Weird Gun / Trophy Art

The following artwork is by Peter Gronquist from his “The Evolution Will Be Fabulous” collection …

“Untitled (Sable)” / Peter Gronquist / $7,500.00
“Untitled (Lesser Kudu)” / Peter Gronquist / $7,500
“Hello Kitty Grenades” / Peter Gronquist / $300

Not something I would put in my house, but pretty nifty.

[ Many thanks to Erik for emailing us the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Bob Z Moose

    Say what you will, I want one of those Hello Kitty grenades.

    • Michael

      I’m with you man! I think it’d make a great paperweight.

  • El Freddio

    I didn’t know animals are now running mexican drug cartels

  • Ryan

    It’s pretty obvious to me that this is anti-gun, anti-hunting art. It’s not very subtle and pretty ironic that you would put this on here.

  • micah

    Looks like something Admiral General Aladeen would commission for his palace.

  • West

    No thanks, ive had nightmares that were less disturbing.

  • fred

    mmm ugly.
    Waste of time, money, dead animals etc.
    Probably no real gold in them either..

  • Rifleman336

    I think the “Hello Kitty” hand grenade would be just the ticket, for Afganistan. You throw it, it lands next to the jihady fighter, and he picks it up and shows the “Pretty shinny object) to his friends. 😛

  • Lance

    The Asian women will love the Hello Kitty grenades.

  • cal

    I dont think its anti-gun per se, but i think the artist makes a critique about commercialization and the media’s glorification of war. The gold plating signifies ostentation and consumer revelry of conflict, while the branding signifies the corporate capitalization of war and violence (i.e. EA selling millons of copies of COD or the infinite stream of nic cage movies consumers shell out millions to see.) I’d like to see more art like this in fact, it exposes people to guns who would otherwise not have much contact with them, and it exposes people with guns to a whole new point of view.

    • noob

      i like the evolution angle too. antlers are the weapons of these herbivores. they are used to intimidate and kill rivals who are competing for your mate. also they are defense against preadators.

      some elk evolved antlers as a runaway trait, they stopped being about function and became all about being bigger than the next guy. hence the gold plating on these decidedly extreme antlers. the red elk actually evolved antlers so big there weren’t enough minerals in the soil to feed it, and went extinct.

      finally i like that these are real animals, taxidermidermized. if a deer has bigger antlers it is a better trophy. similarly dispaying arms in a hostile environment can make you a priority target for your enemies

      and like the deer, many in harms way cannot simply choose to lay down their weapons and must fight for their lives

  • Shooter

    Hell, a good 25% of the cost of that first statue was probably in the A.R.M.S. SIR system rails he used…


  • tommy2rs

    Even my inner redneck is going “WTF!”. That stuff is uglier than Larry the Cable Guy without a shirt.

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