Masterpiece Arms Protector II Pistol

Masterpiece Arms have updated their .380 ACP Protector pistol adding a few new features.

Coyote Brown Slide Finish

A beavertail was added to the pistol to eliminate any slide bite and enhance the overall grip-ability of the pistol. New square serrations on the stainless and 4140 black steel slides built from a solid billet, provide a more positive grip, with or without gloves, when racking the slide. Barrel porting significantly reduces the felt recoil by bleeding gas from the barrel when the weapon is fired. Finally, fully machined aluminum grips, hardcoat anodized, are included on the Stainless, Premium and Coyote Brown models.

MSRP starts at $350.95

Steve Johnson

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  • Anthony

    What’s the caliber and general availability like? I haven’t seen this yet and I’m fairly interested.

    • .380 is between a .9mm and a .38 in size – think of it as a shorter 9mm cartridge

  • .380ACP it says on the slide. I like the look a lot!

  • Samopal

    Wow, I’m really liking the look. I haven’t heard much about these little pistols, but if they’re as reliable as MPA’s MACs I’d grab one in a heartbeat.

  • Alaskan

    ported .380 barrel? because the .380 is known for being the harshest recoiling caliber?

    My mom had .380 that was hard to rack the slide on,so she sold that and got a .38 revolver. She didn’t like that one either,so she her dad’s WW2 M1 Carbine out of storage. 15 rounds of .30Carbine beats a wheelgun..

    • SpudGun

      An M1 carbine as a CCW?! Wow, that is impressive. 😉

      • El Duderino

        Better wear a looooong coat. I hope it’s a paratrooper stock.

        Oh, no loaded rifles in public? Whoops!

    • I didn’t find mine to recoil all that badly. Mine is not an MPA, but had no issues shooting yesterday. The only issue I have with the .380’s are the jamming problems!

  • jagersmith

    The P238 is a direct ripoff of the colt mustang. This MPA pistol does not feel the same, look the same, or operate the same. All it has in common is the caliber and purpose.

  • Scarecrow

    If they ripped anybody on aesthetics, it was Seecamp. Straighten out the backstrap and it looks identical to a Seecamp. The MPA is the same design as the Autauga arms MKII in 32acp. I’ve never heard good things about the Autauga but the MPA may differ internally to improve reliability.

    The beavertail and mag extension stray from the idea of a deep cover pocket pistol. While some may “need” these features, for the same size after adding them, you may be able to step up to a 9mm.

  • Michael

    Lots of competion, so how about something different. How about 5.7mm, 7.62×25 or the H&K 4.6mm calibre

    • DW

      How would you fit the aforementioned cartridges into a subcompact weapon?

      • Michael

        Tired of the same old stuff, The wife would not let me buy another gun unless it was different. They need to be creative.
        I would love to see a new pistol in 7.62×25

  • I’ve never owned a masterpiece arms. Are they any good?

  • David Cook

    I think I will just stick with my Walther PPKS. Pull the trigger and it always goes bang.

  • BillinOK

    Im ready for it! Looks like a great alternative to a Seecamp. It’s July 2012 and I don’t see the Coyote Brown available anywhere yet.

    If a micro pistol is what you want the only downside I see is the 200 round spring life. You already know this isn’t a range gun and supposedly the spring (one large and one small) are only $2-$3 ea.

    I’d order one if I found one.