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  • Pete Gerasia

    Boy, I sure could use a new rifle.

  • Gary Wong

    Maybe a chance to add to my collection! 🙂

  • Jon Garland

    For my daughtervshe needs a rifle

  • James Wiley

    Would love to win one before they start taking them away!

  • Steve

    To all the below commeters … you need to leave a comment at the 702 shooter blog, not TFB to win!!!

  • Robert

    Would Love to actually own my own rife instead or using my dads.

  • Did I win? 🙂

    Thanks for sharing the link, Steve!

  • george mochizuki

    i would like another rifle, even another 22lr. average age of my stuff is about 25 years old. with oldest at about 90 years.

  • Thomas Finch

    I have been wanting a new gun but i got laid off. I can’t even afford ammo. I have to scrape up enough money for gas just to go hunting. I would love a new gun and find a new job so I could put it to good use.

  • Tried to register on 702’s sight and got a bunch of crap.

    • Could you define “a bunch of crap” please?

      Thanks to Steve’s kindness in sharing the link, we’ve managed to successfully register a new daily record of people…Most of which received no “crap” whatsoever.

      If you’re having difficulty registering, please use the contact form on my site and I will gladly assist you.

  • David Cook

    I moved from Califorina to South Dakota so I could purchase a firearm that I wanted to shoot. To bad it was just when the economy hit us the hardest. Then my wife passed away and I’ve been just hanging on to my home by my fingernails. I will need a new firearm so I can eat now.

  • The drawing is not until 3 weeks before the class, which is in October. I suspect the odds will be significantly thinner by then. Also, you must travel to Las Vegas to attend the class; that is where the rifle will be presented to you. If you cannot attend the class, you cannot win the rifle.

    • Ian

      So basically, if you don’t live withing driving distance, you’re S.O.L.

    • Force

      So you’re saying that if you win a $3k package, including a rifle, you won’t pony up the $250ish plane ticket to go claim it?

      Sounds logical.

      • It’s amazing how cheap some people are. It’s also amazing that some people actually bitch when they are offered something like this for free.

        Then there are the people who don’t even pay attention to what Steve posted and try submitting entries here. After the drawing, they will complain when they don’t win.

        You can’t please everybody so I just stopped trying.

  • Thanks for letting me know, Steve. I added it to my list:

    That is a fantastic giveaway though. I’d love to win it!

    • Thank you for re-posting the link on your site. 🙂

  • win a rifle is grate!

  • Alex C.

    I’d enter but there’s no way I could go out to that class and pick up the rifle.

  • Bruce

    This could be my first ever rifle. How awesome would it be if I won it.

  • SNosko

    Would love to have a new rifle.

  • SNosko

    I need a new firearm.

  • Riceball

    I would love to enter the contest but unfortunately that rifle is almost certainly not CA legal and the rules state that if it’s not legal in your state you can’t win. I wonder if they’d allow it if I had it converted to CA legal before leaving Vegas and having it shipped back to CA?

    • At present time, no. However, we are looking into changing this rule. It’s not going to hurt you to enter just in case. We’ve had a lot of entries from the 4 states which are effected by this.

  • Spiff

    I have worked for Glock (10 years) and Steyr (6 years)…be nice to have something different!