Noveske’s new NSR-11 slick rail

Noveske jumps into the modular slick rail, a trend seen across the board this year at SHOT SHOW, with their NSR-11 rail. Pictured at the Advanced Armament Corp booth on a complete Noveske 300 BLK rifle. The NSR-11 is extremely thin, allowing you to wrap (at least to this author’s hand) from the thumb to index finger around the rail. The pegboard-style holes serve as modular attachments for rails (lights, lasers, handstops, etc).


  • Jake Barnes

    No word as to what lengths will be available?

    • fw226

      7, 9, 11, 13, and 16.

  • Russ

    JP rifles has a great “slick rail” system where you add rail where you want to mount something, leaving the rest of the forearm naked.

  • jdun1911

    These are the kind of rails I like. Lots of holes to cut down on weight. Noveske didn’t went cheap like HK rails.

    • W

      I don’t necessarily believe HK rails (assuming you mean the 416) are cheap as of inferior quality. Their rail system is very simple and free floating, though I believe they could have incorporated a lighter rail system on it.

      • jdun1911

        They are cheap because HK used the least amount of work and tooling to make them. If you take the HK logo off you will have people calling it a POS.

      • W

        but why would they need a intricately cut quad rail system? it is just meant to attach optics, lasers, and flashlights. Quad rails are ultimately quad rails; some are lighter and more durable than others, though there is no drastic difference between different manufacturers. Free float tubes, which would have suited the 416 better, are also not drastically different in design.

    • jdun1911

      It doesn’t matter if the rail are quad or not. That’s not the point. The point is that unlike other manufactures HK does the least amount of work on their products and sell it as much as possible.

      Companies like Daniel Defense, Noveske, Troy, etc put more work into their products and price lower than HK. Hell even UTG rails have more work done than HK version.

      The reason why consumer paid premium for their rails is not for their look but for being lightweight. Again if you take the HK logo out, the consumers will call it a POS and throw it in the trash can.

      • W

        Dont get me wrong, I also dislike the HK rail system. But its still durable and does the job.

        I still don’t understand how a Daniel Defense, Noveske (which is SWS), Troy’s rail systems hold optics, flashlights, and lasers better than HK’s… After examining all of those products, they definitely look prettier and are lighter, with more holes cut in them, than HKs, though they function the same. They are still quad rails.

  • Brandon

    Looks good, saw some pictures on the boards a few weeks ago. Still waiting for word on how much it weighs and the price. My guess is ‘very little’ and ‘a lot,’ respectively.

  • Matt G.

    Too bad the retail is supposed to be around 240$. Otherwise this tube would be a good option.

    • JMD

      Compared to the other high-end handguard options on the market, $240 is a very reasonable price.

  • 18D

    The Noveske rail is true innovation in slick rails. There’s a lot more there than what you see. This rail outshines other rails like it on the market. I got a chance to look at it at SHOT 2012 and it’s amazing stuff. The only other rail I’m really excited for besides this one is the Geisselle rail system which also has some real innovative features.

    Other commenters that post here regularly (including myself) have recently said that slick rails are the forends of the future. By the looks at this years SHOT show, I would say that is definently true!

    • W

      haha, i was waiting for you to post about this 18. this rail impresses the hell out of me.

    • MDGale

      What is innovative about it? What don’t we see? What makes it shinier than other rails? Why do you think it’s “amazing”?

    • W

      well for starters, its not another goddamned quad rail system…that alone makes it innovative.

    • Alex-mac

      Primarily two things make this rail a big deal –
      The diameter of the rail is small enough to change significantly the handling properties of a rifle through difference in grip.

      And the rail attach system is revolutionary because it privileges the forearm over the rails. Meaning instead of attaching accessories onto rails on a forearm, you instead attach small pieces onto accessories which latch onto the forearm. This is not only much faster and convenient rail attach system, but also lighter.

      It’s addressing the failings the picatinny rail. Which was designed for optics on the top, and that’s it. Not for accessories. So this new rail system is optimized for just that exactly while still being backward compatible with the old picatinny rail system.

      • W

        alex, thank you. that is what ive always loved about my VTAC free floating tube. It was still backwards compatible with picatinny rail with the attachment, but feels miles more comfortable in my hands than a quad rail. They are also lightweight, easy to clean, and durable. They are definitely stupid simple.

        I have immense respect for Noveske as a company. I am always excited to see something new from them.

  • Chase

    So far, the best I’ve seen is by Apex Machining. I wonder how this one compares to it.

    • Ajay

      IMHO I’d have to say Daniel Defense Lite rail or Omega rail are the best of the best.

  • Jason

    Perfect for women, children, and men with really small hands.

    • Jason

      Wow. Lots of dudes with itty bitty hands.

    • W

      and those that would enjoy to see quad rails die a miserable death 😉

    • 18D

      @Jason- It’s obvious that your shooting skills haven’t reached an advanced application. The misunderstanding of the smaller circumference of the NSR shows a lack of knowledge and experience in the real world application of shooting a weapon system like this. In other words, it appears as if you are either not capable or have never had the need to shoot at high speed under stress while driving the gun hard between multiple targets while manipulating accessories like lights and lasers. There’s nothing wrong with that, but understand that this rail and others like it have been requested by certain JSOC SOF units as well as competition shooters for quite sometime. The Geisselle rail (which is very similar) was developed specifically for a JSOC unit and is currently being used by said unit in the GWOT.

      • Jason

        That sounds exactly like something someone would say on the internet. I will therefore respond in kind with: Your assessment of my shooting ability is incorrect. I just have adult sized hands.

      • W

        i can palm a basketball and love free float tubes. It allows maximum control over the recoil and manipulation of the weapon system. You can definitely tell the difference in speed, target acquisition, and accuracy of somebody that holds their long rifle correctly and somebody that holds it by the magazine well (which is why I like the SCAR, it doesn’t forgive magazine well grippers like the AR does; think of it as a unkind, harsh sensei).

      • Jason

        I’m not sure what this has to do with people who hold their weapons by the mag well. I don’t know if I can palm a basketball, but I can throw a football about 60 yards. Does that make me a better shooter? I’ll have to think about that one. But I do know that I don’t need to pretend to be Chris Costa or Travis Haley to work any of my rifles quickly and efficiently. Maybe I’ll just start wearing a thick glove on my left hand so I can reach out past the front sight and just grab the barrel. They haven’t made a rail that skinny yet!

        Gosh, I hope I get some thumbs up on on this comment so I can feel like I know what I’m talking about.

      • W

        My point is that people with larger hands also like free float rails and that there is a compelling reason for one versus quad rail, and that is a tactical shooting environment. That’s it.

      • 18D

        Alright Jason, so what are you trying to say? You keep talking about how your hands are bigger than everyone else’s. So what’s your point? What do you think about this forend? What kind of forend do you run? I’m just not seeing what your hand size (or anyone else’s) has to do with the NSR.

      • Ajay

        18D wrote “real world application of shooting a weapon system like this”,

        Dude its a tube. I wonder if everyone would be this excited if it was made by NC Star or Tapco.

      • Jason

        @18D: I think Ajay is onto something with his comment. I also think it’s fairly obvious what I think of this particular “weapon system.” I have LaRue and KAC handguards on my “weapons systems.” Maybe those just aren’t high speed enough. But frankly, if you really think that a handguard needs to be any smaller than a LaRue or Daniel Defense, then yeah, maybe I do have bigger hands than you. Like way bigger. And that’s nothing to be ashamed of. So maybe this thing is perfect for you. Good thing is that this great Noveske innovation appears to be the perfect size to use as a straw for you to suck up their Koolaid.

      • JMD

        I wonder if Jason and Lance are the same person…

      • Other Steve

        Not at all. Jason seems to be able to form complete sentences.

      • W

        with complete, coherent sentences and capitalization and grammar. 😉

      • Jason

        @JMD: Oh no you DIDN’T..!

  • kilroy

    What makes this better than a Troy TRX Extreme rail? This was obviously inspired somewhat by it, and it costs twice as much, is it twice as good?

    • 18D

      The Noveske rail is, as my good friend Stickman said, “light years ahead of the Troy TRX”. After seeing the Noveske rail, I would agree to a certain extent. “Light years”, maybe not, but definently more innovative, modern, and user friendly.

  • West

    Cool, you could build a nice book shelf with a few of those things.

  • Is it me, or does the rail look like it has a bunch of little ‘dongs’ cut into it?

    • James

      Well, I cannot unsee that now. Thanks.

      • Ajay

        NDR, the Noveske Dong Rail

  • Vorpalis

    Noveske’s got a page on their website that answers a lot of the questions people have posted about this rail system:

    I’m now sold.

  • Gregor

    If I judge correctly from the images, this handguard allows to insert the screws into the slots without removing it from the gun, like its neccessary with the JP Handguards. If thats true, Im sold 😉

    Any idea if they gonna make a .308 barrel variant too?

  • DrDG

    This is a really good thing. Quad rails are certainly useful and allow for everything and the kitchen sink. This trend toward “light as you wanna be” is really innovative and welcomed. Being able to attach everything I need, and nothing I don’t, is seriously cool. Wish I’d thought of it. I’d love to put one on my OBR. Or maybe just splurge on a complete Noveske rifle (I’ve always wanted one).

  • John Doe

    Can’t wait to get my own. I don’t need a clunky quad-rail and would much rather save the weight and get a rifle and handles much better. I’ve never attached anything on the sides of my quad-rail, and probably never will. I have big hands, but a quad-rail still isn’t that comfortable.

  • CurlyBurns5

    just looking at this rail from a civilian standpoint. what makes in to inovative is their quick attach accessories without having to take the rail apart to add whatever rails and sling attachment points uou want. Also the small dieameter tube allows those of us with smaller hands to aquire a complete out front grip with thumbs over the top to help control muzzle rise. I have smaller hands and the diameter of this rail will let me get a full grip around the rail. There is also how the rail attaches to the barrel nut. a hole must be drilled into the upper reciver to take advandtage of the large barrel nut and provides a solid lock up on the rail that prevents any sort of rotation. the long propriortary barrel nut acts as a heat sink as well as a very secure attachment to the rails. overall i think this rail has a ton going for it and there are alot of folks really excited about a new ff rail of this small diameter. I know i will be buying a 11″ or 12″ version as soon as they are avaiable for my bcm 14.5″ lw middy. as a guy with small hands this will be perfect to get a full circular grip out front on my rifle which will really help me control and drive this gun. so, to me, this is the perfect rail.

  • Lee

    just got the 13.5″ NSR rail system with there 300AAC upper and by the time you buy 4 pieces of the 9 slot rails for accessories you are into this system for almost $400.00. I also feel that Ihe NSR rail is not rigid enough to offer good sight stability. It feels like a piece of sheetmetal that flexes to much.