Beretta ARX-160 .22 Pistol

The pistol-sized rifle craze is hitting Europe. Beretta has revealed that they are developing a .22 LR pistol based on the Beretta ARX-160 rifle. I do not think the receiver or internals will be compatible with the full size 5.56mm ARX-160.

A 7.62x39mm lower for the ARX-160 is also available overseas. The Italian website All4Shooters reviewed the 7.62x39mm model which uses standard AK magazines …

Steve Johnson

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  • BC; MT

    I will never see the appeal of these monstrosities over a good old 22/45.

  • Vhyrus

    is the 160 even available to us unwashed hoardes in the US?

  • The pistol completely baffles me – I mean, what’s the point?

    The rifle design is clever (if extraordinarily bulky – why are most modern designs so massive compared with the AR-15?). However, the switchable-side ejection would surely be better applied to a bullpup. Couple it to a kevlar cheekpiece which can be flipped instantly from one side to the other and you’ve solved the ambidexterity problem.

    • Timothy Yan

      That has to do with the US gun law in regards to the short barrel. In most of the states, you can register it as a pistol.

      • Bryan S.

        Not in most states… it is a pistol, by the length of barrel and lack of stock.

        And in free states, we dont have to register anything.

  • Alex-mac

    I eagerly await a bullpup version of this rifle. A fully modular and ambidextrous bullpup.

    The extra bulk may be to aid in grippiness in the foregrip area.

  • SpudGun

    I’m wondering if they used any of the ARX-160 internals or if this is just one of Beretta’s old semi-auto .22 carbines cut down and dressed up in tactical finery.

    Glad I clicked on the link for the 7.62 combloc version, as I was intrigued how the AK mag was riding so far up the magwell. Even though I can’t read Italian, there is a picture showing the massive cut out at the front of the mag well to accept the lipped magazines.

  • Komrad

    I’m going to have to agree with BC;MT on rifle sized pistol, at least in .22 LR. Rifles sized pistols look like a lot of fun in the normal cartridges, but the .22 versions just don’t seem like as much fun to me.

  • Doug

    That 7.62×39 version is sweet. How much do you have to switch out to make the x39 go, or is it a whole separate rifle?

    • James

      Translating the All4Shooters article (little rough)

      “The weapon in 5:56 is converted to the new size by changing the barrel, the bolt assembly and the small group that includes less semicastello shooting, the handle and the magazine well of the modified hook for shippers of the AK47.”

  • West

    Am I the only one who cant stand this rifle/pistol design?

    IMHO, it takes combines the worst aspects of both into one unwieldy package.

  • kilroy

    It can also be used as a frisbee when you’re done shooting!
    Seriously Beretta, what is this nonsense?

  • I think Beretta wins the award for the largest rimfire receiver ever. Will there be a tactical helium balloon to attach to the top rail to help you hold it up at arm’s length?

  • James

    For some reason when I clicked to read the 7.62 x 39 review I was surprised it was in Italian.

    After a mostly smooth translation though, they are very proud of the fact it can be changed calibers from 5.56 to 7.62 x 39 while retaining the same 5.56 platform. Just swap out some parts and you are apparently good to go.

    Now hopefully I can get my civilian hands on one

  • PCP

    I think the full size ARX 160 is actually pretty, in its own way but still pretty. The pistol is one of the most horrendous things I’ve ever saw. But looks are looks… irrelevant. What matters are the thing’s mechanics, accuracy, price, ergonomics and etc.

    The 7.62×39 (hope they offer both 6.8 and 6.5) is a great idea, gives a lot tactical flexibility specially combined with the quick change barrels with adequate gas system; the idea of separed lowers for each caliber bothers me, but that issue can’t be solved. Like some said, this rifle is the ACR done right.

    • James

      According the (Italian) article that had the review, they have a 6.8 spc variant. No word on 6.5 though.

  • I think it has an interesting sci-fi look that might appeal to collecters. .22 is cheap and that might be a fun little gun to shoot cans with in the backyard.

    Not everything has to be useful. My cowboy hats camo pattern doesn’t make it invisible for example.

  • BrianB

    Stick a .22 suppressor and holo sight and you have the perfect zombie weapon that’s fun to shoot. Hence is the appeal of the .22 rifle/pistol. Weight is an issue though.

  • I want pricing for the 5.56 and 7.62 civilian models Beretta!

  • Netforce

    The pistol looks like it comes out of sci-fi movies like Aliens or Judge Dredd or something. Look nice nonetheless.

  • Giolli Joker

    Wow… I’ve always thought KAC SR-47 was a great idea, I’m glad it has been revived… in my country, btw.

  • Love this gun!