommando wannabies with all this tatical gear that they probably will never use. as long as they are safe and follow the rules i see no foul

  • Michael

    Why did it have to come to this……

  • hojo

    Ass-ugly grip aside, I really like it. I’ve always liked the look of the Tracker-style barrel. I think they should have gone ahead and ported it like the Trackers though.

    First order of business… Black Rubber Grip.

    Guns should not look like toys, especially ugly toys.

  • BluegrassGeek

    Wait, waitwaitwait…

    Someone who calls themselves “Sally scrotpuncher” and refers to CoD as “call of doodie” is complaining that the zombie fad is too silly? ಠ_ಠ

  • farmboy7.62

    I wish it would all just go away.

  • Jason

    Not very zombie looking.. grip looks like it was recycled from Jurassic Park 3.

  • West

    I dont see a rail for mounting a chainsaw…..

  • D

    You know, considering the costs involved, they could have at least made the grip look like decayed flesh, or like it was made out of bones or something. That’d be interesting and kind of unique.

    I also think people are somewhat missing the point of a lot of the zombie stuff. Sure, it’s crap now, but in 20, 30, or 40 years, the gun (which will have held value anyway) will now be worth even more for being a special edition type weapon instead of just a standard one. Just like how a box of Zombie-Max ammo will be worth more then, to.

  • Lance

    Never knew Resident Evil would go into the gun world so far.

  • the waterhead

    They should have named it the Resident Judge… because that looks like it should be used in Resident Evil….

    • Bob Z Moose

      “Don’t worry about me. I have THIS!”- Barry Burton

      In all fairness, he did custom order a Raging Bull from Keno’s Gun Shop in Resident Evil 2, so maybe a Barry Burton edition is in talks with Capcom.

  • Steve

    What, no bayonet lug???

    • John Doe

      No laser either 🙁

      • Steve

        A blue laser would be nice…

  • Raoul O’Shaughnessy

    I call shenanigans.

    • David

      Better yet, evil shenanigans

    • DW

      Evil undead shenanigans

  • derfel cadarn

    The firearms and ammo industries is playing into the hands of the lefties. This zombie stuff makes us look like the crazies they believe us to be. It comes across as irresponsible and pandering to the simple for a profit. I love firearms and the freedom they represent,with that comes the duty of safety and accountability of actions. Items in the zombie genre reflect of red rubber noses and really big shoes,is this the type of image we wish to portray? What is next the Jack Danial”s and Seagram”s editions/ In an electronic world image is EVERYTHING.

    • Nicks87

      I agree 100% I dont understand why our comments got voted down. Maybe the left-wing gun grabbers are right. People who buy into this zombie marketing nonsense should have their guns taken away.

      This kind of stuff is why the anti-gun people get support for laws that limit our second amendment rights. The zombie stuff makes us gun lovers look like we live in a fantasy world.

  • Will

    While I myself have little interest in the new zombie theme in the firearms maket, It sells, therefore it lives. I don’t have too much of a problem with it so long as those who buy it are competent and at least intelligent enough to safely use and own a firearm. Granted the “CowadootyMallNinjaZombieSlayerActionHeroBadass Mcgee” types are rather insufferable to be around, so long as they aren’t hurting themselves or others I’ll just stay out of their path. My only other gripe is that these products kind of make the survivalist/SHTF community look like a bunch of crackpots. And some of them are, but both still ruin the image of the sane ones…

  • John Doe

    I’d rather have my jugular vein bitten out than be caught carrying this.

  • Nicks87

    I thought “zombie apocalypse” referred to when the financial system collapses and the welfare hordes start stealing everything thats not nailed down?

    In that case this hand-cannon might be useful…

    But if we are talking about the “living dead” attacking our families and friends then I think the firearms and ammo manufacturers need to grow up.

    Stuff like this is why many firearms enthusiasts are not taken seriously.

    • John Doe

      When the financial system collapses, good luck finding rounds like .454 Casull.

      • that’s just it, this pistol fires
        45ACP(moon clips)
        45 AUTO RIM
        45 long colt
        45WIN MAG(moon clips)
        454 CASULL,
        410 shotgun.
        and, I’d be willing to bet it could also handle the pressure loading of the 460 S&W magnum. that’s a pretty dandy spectrum of calibers.

      • David

        Nature, the only thing with the moon clips are that I think only the older generation Judges had enough clearance for moon clips, I don’t think there is enough of a gap on the new Judge’s.

        And you also forgot .45 GAP, with is kinda the .45 answer to the 10mm vs. .40 S&W, at least I think

  • bbmg

    Screw the fictional possibility of zombies, we should be preparing for the very real prospect of the robot apocalypse!

    Semi auto shotguns loaded tungsten birdshot *will* be the home defense choice of the next decade.

  • Chucky

    If they made moon clips for this to take .45ACP, I’d see this sell a lot more, zombie apocalypse marketing or no.

    I also find it funny how so many people are offended by the whole zombie marketing ploy. Just a few decades ago they were selling guns for when the evil communist empire invades your home and nobody complained. Which of course never happened because if it did, you’d be nuked first at which point your gun would serve little use. Maybe they should market post nuclear apocalypse guns instead.

    • David

      I replyed below to another comment regarding moon clips, but I’ll copy it again, the only thing with the moon clips are that I think only the older generation Judges had enough clearance for moon clips, I don’t think there is enough of a gap on the new Judge’s.

      If there is, great, but unfortunately I believe there wouldn’t be enough room for moon clips.

      And I agree about the people whining about zombies

      • Chucky

        Well, if there’s no clearance, there are machinists who offer services to cut a relief into the cylinder and extractor face to accept moon clips. Haven’t seen the cylinder of this gun up close, but it might already have that relief from the factory.

      • David

        Very true, that’s how Webleys were “converted” after WW2 for movies/cheaper ammo, the cylinders were just machined down to be able to use moon clips

    • Nicks87

      The problem with the “zombie” marketing ploy is that zombies are not real, believe it or not. However, communists are very real and I’m sure you have a better chance of using this ridiculous weapon on communists then you do on zombies.

      If I’m wrong tell me why dont just mark my comment down.

      • kristen

        no. you got it all back ass wards , use it on right-wing-wing- nuts , and leave the loony left alone ,

      • kristen, if you think the word vidtim and screammmmm reeeally loud, your party might get looked at.
        but then again, we are so gonna kick your ass next election, it’s the screams of a crying child…
        now dont go away mad… just go away.

      • brian


        are you talking about communists, or just democrats in general, because I’m thinking the democrats are going to win this election.

        (PS: related to the article, i would NOT use a revolver in a zombie apocalypse)

        (PPS: sorry if this is 5 months late, but i didn’t see the date until i started writing this post)

  • Big Jay

    Never go full retard. Taurus went full retard.

  • Nicks87

    If you buy/promote this “zombie” marketing ploy BS, you only have yourself to blame for stricter guns laws and loss of our 2nd amendment.

    Stuff like this makes gun owners look like they live in a fantasy world and most people DO NOT want people who live in a fantasy world to own guns.

    Look at the bigger picture folks dont buy this crap.

  • halfway

    I love zombies as much as the next guy (actually, maybe even a little more) but I think it went too far about a year ago.

  • Aj

    I have to say this is a cool gun. People who think zombies aren’t real, well they are! I guess you have never met a pill head, they mite as well be the walking dead.

  • Aj

    I have to comment on people arguing that guns like this make the government want to take are guns away. Well, those are the same people that go to the range wielding an AR15 with all the gadgets they put on it, that are not in or have never been in LE or Military, but clam to be ready for a terrorist attack. Well that makes it all better, we have terrorist nuts with big guns over zombie nuts with big guns. Neither of which probably have ample training to utilize those firearms appropriately.

    What ever happened to liking guns for the art. Yeh, some are better made, but some are just so unique you have to have one. I’m not a zombie nut, and don’t like most of these type of guns, but there are some that look interesting enough, and I would like to add it to my collection.

    • David/Sharpie

      Terrorists are real (Although unless you’re military, 99.99% chance you will not meet one)

      I like zombies, but I don’t 100% like this gun, the grips and calibre are what I do not like

  • Vince

    I see these comments as childish and weak. If you don’t like something- DON’T BUY IT. Personally, I like zombies, aliens, general horror, action, post apocalypse, “Red Dawn”, etc. I even engage in fantasy and some of my shooting is done this way. What does it matter to you who I am, how I shoot or what I enjoy as long as it doesn’t interfere with your life?

    Your Right to swing your fists ends where the other’s nose begins.
    Anyone that shoots or has a passion for firearms should be ashamed of themselves for dividing against the Right to Bear Arms for petty infighting and bickering.
    The Right to Bear Arms wasn’t written so you could hunt, shoot target or skeet. It was for the Right of Personal Defense against tyranny. When I shoot for fun it makes me a better shooter, period. Proper prior practice prevents piss poor performance. So I ask you again: Why attack fellow shooters putting them down and allowing those that would disarm ALL of us an opening? Is it fear? Or do not like those not like you? I hope to think that it’s just a lack of understanding but that’s for you to decide.
    Just remember we’re all in this together.

  • TW

    this gun looks BA but i think ill stick to my kimber, 870, and AR.

  • azglock

    Really nice, not in their web site so how do I order?