Fireworks + Highspeed Camera + Fruit = Amazing Photos

This Flickr account has a collection of beautiful photos showing fruit and other objects being blown up with fireworks. My favorites are the watermelon volcano, the slinky/firecracker/baseball photo and the raspberry vs. air gun pellet.

Apparently the photographer has to blow up 100 objects before be gets a decent photo.

[ Many thanks to Max for emailing us the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • hojo

    Very cool. This one’s creepy as hell though.

  • Wolf

    Damn, the quality on these is amazing. I would think that microsecond flash would produce pretty nasty colors.

  • alan sailer


    Very perceptive comment.

    I don’t usually comment about my own photographs, but the microsecond flash is very blue in color.

    It is really just a controlled electric spark.

    The first step when I work on the original file is to correct for this. It is a standard part of the photographic process called white balance.

    After this step the colors are much more natural.