Heizer Defense Double Tap

I handled the Heizer Defense Double Tap on the SHOT Show floor and liked it far more than I thought I would. While I don’t like the two round capacity, the gun just felt so good in my hand that I couldn’t help but like it. It is light, there is a 12 oz. aluminum version and also a 14 oz. titanium version, has a slim profile and every corner is rounded. I don’t recommend carrying a pistol inside a pocket without a holster, but if you have to do it, then this is the pistol you want.

Please note that I rarely write such glowing reviews of guns. It really did feel that good, but the proof is really in the shooting.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Komrad

    The “HD” checkering is a bit cheesy, but I guess it would work.

    • Even pistols these days are in Hi-Def.

  • Jamal

    If one was forced to point this at an attacker, would they perceive it as a real firearm?

    • Sian

      Would that necessarily be bad?

      I kid, but really if this comes out, it’s probably not to scare someone away as much as make some really loud painful statements.

      • JMD

        Firearms are never to scare people. If a person is pointing a firearm at another person, it had better be because they feel their life is in imminent danger and they’re moments from shooting the other person to end the threat. If they happen to be scared away before it gets to that, then that’s great, but scaring someone away should never be part of the plan, IMO.

        The “intimidation factor” a firearm may or may not possess should be way down the list of reasons for picking it.

        This isn’t directed at you in particular, it’s just a general comment on the subject since the issue was brought up.

  • David

    When the point comes in the gun fight that you realize that you need more than two rounds, at least you will die comforted by the knowledge that the gun you carried was thin and flat.

    I would rather carry a real gun than that.

    • Sian

      It carries a spare 2 in the grip.

      No I have no idea how to get them out.

      • David

        Yes, it does carry two spare in the grip. It would take so long to reload that the spare two are best left for the coroner to deal with.

    • Duray

      You couldn’t defend yourself with a couple 185 grain slugs going ~900fps? Seriously? Why is everyone so obsessed with capacity? I don’t think many bad guys are gonna get shot at by a .45 and laugh at you for not having a “real gun.”

      • SpudGun

        Hopefully the next time I meet a bad guy, he’ll let me know how many rounds I should carry to defeat him beforehand. I’ll also try and convince him to come alone, not use cover and to stand really, really close to me, so I can get a decent shot.

        Bad guys would be okay with that, wouldn’t they?

      • Duray

        And what if he’s wearing body armor? What if there’s 6 of them, and they’re all on drugs? What if they all have AK-47’s? There will always be a “what-if” that could justify carrying a bigger, badder gun, but few average Joes can justify carrying a full sized gun every single place they go for the rest of their lives (weddings, beach, church, golfing, etc) in the off chance that they meet a gang of heavily armed thugs using cover. There are quite a few situations that could be readily solved with 2 decisive shots, and there will always be a situation that could theoretically justify a bigger gun, if only you’d been willing to lug it around in the pocket of your jeans every day of your life. Personally, I go with a 10oz Kel Tec .380, but I think this is nice too.

      • SpudGun

        Nothing wrong with a Kel-Tec .380 and it’s certainly more versatile then an overpriced, oversized Derringer.

        I was disagreeing with your point that carrying two rounds of .45 ACP would be more then enough to defend yourself against most threats.

        If that was indeed the case, all PDs would issue their officers with a Heizer Double Tap or limit magazine capacity to two. And no one would practice reloads.

        Forget the heavily armed gang of AK-47 weilding crack heads. What if you miss with your first shot at range? Perfectly natural in a high stress situation. Then you’re down to one round or an incredibly slow reload.

        It’s not a situation I would personally like to face.

      • Riceball

        @Spudgun If you’re trying to shoot at someone at range with this thing then you have the wrong gun. My guess is that this gun is designed as a last ditch, very point blank gun where missing is nearly impossible. I don’t know what kind of range this thing has but it looks it’s max effective range is a few yards at most with a few feet being best. The scenarios I envision where this gun would be used is for potential muggings or rapes where the perp is up close to you not for when you’re being chased by some thugs at the far end of the alley way or across the street.

    • Brian

      In my work situation, I cannot carry even a relatively small gun (because of what I have to wear.) The options are this, or a Keltec/Ruger. I don’t trust a Keltec with my life, and I sure as hell don’t trust Recall Ruger with it, either. If this gun turns out to be reliable, I’m going to carry it and it will be my responsibility to make sure I’m able to use the gun proficiently.

      Otherwise, I will be carrying nothing, which is a bit worse.

  • mosinman

    id buy it….. better than harsh language and a pocket knife. gotta practice and make sure those 2 rounds hit lol

    • bmh3557

      The only gun that protects you, is the one that you are carrying that is loaded with ammunition with stopping power caliber. This gun seems to be of a design that would allow me to carry it with me under the greatest number of situations and the most options of dress. It is my responsibility to practice enough to make those two shots count.

  • Samopal

    Great idea, terrible choice of calibre. Any reason they chose a cartridge that renowned for performing abysmally out of short barrels? Is there any kind of logic behind it, or are they just catering to fudds whose comprehensive knowledge of terminal ballistics amounts to, “big boolits = good”?

    Might like it if it were chambered in 9x19mm…or even .357 SIG. Now THAT’s a good short-barrel cartridge.

    • Komrad

      .38 special would probably be the best choice.

    • Matt

      You guys all do realize that they in fact DO offer the pistol in 9mm. Check the first picture carefully and you will see that the lower gun is in 9mm (look on the barrel), and the info chart between the two guns lists 9mm as an option as well. Their website has more info.

      • Samopal

        Miss that, thanks. 🙂 Was under the impression that it was .45 only since that’s all they seem to be advertising.

  • Marshall Mathers

    Apparently, a Luger LCP loaded with 7rds of Speer Gold Dot = just under 12oz.

    Given that shot placement would be key at the effective distances of any pocket pistol, wouldn’t you rather have 7rds of 32ACP vs 2 rds of 45ACP?
    I would.

    • Samopal

      The Ruger LCP is .380 ACP, not .32 ACP.

      I guess that proves your point even more.

      • Other Steve

        I’d like a new 32acp actually. Much better imo than .380, mainly because of the violent blowback action of the 380.

      • mp

        LCP/P3AT are not blowback and do not recoil severely.

      • mp

        And P32 is effectively an LCP in .32.

  • Alex Pawelczyk

    Note that in the third picture down, on the board it says, “Optional ported barrel..” On the previous post about the double tap back in January, I noticed a few people were off put by the ported barrels. Just pointing out that it seems the consumer seems to have a choice in the matter.

  • SpudGun

    How does it compare in size to the current crop of sub-compact autos? Better yet, how does it compare in size to a more traditional Derringer?

    You can’t argue with those weight figures, but would I want to fire two rounds of .45 ACP from a pistol weighing only 12 oz.?

    Not for me I’m afraid.

    • David

      Its the same size as pistols that carry six 9mms

      • Ben

        I’m with you on this. I can pocket carry a Keltec PF9 without issue and thats 7 rounds of 9mm. If you have smaller pockets then go for the 380 version of the pocket pistols. I’d much much prefer 7 rounds of 380 and the ability to change magazines if needed then have two 45ACP rounds. The american obsession with .45 is really kind of odd. Like its some magic heat seeking, exploding, insta-kill bullet or something. Shot placement is what kills bad guys, not fractionally larger diameters.

  • Bandito762

    Liberator for the 21st century

  • Doug

    For what they price them at, it better feel good in the hand.

  • mosinman

    now im sure alot of you are thinking of this as a primary carry pistol, but i think of it as a back up or a pistol for when your wearing really light clothing like during summer time.

    • Tim

      “now im sure alot of you are thinking of this as a primary carry pistol”

      Why would anyone *almost* as intelligent as you be thinking that?

  • S O

    “feels good” is heavily dependent on the dimensions of your hand.

    I only need to look at it to know that one of my criteria for “feel good” is not met; the straight index finger will not rest comfortably. As with all guns that have no magazine well directly in front of the trigger guard, the finger will rest on a thin trigger guard and that doesn’t feel “natural” or “comfortable” enough to me.

  • cthadrian

    “two spare rounds in grip allow for tactical reload”


  • Vhyrus

    Does it fire both rounds at once? If yes then that would make it the most complicated paperweight in the history of the world. I can barely hang on to my taurus 740 as its firing one round at a time. I cant imagine what 2 45s would possibly feel like in a 12 ounce gun with no slide to dissipate the recoil.

    • Duray

      No, that would meet the legal definition for “fully automatic,” which is “firing more than one round for each pull of the trigger.”

  • JC

    Why does the titanium version cost $230 more? Obviously titanium is stronger, but if the aluminum one works, then what is the point of the titanium one?

    • Rangefinder

      Where’s the gold version for Ultimate Gangsta Bling!

    • derekb

      “Why does the titanium version cost $230 more?”

      because titanium is ungodly expensive, and more difficult to machine.

  • KM

    So a deep concealment scenario with this involves carrying 4 separate guns so that you can keep firing after 2 shots?

    • Duray

      No, it involves actually hitting something when you shoot. I’ve heard there was a time when such things were done.

      • Rangefinder

        You are limited to one to the chest and one to the head without tactical reload (COVER!).

      • KM

        Why don’t you just try to shoot the gun out of their hand while you’re at it? Only makes slightly more sense than relying on two bullets in a high stress situation.

  • Wolfman

    Lol, anyone else notice how the manufacturer’s location is engraved on the pistol as “St. Louis, MO, USA, Earth”?

  • How is the reload “tactical”? Everything these days is “tactical”.

    • SleepyDave

      Am I the only one who gagged at “Quick change interchangeable barrels”, puked just a little at “MIL-STD finish”, and then went full dinosaur at “tactical reload”. Its a derringer, people. Its the same stupid idea that went out of fashion decades ago. Also, their website looks like bagged ass.

      • Rangefinder

        You forgot about the “aerospace technology”. I guess when I need to throw it at an attacker.

      • SleepyDave

        “Aerospace Technology”. There’s another meaningless buzzword. Define “Aerospace Technology”. Technically speaking, barf bags and airline food are “aerospace technology”.

      • Rangefinder

        It is marketing speak for “buy me ninja fool!”

      • Manufacturing_Man

        I used to work at Heizer. The aerospace technology is simply referring to the aircraft grade metals used. Heizer Defense is a side business for Heizer Aerospace, an aircraft machine shop. They built all the prototype with scrap metal laying around.
        The Mil-Std finish is typical. Almost everything you buy has a finish defined by some type of standard, most of them originating with military standards. There’s nothing special to a Mil-Std finish. Heck, you can go to http://www.everyspec.com and download them yourselves and apply the finishes to everything in your life…
        The tactical reload part is BS. It’s not a tactical reload. A tactical reload is when you have a partially spent mag, eject it and store it, reload a full mag and continue in the firefight. At least, my military training says so…
        By the way, no one in the team at Heizer have any military background. Charlie’s a self-absorbed arrogant dirty old man. His kids, Tom and Hedy, are spoiled silver spoon fed and waiting for the golden balloon.
        Ray is the former owner of Shooting Systems in Fenton, MO.
        Granted, they own guns, enjoy guns, shoot guns, etc. But their ability to develop a gun? It’s been a year and a half… Still no gun to market…? Why? Because, they don’t have the right stuff to get it done.
        They’re using a CNC programmer with no engineering background or experience to do all the designs… I could go on, but enough is enough.

      • Safegunner

        Most guns take a year or two to develop and launch. Looks like the “front” group wanted to launch too soon….before Heizer Manufacturing was ready!

        Btw….Manuf Man, look around the industry! There are a number of executives that never developed a gun before. Some of them don’t even like to hunt or shoot.
        It’s a business to be run….the fact that they never designed one before is really off-point. Lots of new gun companies out there..


    I honestly have NO idea why one would go with this over a 9mm or even .380 pocket pistol with 3x more rounds and detachable mags. I like the idea- as a modern update of the Liberator. But that pistol was never for self defense- it was made as an uber cheap, air droppable, disposable device for capping Nazis in the head from behind and taking their guns. Deringers are smaller than this thing and are of extremely dubious self defense value- at the size of a REAL pocket semi-auto, I don’t see how this thing is anything more than a neat project. It sure as hell isn’t a range toy, because firing .45 ACP rounds out of a 12oz pistol for fun appeals to only the masochistic. I don’t know why this gun exists- if they had made a semi-auto pocket 9 with a titanium frame it would have sold well I think.

  • MW3

    LOL ikr everything is “tatical” 😛

  • RSIA-01

    I think Kahr PM45 or Springfield XDs .45 is more interesting little bigger but 5 round detachable magazine

  • Charlie

    I have a LCP in my front shirt pocket (without a holster) as I sit here typing. I hardly know it’s there. It goes with me everywhere. With LCPs and P-3ATs available, I see no reason for derringer type firearms unless they come with the gizmo up the sleeve that somehow places it in your hand, at least in the movies. Even compact 9mms and .38 spl wheel guns are easily concealable. Maybe Paladin would’ve liked this, but I have other choices.

    • mondle

      come on now Paladin would only like it with a Knight on the grip

  • Sian

    I think it needs an accessory rail. Y/Y?

  • Netforce

    By “2 spare rounds in grip”, I presume those 2 rounds need to be inserted Below the grip, right? Otherwise cracking up the grip just to get to the 2 spare rounds would be troublesome.

    • BluegrassGeek

      Nope. The grip is basically just storage space, like how some rifles can store extra ammo in the butt. You open a panel on the bottom of the grip, take the two extra rounds out, and reload the break-action top.

      • Netforce

        Oh, my mistake then. Thanks.

  • D

    I like the form factor, but the price is horrible. 500$ minimum? Good grief!

  • Josh B

    I just gotta know, how long until we see a Taurus or Ruger model based on this.

    • Josh B

      also a S&W model.

  • Bryan S.

    Two to the chest, throw it at the head.

    • Josh B

      At 12oz it might not be much use to throw it, so you might want to buy the titanium version for the extra 2oz just in case.

    • ThomasD

      Put a skull crusher boss on the butt of the grip.

  • dg13

    I don’ t believe that the titanium version is heavier than the aluminum version. I think that is a misprint.

    • Steve J

      No that would be correct. Titanium is stronger and lighter than steel, but a bit heavier than aluminum.

    • Big Jay

      The density of Titanium is 4.51 g/cm3, the density of Aluminum is 2.70 g/cm3. If the dimensions are identical, the titanium model will weigh more.

      Titanium (most likely an alloy like Ti-6Al-4V) is stronger than aluminum so I guess (but don’t hold me to it) the titanium model might be +P rated with while the aluminum model only rated for standard .45 ACP. That might justify the cost difference between the two models.

  • JMD

    When they make a steel version for under $300, then I might be interested.

  • WHY????

    • Tim


  • West

    If they brought the price down to $99.00 I might buy a couple.

    I would tape one under the dash of my truck and another under my desk.

  • John Doe

    What do you do once you miss the two rounds? Club them with it? Throw it at them.

    I’d rather take 8 rounds of 9x19mm, or really 8 rounds of anything.

    • Tim

      The same thing you’ll do once you finish missing with 8 rounds of 9mm, wonderboy. Only faster.

  • Scuba Steve

    Personally, I got so tired of seeing all the marketing hype for this gun but no one had actually shot it or could tell how it felt to shoot or anything else other than here is a picture of it.

    I got so tired in fact, but I was looking for a derringer, that I just bought a bond arms century 2000 model. If you are interested in the be all of derringers, then I would merely suggest checking them out.

    Made in the USA, two shots, stainless steel, most models come with the .410 shotshell/45LC barrels, but just remove the screw and you can have just about any caliber you want from .22LR to 357 mangum, etc. They also have a wide assortment of holsters, grips and other accessories. Plus, there is a wide assortment of videos all over the web of someone actually shooting that derringer, i.e. here is a picture.

    • Bryan S.

      But at the same tiem, with all the viable semi-autos and revolvers of equal weight to the derringers, why does anyone think these are a good defensive weapon?

      Horrible ergonomics, heavy hammers, bad sights, limited ammo….. lots and lots of bad ideas.

      Now if you want period pieces or novelty, go for it.

  • Twinkie

    I am so glad to see I’m not crazy in thinking this gun is a pile of crap. For a minute I was feeling stoopid since this gun has large PR payola going for it. I mean, it’s advertised in Guns ‘n Ammo! It *must* be good! And it uses the .45 cal Death Ray ™.

  • abprosper

    Useful at an old west car table, maybe. Elsewhere, its a novelty item.

    Personally I think derringers are fairly silly for any sort of defense gun in the 21st century. They were obsolete with the first DA snubs.

    I’ll make two maybe exceptions, the .22 mini revolver which is not a true derringer at least holds 4 rounds and is very small and very cheap to shoot

    Maybe just maybe a .38 as back up for a snubby. You can actually reload that fairly fast with a speed strip if you must. Its only 2 shots but two shots at very short range have some merit.

    personally I’d just carry a Kel Tec .32 or a Ruger or something.

  • chris

    Look how the split line at the top rear of the gun lines up in the last photo. How much does this thing sell for? If that’s as screwed up as it looks I’d send the machinist back to shop class. Maybe they can figure out how to get the chatter marks off of the back of the gun.

  • 276 pedersen

    I’m confused by all the comments of “I’d rather have this or that” over this guy. It seems like it would be carried as a backup to another handgun, and in that capacity it looks good. Overpriced though.

    • Bryan S.

      Because there are already proven platforms, in usable calibers, with more ammo, at the same size, and much lower price than these?

  • Shooting a 45 ACP as slim as that is going to hurt. There are better choices for personal defense, but what the heck – if someone’s going to buy a gun, let them. More gun sales always mean good news. It doesn;t matter whether a 45 cal derringer gets sold or something else.

    • Tim

      “Shooting a 45 ACP as slim as that is going to hurt.”

      No worse than the knife sticking out of your chest because you chose to go unarmed.

  • Joe Hooker

    This is the next gen OSS Liberator/CIA Deergun.

    Airdrop a ton of these in hot zones and sit back and watch.

    • JMD

      “Hot Zones” are generally already littered with AKMs these days…

  • jaekelopterus

    I’m surprised that for all the people on these forums that go ga-ga over rediculous garbage like pistol-gripped lever action guns, so few people can see the practical applications of a tiny, rimless derringer that automatically ejects spent cartridges. As handy as derringers are for consealed carry, the market is flooded with cheap crap guns and there will be demand for premium derrigers as soon as there is a supply (at least for me there will be!)

    • JMD

      Bond Arms derringers have been popular and available for a long time. For people that want something similar, but lighter, these might be a good option.

      I’m still hoping they’ll make a steel version…

  • Jon

    Really like the design and concept of this firearm.
    It offers an option to carry a .45 caliber concealed handgun
    in almost any condition/environment

  • Alan

    This isn’t even a backup gun- it’s a backup to your backup gun, or a “weapon of last resort”. Slim enough to be concealed in a roll of flab, the Heizer Defense Double Tap is the weapon of choice AFTER you’ve surrendered.

    • Tim

      Wow, what a stupid, lazy, ignorant attempt at commentary. Yet I remain unsurprised.

  • Bob Z Moose

    So much hate for such a lil gun. It’s a step up from the .22 Mini-Revolvers, but it’s still a high tech derringer. It seems like something a prostitute from Terminator Salvation would have in her garter belt. I can see the practicality of it (when it’s 110F out and you don’t want to attract attention by by being in tactical pants and a long sleeve shirt), but it’s still kinda silly. I’m sure it will sell decently, but it’s definitely not a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd choice.

  • TGugs

    My go to gun when I’m on the beach in my Speedo….. Tactical banana hammock holster. Too many tacticians…. if you like it buy it, if not than don’t.Save us the Drama…..

    • Tgugs

      Titanium model vs aluminum model (frames only). Barrels are stainless..Either +p rated?

  • bob gee

    i carry a high standard .22LR derringer , double action. it is flatter than my wallet and cell phone. I removed the white grip caps to make it even flatter.i can put it in any pocket without discomfort. i carry it in my rear pocket, opposite side of my wallet.it is carried in a holster, the shape of a wallet with a hole for access to the trigger. if the attacker demands my wallet i will hand him the derringer and surprise..
    the .22 round does not have much knock-down power,but it will bounce around inside the attacker and take their mind off the present situation and certainly ruin their day.i can hold it in the palm of my hand while i am talking to you and you will never see it. i’ve shot it at 25 yds many times. the lower barrel barrel is right on the money, the upper barrel shoots high right on a silohuette target. i aim accordingly. i’ve fired this up against the body of a deer and barely heard the round go off.
    i would be interested to fire the .45. i’m sure the recoil is severe. it might take getting used to. it all comes down to being familiar with your weapon.
    you certainly are not going to trade shots from behind a barracade with this weapon. you are going to shoot and RETREAT.

  • Charlie

    Brian, the early Ruger LCP was recalled for going off when it was dropped on hard surfaces, not for not going off. The defect was cheerfully fixed. I bought a later model which did not have that problem. I carry it in my shirt pocket and have dropped it on concrete more times than I care to admit with no problems. It has never failed to function and been totally reliable. The only criticism has been the sites and personally, I don’t worry about that as I would only use this in very close quarters when and where I don’t have time to site aim. It will keep me safe until I can get to my .40 caliber hand gun or carbine or both.

    • D. Matson

      I have carried a handgun, multiple handguns even, for the last 20 years. I have never, ever, dropped one. Yet you speak of it as if its a common occurrence with you, and if the handgun is a well made one, an acceptable practise! Please, be careful!

  • Woody

    Be cordial with everyone. And have a plan to kill the sob. Nice piece for ultra carry.

  • Brian

    If it looks cool,,, buy it……

  • Woody

    A guy here in Denver sitting in his car approached by some turd demanding money. Car guy says no money so turd jacked his car via knife. Double tap. Need I say more. Even a pos car would be worth it.

  • Great investment gun. At that price they probably won’t make them forever, and they will stay pretty rare. The high price is probably due to the low production numbers. Wouldn’t surprise me if they only made this gun for a few years then discontinued it.

  • Tom

    I think the average gunfight is seven yards, three rounds. Take a step in before your fire and you should be fine.

  • Woodyumcvp

    Its a screw gun. If by chance somebody gets ahold of ya and ya can’t cut yourself away. Plug it (screw) in somewhere and let one go. Chances are u won’t even need the second one.

  • Henry

    Does anybody think this pistol looks similar to the Intratec TEC-38?