Most High Tech Ranges in the USA?

Someone recently asked me which were the most high tech gun ranges in the USA. The range closest to Germany’s Müller Schiess Zentrum Ulm Range (see video below) that I know of would be the new Gander Mountain Academy in Lake Mary, Florida. One of the nicest ranges I have been to is the NRA HQ range, which I believe now has wifi in the waiting room.

TFB readers, what high-tech ranges do you know of in the USA? I would like to compile a list.

Steve Johnson

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  • Well, if a requirement for modernity is WiFi for guests storewide, including classroom, showroom, and waiting area, we’ve got that in spades at Coal Creek Armory Outpost!

    Disclaimer – I manage Coal Creek Armory Outpost- Kingston TN – so my bias may be apparent.

  • Rob

    I haven’t been to any high tech ranges, but the rifle range at winnebego scout reservation, where I worked every summer proceding a year at high school is the nicest looking one. can’t do much, but the Steel plate lead trap my superior set up in the back and his semi overly strict shooting rules have kept the range from looking like a moonscape like many places I’ve been too. Theres grass and greenery everywhere it looks nice 🙂

    • Rangefinder

      The good old days! “Hey kid, don’t put brass in your ears!”. Months later a parent called to report that the family doctor found a .22 casing in their child’s ear while testing for an appearent hearing problem.

  • DurgaMDK

    Holy crap! Its like a gun range IKEA!! Ive never been so jealous of germans before!!

  • Scottsdale Gun Club in Scottsdale, AZ.

    It’s like a jewelry store for guns, with an FPS players wet dream for facilities.

  • spawnofbill

    Sandy Springs Gun Club in Sandy Springs, GA. Digital range with programmable targets, classroom with projected simulation training program. Members only room with wi-fi, leather couches, TVs, lockers and fully stocked (and ventilated!) cleaning station. Lastly a very friendly and knowledgable staff!

  • Sheep

    Open Range just outside of Louisville, KY is nice. My favorite part is the 100 yard indoor rifle range.

  • Not so high-tech, but Scottsdale Gun Club is one of the most luxurious ranges out there. Their Titanium Lounge has to be seen to be believed.

    • jagersmith

      Agreed. You can rent awesome full-autos, and with a Ti membership, watch the game, enjoy a cigar, or a game of pool while your gun is cleaned for you free of charge!

  • jpr

    I love the fact that in the “Seminare” of the world’s most high tech range, for presentation purposes they use…wait for it…an overhead projector. Check the video at 3:03 to see the premier technology of the 1940’s.


    • fw226


  • Patrick

    There’s a range in Ashburn, VA called Silver Eagle Group. Their range is really nice with the ability to talk to RSOs through speakers in each booth, programmable target holders, great ventilation system. It’s like the NRA HQ range but a nicer place to be.

    • Lee

      Agreed. Soundproof glass between each shooting stall and a waterfall at the end of the range too. When you walk in the front door of Silver Eagle, it’s like walking into an office with a friendly secretary waiting to greet you.

    • Ron

      I was going to mention SEG. I’ve been to both it and the NRA HQ range. Both ranges are nice, but I prefer SEG, not only because it’s closer to me, but also because it’s layout feels less claustrophobic and more modern.

  • Mike M.

    I hear both the Olympic Training Center and the International ranges at Fort Benning have gone to Sius-Ascor electronic targets. I’ve shot on those – lovely machines, even if they do cost an arm and a leg.

  • John Doe

    Best range ever? It’s hardly high tech, but I say a good plot of land in either Montana or WV with a piece of wood and a watermelon.

  • B_rad

    I like this comment at the bottom of the video.

    “Looking at the price-list, this range is affordable for average middle class Germans. Ulm is a small city, so they cannot price themselves out of business. The difference with the U.S. is that there actually is a middle class in Germany. They don’t have to worry about the cost of university education or health cost because it’s one of those awful “socialist” countries the republicans want to prevent the U.S. from becoming.”

    • W

      and this has what, exactly, to do with the subject?

  • Sebastian

    I live in Germany and been there before. The first time, yeah it’s impressive but I’d take a long range outdoor shooting over indoor shooting.
    You can shoot various distances in changing conditions which is something you barely have the chance to do unless you have a hunting permit or get access to a military range.

    The indoor trap is nice but again I prefer outdoor.

    The only thing that’s good is the shooting simulator / cinema. You get to know your own and your equipments limitations and can train towards a more ethical shot.

    BTW Compared to other ranges in Germany this one still is fairly expensive but if you are into shooting totally worth it.