NZDF Adopts Benelli M3

The New Zealand Defense Force is adopting the Benelli M3 after trialling them for the past few years. The M3 is a dual mode firearm that can be operated manually as a pump action or semi-automatically with Benelli’s famous inertia recoil system. The pump action is useful when firing low powered less lethal rounds.

[Hat Tip: Whale Oil]

Steve Johnson

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  • Ben

    Also good for when duck season rolls around!

  • z

    With rails and a m4 stock….wonder if they could fit it to my m3. Underrated shotgun

    • TZH

      my thoughts exactly. I love my folding stock, however its really nice to see this configuration

    • snmp

      The stock on the Benelli M3 Super 90 of NZ Force look like to be the Telescopic Stock of the Benelli Supernova Tactical

      for the Rail you could found it in the Benelli parts/options

    • snmp

      After checking that ‘s the stock of New version of M3 SUPER 90 TACTICAL TELESCOPIC that replace the older version with folding stock

      Manual =>
      catalogue =>

  • Kiwitrooper

    This shotguns been in the NZ Army for about a year now, the new infantry corp trainees have used it and the infantry battalions have adopted it.
    Its a nice piece of kit

    • Caleb

      Mate do you know what the AWQ is like for it? What distance they attempt to go out to? (sorry if it’s in the vid, my laptops speakers are fried so watched it without sound lol)

  • JT

    Hey Steve!

    Check this pdf for the latest support kit the NZ Army is getting!,
    7.62 MG’s and H&K ‘grenade machine guns’. Stoked to see they are getting some better kit!


  • 276 pedersen

    @ 1:53 “Enjoying ourselves” That grin says it all! Good on ya kiwis 😀

  • Hryan

    (Sorry for what I’m about to write, but someone has to do it.)

    Duel Mode? I’ve never heard of this before, does it mark off the correct number of paces after standing back to back, or perhaps slap a man with a white glove when he offends you? Because if so, that would actually be pretty cool.

    • Komrad

      Sorry Steve, but you do seem to have an issue with duel and dual.

    • Doesitmatter?

      Yes, and blow then off with shotgun; successs guaranteed (chuckle…) All duels I heard/read of were with pistols, cast balls of appropriate calibre. The scene from “Big coutry”… oh man, I love it. Shame Buck Henessey was such a coward.

  • Lance


    • Other Steve

      So worthless.

  • W

    nice!!! benellis make some sick shotguns…

  • z

    That’s mean…..steve

  • charles222

    Any word on whatever happened with the NZ Army testing out the SCAR/HK416/etc to replace their AUGs? I remember an article here about it last year.

    • Alex-mac

      It wasn’t to replace their Aug’s. New Zealand military works so closely with Australia, they would never adopt a different standard rifle.

      • charles222

        To quote the article:

        A credible source told me that the New Zealand Army has been evaluating the FN SCAR rifle as a possible replacement for the Steyr AUG.

        My source also told me that there has also been a lot of talk in the NZ Army about adopting 7.62mm rifles. The troops who have been deployed in Afghanistan are not happy with the 5.56mm performance. They, unlike the US and recently the British, they do not have a 7.62x51mm chambered semi-automatic in a designated marksmen role.

        Anyone have an actual answer about this?

      • Alex-mac

        The only way that would be possible is if New Zealand was thinking about adopting a different calibre as well, not 5.56 or 7.62×51mm.

        Since the FN SCAR post was two years ago, most likely they were evaluating the FN SCAR H for a DMR. In 2011 they chose the LMT AR-10 for their DMR rifle.

      • W

        if they adopt the SCAR, it would be a good idea due to the parts commonality between the L and H models. of course, the same can be said for keeping a updated AUG (commonality with australia) and LMT AR10 (commonality with the UK).

        Im sure theyre very sorry about destroying those L1A1 FALs though…

      • Caleb

        We decided it was far to expensive to go changing weapon systems entirely, and settled for upgrading the AUGs with ACOGs, rails, (you guessed it!), and other optics/ toys etc. I think some kind of barrel upgrade amongst others too but I forget what.

  • SGB

    I have six Benelli’s and love them. They make a great shotgun.

  • Strongarm

    Benelli M3 has a past of plus two decades, but no service use in volume
    as expected for such a brand.

    In pump action, shotgun uses the blockage of mode select knob to arrest
    forward travel of inertia driven carrier block, by means, the inertia spring
    retained uncompressed for auto load cycling.

    To achieve connection of breechbolt and select knob, action uses two
    long action bars at each side made of steel. This part is absent on usual
    auto loading shotguns.

    Though pump mode is not intented to use powerful loads, if some use
    them, twin long action bars at each side work in a manner just like
    the inertia spring in the carrier block and may cause the shootgun to
    cycle in auto loading action in pump mode.

    This may be the cause of unpopular service use of Benelli M3.

  • snmp

    what you call no service use in volume ? That’s in service France (with GIGN, French Army & Navy …), Irland, Canada, Italy ….