Steve Johnson

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  • SpudGun

    Very cool video with some extremely cool results. Loved the way the guy was just nonchalantly throwing out the tech speak about piezo electric sensors and modulator thingymadoodles. Good stuff.

    • Gray Sanborn

      Destin’s actually a rocket scientist of some kind down in AL, and a great guy to boot from my e-interactions with him.

      You may have seen one of his earlier videos about chicken head tracking (

      If you check out earlier videos, he has quite a few cool firearms-related videos.

      • SpudGun

        Will check it out, thanks Gray.

  • ReactiveShooter


  • Wow. This was intelligently (obviously) done and he made great points about safety and why it is so important. I really like the guy. He relates to the audience well and doesn’t talk down, just talks at you. I say, well done, sir!

  • greasyjohn

    Still lose it every time Buzz shows up.