More Photos of ST Kinetics Concept Rifles

Last week STK unveiled not one but two concept rifles on display at Singapore. The next-gen concept conventional design seems to be inspired by old H&K XM8.

ST Kinetics Next-Gen Concept Conventional Rifle. Photo form Trishul
H&K XM8 prototype

They also unveiled a next-gen concept bullpup. It looks a lot more compact than the STK SAR-21.

ST Kinetics Next-Gen Concept Bullpup Rifle.
Another Photo of the ST Kinetics next-gen conventional rifle. Thanks to Faisal for the photo.

Steve Johnson

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  • Rob

    reminds me of the SCAR from the Crysis series

    • Hainabu

      The SCAR from the Crysis series is modelled from the HK XM8 prototype. the Crytek GmBH who made this game is a German game developer, that is why they wanted a German gun to be a future U.S. carbine.

  • KNF

    In case anyone was interested, I asked the STK rep about it, and the rifle is supposed to be a long stroke piston (like the SAR-21), evrything else is still on the drawing board since these are non functional mockups.

    • Short stroke, not long, according to the Next-Gen Concept Rifle brochure 😉

  • Vhyrus

    Holy energy swords, batman! That bullpup looks right out of HALO!

    • bima86

      it also looks kind of the south african bullpup (vector CR21)

    • Benjamin

      Didn’t the F2000 look like its from HALO, too?

    • calool

      stick a carrying handle with a scope on top, and it will look just like the battle rifle!

  • SpudGun

    After years of lambasting video game designers for including the XM8 in their arsenal of virtual weapons, STK have made me look foolish. Still, they’re only concept rifles, so we’ll see if they actually materialize in their current form.

  • Jack Luz


  • Doesitmatter?

    Is anybody buying this ‘artful’ junk? Alright, we have an elegant envelope, BUT what is the substance? Where is some new or qualitative improvement? Many odf those new rifle creators would pass well as shoe designers.

  • Sian

    The length of pull on that concept bullpup looks ridonk.

    • Tinkerer

      Emphasis on “concept”: as in “a preliminar view of how something might or might not be in the future”.

      Yes, it looks quite long. Why it looks that way? We can only speculate. If the LOP is actually long -that is, using a measuring tape to determine the LOP and not just the looks of it-, I suspect the use of the Ultimax’s constant recoil system. If so, it MIGHT allow for downward ejection just behind the magwell -which would easily solve the ambidextrous issues with most bullpup rifles. Personally, I’d like a new, shorter cartridge instead of 5.56×45 that would allow for downward ejection behind the magwell, without a too long LOP.

      • JMD

        How much shorter can you possibly go? 7,62×39? That’s only a few mm shorter. I doubt it would make a real difference. And if you pick a shorter cartridge, then it needs to also be wider to maintain a decent size powder charge. Then you’d end up with some sort of short, fat magazine, and cartridges with extreme taper at the shoulder (in the case of something wider than 7,62x39mm)….

        Except for that bit, I’d agree with you.

    • Andrew C

      It looks to me like the LOP might be adjustable, and the length it’s set at is to accomodate the rack that’s holding it.

  • West

    That grenade launcher looks bulky.
    I dont see how all of the delicate crap hanging off of modern combat rifles even survives the drop, much less combat.

    Unless its way tougher than it looks.

    • charles222

      Yeah, it’s typically alot more rugged than it looks. Plus professional soldiers usually don’t go slamming around their rifles even in combat.

  • John Doe

    I must’ve killed thousands with that same rifle, I just can’t remember which video game.

  • OMG that’s totally HALO!!!

  • Matt G.

    The reason they all look like the xm8 is because the xm8 was so awesome everything since has been trying to catch up.

  • charles222

    Rather off-topic, but I wish H&K would fix the foreend-melting issue the XM8 has, slap some rails on it, and release it for public consumption. Just a way cool-looking rifle.

    • W

      I think if they constructed it of steel and aluminum, it would be a very suitable weapon. Many cited that the XM8’s design was horrific because it melted, though the problem is a easy fix. It sure wont weigh 5 lbs…but even if it weighs 6-7, BFD.

      • charles222

        Yeah, I’d wish they’d release it. I mean, they wouldn’t even necessarily need to do anything about the foreend issue; just don’t sell the full-auto feature.

  • Lorenzo

    Please keep industrial designers away from firearms, expecially the Star wars fans ones. Please.


    An industrial designer.

  • Lcon

    It’s Not very Starwars at all, After all they were moding WW2 weapons Some thing that carried over from 1950’s era b Scifi.
    conventional Rail mountings was a option at the 12,3,6and 9 oclock on the Old XM8 the SCAR offering had them it’s just they were pushing there “PCAPS”.
    Now then on the conventional variant. There is a lot of XM8 in this no Doubt with makes since as this is a recent weapon’s program and most of the new small arms of the last few years have been using XM8 and Scar as parents. The “Sight bridge” ( Borrowing HK’s name for that type of Carry handle/ rail mounting) seems better suited for a mini dot like the Micro T, Delta point or the RMR. The Stock is now common and if this one does not fold I would be surprised. the Magazine looks too Be AR spec although Polymer a change form the XM8 which being the aborted American Child of the G36 used the same magazines. That barrel has too be longer then the 12.5 of the XM8 I would lay money on at least 13.5 inches. the Grenade launcher is reminiscent of the AG36/AGL/M320 series although the M320 would seem a little bulkier as it has a fore-grip.
    The Bull
    Like the Conventional There also looks too have been a pattern too fallow In this case I think the Tavor and FN2000 The sighting system, Grip and receiver look very tavor well the fore end looks too have a grip styled after the FN2000 I wonder if they might even try a modified version of there grenade launcher too attempt the same dual trigger configuration as the 2000. It might be that STK was asked for a more compact version or perhaps they be came concerned that the SAR21 being very very close too the AUGA3 ( the main difference being the built in laser sight that the AUG lacks) felt they were loosing ground too the more established weapon system, looking too get the edge they moved too up there functionality by copying the best they could think of. Hence the two developments One fallowing the best Bullpups they could think of. the other the best conventional types.

    • charles222

      The weapons of Star Wars:

      Rebels: A few M-16 mods. Most Rebel soldiers had seriously modded STG-44s in The Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi. No idea what the guns the Rebel troops at the start of A New Hope were built on. Lightsabres are old photo flash devices. Han carries an old Mauser pistol.

      Empire: The primary stormtrooper blaster was lightly modified Sterling SMGs. A few stormies in A New Hope are toting around largely unmodified Lewis guns and MG-42s. Darth Vader’s lightsabres (he has three different ones in the trilogy, all with slight design variations) are also photo flash devices. No idea what, if anything, the E-Web blaster cannon the snowtroopers try to shoot up the Falcon with in The Empire Strikes Back is based on. Looks faintly .50-ish, but I donno.


  • Mahnny

    I don’t see the point of design for the next gen conventional rifle. To me conventional pattern rifle technology is very mature so to design and built a novel design right now don’t make economic sense. Should have designed an AR upper consisting SAR21 action and mated to a AR lower with true folding buttstock (like LR300 from ZM arms). This will let STK enter the AR market in the states with a piston upper, protecting it from lack of defense sale which will be certain in a market with SCAR, HK416, BREN, G36 etc