More on Gun Safes

Jay G has just written an article for Shooting Illustrated on choosing a gun safe.

Budget is really the limiting factor when choosing a safe, with selections ranging from less than $100 to the “wow, do they still buy kidneys?” range. A simple locked metal box for a single handgun can be found for the same price as a box of premium ammunition, while a fire-, water- and theft-resistant safe that can hold several dozen long guns might cost as much as a good used car.

Steve Johnson

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  • Peter

    There was a recent talk at Defcon about security in gun safes. Basically They go over a few popular models that seem safe at first but are quite easily broken into if you know where to look.

    Link –>

    • Zak

      Seconded. The video really shows what to look for in a good gun safe, and which ones are easy to access. You’ll think twice after seeing the GunVault biometric safe cracked with a paperclip in under a minute.

      • Komrad

        To be fair, you wouldn’t use that as anti-theft, only anti-tamper.

    • Nadnerbus

      Steve beat you to it. Its already posted on the main page, maybe five or six entries back.

    • Michael

      My former room mate had his Sig and passport stolen out of a GunVault GV1000 when our rental property was broken into, the thief used a screwdriver and a little prying action over the course of maybe 2 seconds (as explained and demonstrated by the investigating officer) to gain access to the firearm. My much larger and better designed fireproof safe in the adjacent room wasn’t touched, so I ended up being the only person in the without property loss in the incident. After seeing that LEO demo, I will never buy a GunVault product.

  • ap

    Out of what was locally available (stuff I could drive and pick up) I ended up with a Superior, Champion’s higher end line. I wanted external hinges for full door swing and that limited my choices a bit. It quite handsome in it’s burgandy metallic and chrome hardware, cool scrolling on the front, too. I though it represented a good bang for the buck with fire resistance and weight. Def. get the heaviest save you can afford.

    • drewogatory

      My GF is back at school so we’re moving pretty regularly again. I’ve switched to multiple 400 lb-range safes that are moveable by one guy with the door off. I’m getting pretty good at setting concrete anchors that’s for sure. I figure that what I lose in security I gain back in time it takes to open 4 safes with 4 different locks. I save space by just stashing the actions on my project guns.

  • charles222

    The trick is to have a house like the one in The People Under The Stairs. 1) Man-eating rottweiller 2) traps 3) bars on windows and 4) doors that lock when you enter the house.

  • SGB

    I don’t trust new safes. I like my old fashioned safes.

  • I personally have been selling gun safes for years before we put up our website and what I have found is that almost all the pistol box gun safes just make the owner “feel” like the gun is secure. I generally suggest fireproof home safes and the like as a replacement for pistol boxes. Because there was an article that was just out about how ammo started to explode on a home fire and the firemen just let the whole thing burn down. Don’t get me wrong I don’t blame them but it should point out the need for as much fireproof as you can afford and I would suggest a minimum of an hour.

  • Donald

    You shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality when purchasing a gun safe. As an avid skeet shooter I have a collection of guns that are some of my most prized possessions. They are expensive but hey like old saying goes you get what you pay for. Therefore, I believe in getting safes that are thick and able to withstand the elements. I know that whenever I buy from: that I’m getting the protection I need from high quality safes.

  • Guest

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  • harry

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