Like a movie: Victim grabs robbers gun, neighbor runs out in underwear and .50 Desert Eagle

You don’t make this kind of stuff up. A Bellaire man is held up at gun point, while the robber is distracted he takes the gun. The neighbor hears the commotion and runs out in his underwear and a Desert Eagle (a late model with picatinny rails) chambered in .50 AE. The neighbor fires a shot into the ground, then wrestles the robber to the ground and holds him until police arrive.

It sounds like a straight-to-DVD Steven Seagal action movie.

[ Many thanks to jdun1911 for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Oh man, the picatinny rails pushed me over the edge. I almost feel bad for the criminal just because things went so awry so fast, but that is FUNNY.

    One more reason crime doesn’t pay: people will take your gun and arrest you.

  • Andrew Racek



  • Avery

    You forgot to mention that the neighbor was an 86-year old woman. That’s not a Steven Seagal movie, that’s Albert Pyun’s Nemesis.

    • Avery

      Oh, hell. I can’t read. I thought the neighbor pulled the Desert Eagle.

  • EzGoingKev

    If this happened in my state (MA) the police would have arrested everyone. Then the DA’s office would try to –

    Put the person with the Desert Eagle in jail for all kinds of BS charges such as unlawfully discharging a firearm, endangering the public, etc.

    Put the victim in jail for taking the gun from the robber for unlawful gun possession once it was discovered the victim did not possess a gun license.

    When it comes to the robber they would have dropped almost all the charges and agreed to probation once the robber agreed to take a plea.

    • W

      Don’t forget the robber’s civil suit for “emotional distress”.

  • Will S.

    Gee, it sure sounds like things got flip/turned upside down for the robber.

    Also, I thought Bell Aire was supposed to be a safe place to raise kids…?

    I mean sure, the cab drivers tend to smell quite foul, but otherwise isn’t this a great city to raise kids in and/or send your kids to live in, perhaps with an Aunt or an Uncle?

    • Fred Johnson

      Just like any area in Greater Houston, there are some not so good neighborhoods near most good neighborhoods. The robber probably lives only a few miles away.

      • Matt G.

        I don’t think you are getting it Fred. What Will S. Is saying is that, perhaps, if you were a fresh young man, just chilling and relaxing in west philidelphia, perhaps shooting some hoops by the school, and then, all of a sudden, some mean looking guys started making trouble. You get in one fight, which, of course, scares your mother quite a bit, so she decides she wants to send you to your aunt and uncles house in bel air, which would obviously be an improvement over your old neighborhood.

      • Fred Johnson

        Hey there Matt G., maybe I didn’t get it. I do know a little bit about Bellaire in Houston. A person may send there kid to live with their Aunt there, but that kid will still have to sent to a private school to keep away from the public school influence.

        The public schools in that area are part of Houston I.S.D. and have good and bad students, but the people with money usually do not send their kids to HISD schools much past elementary. HISD while having a few good schools is not some rosy suburb school district.

        In this case, moving to Bellaire might or might not get you in a better situation if you are a school age kid.

        Perhaps everyone is thinking of the old TV show with Will Smith. This happened in Bellaire, Texas not Bel Air, California.

      • Fred Johnson

        Obviously, I didn’t notice the joke until now. My bad. 🙂

      • Fred Johnson

        Can I mention that show is around 20 years old and I haven’t seen it since then? Stuff drops off my radar and my memory gets cleared of stuff.

        Y’all got me good. heh, heh. 😀

      • Matt G.

        I’m glad you got it Fred. It has been a long time since that show was on. I grew up on that show so perhaps it is closer to the front of my mind. Will S. Was much more subtle with his reference than I was.

    • JT

      He sprang with the quickness like lighting disappeared

    • Arisucka

      Truly truly truly outrageous

  • Komrad

    Sorry. Desert eagles are still stupid. I’d much rather have a 10mm if I wanted a magnum(ish) semi-auto at all.

    The story otherwise carries my seal of approval.

    • Mike

      Sure they are, but when it comes to intimidation (to quote the owner: “When this baby goes off, you know. You know that I mean business,”), the Fifty Cal Cow has no equal.

      • Komrad

        I’d rather rely on terminal ballistics, reliability, and magazine capacity than intimidation.

    • Erik

      I’m surprised the dang oversized piece of junk didn’t stovepipe.

      • Jim T

        Why do people have the impression that desert eagle’s malfunction so much? If you use loads hot enough to cycle the action rather than water down factory loads it cycles just fine. I know 3 people who have desert eagles and all of them function flawlessly (2 of them are 44’s, one is a 50).

    • mosinman

      id dont find a pistol that fires a 50. cal bullet at 1400ish fps to be stupid. heavy-yes large- yes. useless-no

  • Ishbane

    /k/ would be proud.

  • Nooky

    Stop muzzle sweeping me with your deagle.

  • Fred Johnson

    Welcome to Southeast Texas, baby! 🙂

  • Jeeez… That guy is making me a little nervous with his firearms handling. How many times was the camera man swept with the muzzle of that gun? At least his finger was off the trigger, but I was getting uncomfortable just watching that.

    • JM

      The news team asked for those angles. Notice how even though he complied with their request he still never pointed it straight at camera holder, assuming they are right-handed.

  • RickH

    With his mighty .50 cal DE, the good neighbor fired a shot into the ground, making a crater large enough that the perp was unable to keep from falling into!!!

  • hojo

    All ended well, but I think it’s a bad idea to wrestle someone, or otherwise engage in hand-to-hand combat with a gun. It makes loosing control of the gun and accidentally shooting yourself or others lot more likely.

    • JM

      He said he stiff-armed him – a one-handed tackle. Remember that this was just a 20-year-old kid, and Rik is not a small guy.

    • Paul

      better if he’d just shot the guy, “for safety” do you think?? :-p

  • Jeff

    I can’t quite make out what kind of accent the neighbor has….. any ideas?

    That aside, this is making me want a Deagle just for shits and giggles…. good thing the mall ninja in me is limited by cash =P

    • I was also wondering about his accent. I could not place it.

      • Nor Cal

        I’m going with Finnish, or some nearby Baltic country.

    • Paul

      doesn’t sound like a Finn to me, but I can’t place it. What’s his name?

  • JM

    This happens a LOT in Houston, and I LOVE it. Unfortunately it doesn’t make the news unless it’s a gun of interest or someone dies.

  • W

    “You are shrinking, and your two little balls are shrinking with you. And the fact that you’ve got “Replica” written down the side of your guns… And the fact that I’ve got “Desert Eagle point five O” written down the side of mine Should precipitate your balls into shrinking, along with your presence. Now… F–k off!” -Snatch-

  • Lance

    I like the nice shinny Desert Eagle in .50AE very Resident Evil 2ish LOL.

  • Nick

    Honestly if he did shoot the perp I think he would have a tough time in court explaining why he uses such a “Man killer caliber”(As fools say).
    Most jurys can’t tell the diffrence from “Range gun” to “make sure they never see tommorow gun” nor judges. If this was my home state(NJ) the perp would have been made a hero, and the man with the desert eagle put in jail under a “New” law that keeps calibers in suburbia under 6mm BB.

    • JM

      You’re thinking too much into it. A judge knows that large caliber, small caliber, or even shotgun are all equally deadly.

      • Boner Stallone

        Regardless of the caliber the court might be more concerned about why he shot an unarmed person who was running away.

  • GWB

    I wonder if the disarmed robber thought: “Seriously, you have a DEagle?!? Is this a game of Counter Strike?”

  • Boner Stallone

    If i pulled some shit (can i say that here?) like that in my state id be locked up.

  • Tuulos

    He is from Finland, his name is Riku Melartin. In a good shape, over 190cm tall and apparently fearless, he 15 years ago caught a carjacker which had hijacked a car with a small child inside.

  • Liv

    That fine Gentleman is confirmed for being the fresh prince of Bel-Air.

  • kilroy

    When a deagle fires, you feel the shockwave hit your chest and damage your ears. If I’m at the range and a .50AE shows up, I leave. Perp probably thought he got hit when that thing went off. Excellent work by the mall-ninja neighbour.

    • bill hall

      this man is no hero! he is in the harris county jail for raping a 16 year old girl at his john keating dealership along with his arab manager(george koutani)